You can google it (Part 2): About Samantha/Olivia Cage

It’s been more than a year now since I’ve started blogging about the MacGyver Reboot on this WordPress blog. Most people land here via Twitter or Tumblr, but some also by using search engines. The top 3 list of search terms is still pretty unspectacular:

  1. dashboardonfire
  2. dashboard on fire wordpress
  3. george eads

Some search engines don’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons. Google, for example, has been encrypting the vast majority of search terms since 2013. So WordPress often can’t specify which search terms were used by visitors who arrived at this site from a search engine. That’s why the majority on my list – over 2500 by now – are unknown search terms.

Lucas Till and Isabel Lucas in Episode 2×03: Roulette Wheel + Wire (Screenshot)

Still, there’s a couple of search terms I want to address in blog posts and maybe help the unknown searching beings to get answers for their questions. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here. Today, I’m looking back at search terms regarding Isabel Lucas’ character of Samantha Cage.

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about main characters and storylines in Season 2 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


macgyver diy or die who played agent cage
If you’re looking for a cast member of a specific episode, you might be faster if you head over to the official reboot page on IMDb than trying to Google it. Visiting the site, you’ll find Isabel Lucas’ IMDb page very easily and can check what other projects she has done already.

For example, she is credited for 259 episodes of the Australian TV Show “Home and Away” or for American movies like “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” (2009) or “Red Dawn” (2012). She has also appeared in the Music Video for “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran.

On IMDb, you can also find trivia or biographical information, for example:

  • Isabel’s mother is Swiss, her father is Australian, so she speaks Swiss German and German as well
  • she was born in Melbourne and moved to LA in 2008
  • Along with other protesters (e.g. Hayden Panettiere) of Sea Shepherd, she paddled out on surfboards off the coast of Japan to protest the killing of dolphins in 2007. They had to turn around to avoid being arrested for trespassing. (According to Wikipedia, there is still an outstanding arrest warrant for her in Japan.)
  • she was involved in a car crash with Transformers-Star Shia LaBeouf in July 2008 (his car had been hit by another vehicle running a red light)
  • she has sectoral heterochromia (her right eye has a noticeable brown spot)

FunFact: Isabel has been with Sea Shepherd since 2010. The organization is very close to Original MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson’s heart, so it’s actually possible they’ve met each other before.

Similar search terms:
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BtS of Episode 2×05: Skull + Electromagnet (via Isabel Lucas)

is isabel lucas a permanent cast member on macgyver
Isabel Lucas is a regular cast member in the first half of Season 2. She appeared in 12 episodes.

We can assume it doesn’t apply to Lucas Till since the show is named after his character, but in general, no cast member is 100% safe on a TV show. There are never permanent, only current cast members. It’s possible that some actors coming on a show for a new character have a contract for just half the season or a certain amount of episodes so the producers can “test the waters”.

I’m not sure if either Sandrine Holt as Patricia Thornton or Isabel Lucas’ character of Samantha Cage had been meant to stay on for an entire season initially or not. Both characters got mixed reviews, and some negative comments were quite “loud”, so it’s possible that this is one of the reasons both characters “disappeared” after 12 episodes each.

Similar search terms:
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Isabel Lucas in Episode 2×01: DIY or DIE (Screenshot)

olivia cage macgyver
The character of Olivia Cage seems to be a unicorn: Some believe she exists, but it looks like she only exists in theory because no one has ever really seen her.

In an article by Moviehole in July 2017, they revealed that Season 2 would have TWO new female characters: Olivia Cage and an intel extraction specialist named Agent Carmen. While Olivia Cage should have been a “woman to be reckoned with and someone we will get to know well”, Agent Carmen has been described as “late twenties, fierce, focused and utterly fascinating”, being ex-CIA and having history with Matty.

As we know now, this news was either aquired via old and unredacted scripts or had been somehow messed up and mixed.

BtS of Episode 2×06: Jet Engine + Pickup Truck (via Patrick Pierre)

Many have landed on my blog while looking for one of those two women, though; leading to an array of similar search terms like “agent carmen macgyver” or “agent olivia cage macgyver”.

So far, we can say that there isn’t an Olivia Cage on the show currently, but it seems like Isabel’s character was indeed called “Olivia” in the beginning. In fact, I’ve seen a BtS video on Instagram where it says “Olivia Cage” under Isabel’s photo. Sadly, I was never able to get a clear screenshot while on holiday and since Costume Designer Sarah Downer locked her profile to private a few months ago, I was never able to go back and try again.

Another hint is a set report done by Radio TV Talk (presumably on set of Episode 2×09: CD-Rom + Hoagie Foil), posted online on September 29 in 2017:

While the “MacGyver” revival wasn’t a super smash hit last season, it did just fine in its Friday night slot. The bottom line: it’s considered fun, escapist drama that isn’t too taxing on the noggin.

Till said blow back from traditionalists of the Richard Dean Anderson version wasn’t as harsh as he had anticipated. And he’s now more comfortable in his role. “We know what we have now and can build a foundation,” Till said. “The stunts are bigger and we have a new cast member.” CBS indeed added Olivia Cage to their team, played by Aussie actress Isabel Lucas. “She’s a CIA operative,” Till said. “She kicks a lot of a**. Kind of like what Jack does, female version.”

Fun Fact: They might have changed it to Samantha so that it could be shortened to “Sam”. I’ve had the theory in the beginning that Cage might have been a relative to Mac (e.g. a half-sister). Since Original MacGyver got to meet his son S.A.M. in the series finale, that would have been kinda funny.

With Einstein on set of Episode 2×06: Jet Engine + Pickup Truck (via Isabel Lucas)

when does cage come back in macgyver
Well, I don’t know. Since her character didn’t die in the show so far, Isabel could pop up in another episode. In fact, it happens on Peter Lenkov’s other show Hawaii Five-0 quite often that characters show up again after a season or two. The chemistry between her and the cast seemed good, so I don’t think that would be a problem.

In my opinion, the storyline of Cage wasn’t resolved satisfactorily. She was almost shoved aggressively into the team at first; making her a regular instead of a recurring character before joining Phoenix – then as the character finally seemed to work it fizzled out, almost being overlooked in some episodes and after a plot twist that was never explained either, she wasn’t seen or talked about again.

Also, Murdoc hinted at her not using her real name and having secrets that her friends (aka Team Phoenix) would not approve of. Of course, this could have been a joke regarding the character’s name change after they had started filming, but it rather feels that some of the writers didn’t really know what to do with her, while other writers had had some ideas for the character that somehow didn’t turn out since Isabel’s guest stint was cut short.

BtS of Episode 2×09: CD-Rom + Hoagie Foil (via Brandon Smith)

While I didn’t like how her character was introduced and used in the first few episodes, I wouldn’t mind if she showed up this season for another episode or two. Maybe another showdown with Murdoc or Harper (from Episode 2×05: Skull + Electromagnet)? Though now that they added Leanna as another field mission regular, this might be rather unlikely.

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Looking Back at Season 2 (VII) – The Official Stills (Part 5)

As with Season 1, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each Episode of Season 2; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. (Because I just can’t keep quiet, as you all know by now.)

If you missed Part 1 (Episodes 2×01 to 2×05), you can find the post here. For Part 2 (Episodes 2×06 to 2×10), you go there. Part 3 (Episodes 2×11 to 2×15) can be found here and for Part 4 (Episodes 2×16 to 2×20), you follow through here.

Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (Official Still via SpoilerTV)


The Official Stills for the last two episodes of Season 2 were done by Jace Downs. It’s been a while since he worked on the Reboot; providing the Stills for 7 episodes out of the first 8 episodes in Season 1.


Episode 2×21: Wind + Water (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
For this episode, CBS released 8 Official Stills.

Episode 2×21: Wind + Water (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac on his way to do great things.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Stills of various scenes, taken outside during daylight which makes for better lighting. Nothing to complain here.


Episode 2×22: UFO + Area 51 (Still Photographer: Jace Downs)
For this episode, we only got 4 Official Stills via SpoilerTV.

Episode 2×22: UFO + Area 51 (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac and Jack posing as if they are doing a photoshoot on the race track (which they kinda are).

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: I wouldn’t have minded a Still of an UFO or an Alien…


Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (Still Photographer: Jace Downs)
For the Season Finale Episode of Season 2, TV Line released an exclusive First Look photo on April 25. Five days later, SpoilerTV provided 7 additional Stills.

Exclusive Sneak Peek of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via TVLine)

MY FAVORITE: Technically, it’s not really an Official Still and more of a First Look Screenshot, but… it’s Mac and Oversight, also known as (insert Spoiler Alert). The runner-up is an Official Still, though. It’s Mac and a Jeep which is always great to see.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: It would have been nice to have a bit more promo for the Season Finale. It’s an episode that has a deep impact on all the characters and might influence the major storyline on the upcoming 3rd Season. Maybe an additional photoshoot instead of just Stills and Sneak Peeks as usual?

Looking Back at Season 2 (VI) – The Official Stills (Part 4)

As with Season 1, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each Episode of Season 2; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. (Because I just can’t keep quiet, as you all know by now.)

If you missed Part 1 (Episodes 2×01 to 2×05), you can find the post here. For Part 2 (Episodes 2×06 to 2×10), you go there. Part 3 (Episodes 2×11 to 2×15) can be found here.

Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via SpoilerTV)


Starting with Episode 2×15, Still Photographer Annette Brown did most of the Still-photographing for the rest of the season. Interestingly, Matty hasn’t been featured in any of the Stills since Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair). She will only come back in two Official Stills for the Season 2 Finale. Bozer shares the same fate: After Episode 2×13 (CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch), he’s only featured in Stills for 2×16 and the Season 2 Finale.


Episode 2×16: Hammock + Balcony (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
Due to the Olympics, this episode premiered after a month-long hiatus. For once, CBS cranked up the promo and delivered more Official Stills than usual – 12 in total. Even the guest-stars got to be in several of the photos.

Episode 2×16: Hammock + Balcony (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: The group doing some kind of grape-crushing-contest. This looks like they seriously had fun filming this episode.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: So many Stills to choose from! It would have been nice to have some photos from other scenes in there (e.g. of the Opening Gambit), but I don’t really mind. Pretty people all dolled up, what’s not to like about that? Although it’s still weird for me to see Mac drinking alcohol.


Episode 2×17: Bear Trap + Mob Boss (Still Photographer: Annette Brown)
For this episode, we got 7 Stills via SpoilerTV. All of them feature Mac, Jack and Riley on their mission near Chernobyl.

Episode 2×17: Bear Trap + Mob Boss (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac, Jack and Riley trying to get information of a guy that’s not that willing to talk, leading to Jack sacrificing some of his most beloved possessions.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Nothing, really. It’s also nice to see Mac wearing a different color for once. Looks good on him.


Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (Still Photographer: Annette Brown)
For Episode 2×18, SpoilerTV delivered 12 Official Stills again – after a 2-week-premiere-break due to March Madness Basketball. It looks like additional promo is the one positive thing about having a short hiatus every now and then.

Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Having the Colton’s back is fine, but it’s definitely nice to have an Official Still of Mac only while doing some MacGyvering.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: The Colton’s are fun and I hope to see them again next season, but I wasn’t so fond of the Stills with them in it. Not sure why.


Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (Still Photographer: Annette Brown)
We got 10 Stills for this Episode. Amy Smart coming back as Dawn even got to be in several of them. As always, the whole team is completely color-coordinated.

Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac, Riley, Dawn and Jack on their mission.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: It’s nothing new, but the Stills are not that exciting – despite the team getting arrested in most of them. I preferred Guy D’Alema’s style of taking Stills, but he went on to work on other projects.

FUN NOTE: Amy Smart’s character Dawn in casual clothing reminds me of Mac’s “bad” ex-girlfriend (Nikki Carpenter).


Episode 2×20: Skyscraper – Power (Still Photographer unknown)
For this episode, there were 2 small pics with the Press Releases – but we didn’t get any full Official Stills or Sneak Peeks until 2 hours before the Premiere. At last, Seat42F provided some last-minute Stills.

Episode 2×20: Skyscraper – Power (via Seat42F)

MY FAVORITE: There’s some action going on! And who’s that kid in the middle? That definitely looks like it could have been an episode of the Original Show.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: The Stills came in so late, they didn’t even make it to SpoilerTV. What’s up with that? It’s possible many fans never got to see them. Some of them look rather like screenshots, and there’s not even a Still Photographer credited. Maybe they were screenshots and only added as an afterthought. Also, while they don’t have the SpoilerTV logo on them, they are of a lesser quality size.


(More coming soon.)2

Looking Back at Season 2 (V) – The Official Stills (Part 3)

As with Season 1, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each Episode of Season 2; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. (Because I just can’t keep quiet, as you all know by now.)

If you missed Part 1 (Episodes 2×01 to 2×05), you can find the post here. For Part 2 (Episodes 2×06 to 2×10), you go there.

Episode 2×11: Bullet + Pen (via SpoilerTV)


Episode 2×11: Bullet + Pen (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
For this episode, the Official Stills came in waves. There was a Press Release about Bruce McGill joining as a guest-star along with a first Still, roughly a month before the rest of the Stills was released via SpoilerTV. In between, there was another Still with Mac and Jack dressed as Santa. Getty Images later released two more stills of the interrogation scene with Lucas Till and Bruce McGill.

Episode 2×11: Bullet + Pen (via Getty Images)

MY FAVORITE: It has to be one with Bruce McGill, of course. This was my favorite scene of the episode. The Runner-Up is the Santa Still on top, because you can’t see this photo without also wondering what shenanigans Mac and Jack are up to in this episode.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Great Stills to choose from. Sadly, my favorite Still was only published on Getty Images and is not available in good quality without the watermark – at least not for free.


Episode 2×12: Mac + Jack (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
For this episode we got 8 Stills via SpoilerTV. All of them feature Mac and Jack in their flashback of Afghanistan.

Episode 2×12: Mac + Jack (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: It’s Mac + Swiss Army Knife!

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Several great Stills to choose from. Despite Mac + Jack being the center, it’s still a team havy episode, so I wonder: Was the rest of the cast disappointed that all Stills featured Mac and Jack and no one else?


Episode 2×13: CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
For Episode 2×13, SpoilerTV delivered 5 Official Stills.

Episode 2×13: CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Despite not much action going on, this Still promises something exciting happening around them. And it’s always nice if the guest star is featured in the Official Stills as well.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: A Still with Jack at his High School Reunion to choose from would have been fun as well.


Episode 2×14: Mardi Gras Beads + Chair (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
We got 7 Stills for this Episode. All are taken from the same location, 6 of them feature Amy Smart as Dawn.

Episode 2×14: Mardi Gras Beads + Chair (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Amy and Jack in what looks like a potentially dangerous situation.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: No disappointement here, just curiosity. The colors look a bit different and some of the Stills look almost blurry.


Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (Still Photographer: Annette Brown)
For this episode, we got a first Still with the Press Release about Michael Des Barres being a Guest Star. They later released 4 additional Stills. Interestingly, this first Still never really came to fruition in the episode itself. Was it staged just for Promo or was the location part of a Deleted Scene?

Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via Michael Des Barres)

MY FAVORITE: The one with Michael Des Barres, of course. TV Insider provided the First Look, but MDB later uploaded the full version of the photo.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: In my opinion, the BtS pictures for this episode were better than the Official Stills.


(More coming soon.)

Looking Back at Season 2 (IV) – The Official Stills (Part 2)

As with Season 1, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each Episode of Season 2; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. (Because I just can’t keep quiet, as you all know by now.)

If you missed Part 1 (Episodes 2×01 to 2×05), you can find the post here.


Episode 2×06: Jet Engine + Pickup Truck (no Still Photographer listed)
For this episode, there was only a single Official Still on the Press Release. That’s not how successful promo works?

Episode 2×06: Jet Engine + Pickup Truck (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Well. Not much to choose from, huh?

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Well. Don’t need to say much here. At least they chose one of the main mission with all the field agents present.


Episode 2xo7: Duct Tape + Jack (Still Photographer: Jace Downs)
For the seventh episode of Season 2, we got 7 Stills via SpoilerTV. One of them features the main mission while all the others feature the same scene inside Jack’s appartment.

Episode 2×07: Duct Tape + Jack (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: MacGyver consoling Jack after he realizes something with a lot of emotional value got robbed.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Nothing to be disappointed about.

NOW THAT’S FUNNY: In one of the Stills, you can see Cornell Willis (Second Second Assistant Director) giving directions. Looks like someone should have used his photoshopping skills before releasing that photo. If you haven’t seen the episode, you have to assume there’s a bad guy hiding…

Episode 2×07: Duct Tape + Jack (via SpoilerTV)

Episode 2xo8: Packing Peanuts + Fire (no Still Photographer listed yet)
For Episode 2×08, SpoilerTV delivered 5 Official Stills. Two feature the same scene with Jack and the bad guy. One features Leanna, one Bozer and Leanna and another one Riley and Elwood.

Episode 2×08: Packing Peanuts + Fire (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Elwood and Riley sitting at the table. Riley looks tense and uncomfortable and you can only guess how the first get-together with her father after years of not seeing him will turn out.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: I think it’s always weird when the character that lends the show its title isn’t to be seen in any of the Official Stills.


Episode 2xo9: CD-Rom + Hoagie Foil (no Still Photographer needed)
The only Episode of Season 2 that provided not a single Still. What a shame.

BtS picture of Episode 2×09: CD-Rom + Hoagie Foil (via Bobby Roth)

MY FAVORITE: Harhar. Very funny. Guess I’ll provide one of my favorite BtS pictures instead. So here’s George Eads and Lucas Till with Director Bobby Roth.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: I’m pretty sure providing some Official Stills after editing is finished is not that much work. At least not as much as putting together a preview or Sneak Peeks. But what do I know, I’m not in the TV business, after all.


Episode 2×10: War Room + Ship (Still Photographer: Kim Simms)
Episode 2×10 brought 8 Official Stills via SpoilerTV. And after realizing they had no Stills at all, they brought in a new Still Photographer.

Episode 2×10: War Room + Ship (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac and Jack talking outside of Jack’s quarters.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: The episode has a more unique storyline than others, so it would have been nice to see a Still about the main storyline with Mac and Zoe and not Stills about the book-endings of the Episode.


(More coming soon.)

Looking Back at Season 2 (III) – The Official Stills (Part 1)

I’ve always been a bit puzzled about the release of the Official Stills. Maybe that’s just how it works with TV shows in general, but: Sometimes we get 20 Official Stills for an episode – another time only 3. Or worse – none. Sometimes we would get several, but all of them looking very similar.

I’m still not sure who actually chooses them – according to Set Photographer Guy D’Alema, it’s not the photographer himself. So either the director of photography, the director of the episode or the producers? Or someone higher up at CBS who’s responsible for TV show promo in general? No clue.

Episode 2×03: Roulette Wheel + Wire (via SpoilerTV)

In Season 1, there weren’t many in the bunch that actually sparked my interest, but it was fun to look over them months after the episodes had aired.

As with Season 1, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each Episode of Season 2; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. (Because I just can’t keep quiet, as you all know by now.)

One thing I have noticed: While for Season 1, there had sometimes been 2 or even 3 Still Photographers, it’s usually only one person now (mostly Guy D’Alema who works on a bunch of other TV shows as well at the moment).


Episode 2×01: DIY or DIE (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
We got 5 Official Stills via SpoilerTV. Three of them feature MacGyver, one Jack all on his own and one has Mac and Jack in trouble.

Episode 2×01: DIY or DIE (via Seat42F)

MY FAVORITE: Probably the one with Mac and Jack in trouble. We’ve seen BtS pictures of the scene before and I was curious what this was all about.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: We already knew about Isabel Lucas being a new regular cast member, but there was no Official Still of her (or the other cast members). Funny thing though that the person grabbing Jack’s leg IS actually Isabel as Samantha Cage.


Episode 2xo2: Muscle Car + Paper Clips (Guy D’Alema)
For the second episode of Season 2, we got 4 Stills via SpoilerTV. Interestingly, they are all about the same scene with Tristin Mays as Riley; but one Still features a guy that isn’t all that important in the end.

Episode 2×02: Muscle Car + Paper Clips (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Not much to choose from, huh? I guess the one with Riley on the computer *heh*.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: As mentioned above, all of  the Stills advertize the same scene. The episode is clearly centered around Riley, but I always think it’s weird when the protagonist that lends the show its name isn’t seen anywhere. Also, given the episode title, I had actually expected that the Muscle Car (a Mustang in this case) being featured.


Episode 2xo3: Roulette Wheel + Wire (Quantrell Colbert)
The third episode delivered 10 Official Stills via SpoilerTV. Besides Matty, everyone of Team Phoenix is in more than one of the pictures, which is nice.

Episode 2×03: Roulette Wheel +Wire (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac always talks about Bozer being his best friend – but since he joined Team Phoenix, Lucas Till and Justin Hires didn’t have many scenes together. Although this scene features the entire field team, it’s nice to have two Stills with just the two of them – I think that might actually be the first time since the Pilot Episode.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Nothing, really. The cast is very pretty to look at; the women all dolled up and the men all sharp dressed. In a Still that was added later on, there’s even a SAK featured. Isn’t that great? It’s actually my runner-up choice, so it needed to be shown as well (right at the beginning of this blog post).


Episode 2xo4: X-Ray + Penny (Guy D’Alema)
We got only 3 Stills via SpoilerTV. All of them feature the scene with Mac and Murdoc.

Episode 2×04: X-Ray + Penny (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: The one with Mac and Murdoc, of course.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: There’s the promise of Mac!Whump; so for me, not disappointing at all. There was even a BtS video after Entertainment Tonight had visited the set when this episode was being filmed.


Episode 2xo5: Skull + Electromagnet (Guy D’Alema)
The Halloween Episode brought 9 Official Stills via SpoilerTV plus additional versions of the group photo with everyone besides Matty dressed up in their Halloween costume.

Episode 2×05: Skull + Electromagnet (Official Still via Seat42F)

MY FAVORITE: It’s either “Jungle” or “Costumes”, so probably the group photo with everyone trying to look scary.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: For the costumes being featured in so many pictures, it was a bit disappointing we didn’t get to see them properly in the episode itself. But when it comes to the Official Stills, everything’s fine. Maybe a Still with the villain would have been a nice addition.


(More coming soon.)

Looking Back at Season 2 (II) – Guess the Season 2 Premiere Plot Twist (Part 2)

It’s always fun to speculate what could happen in a TV show; especially if a TV show is already running for more than a few seasons. There are many characters and storylines to choose from.

Back in March 2017, when the filming for Season 1 was coming to an end, I joined the “Guess the Season Finale Plot Twist” Game on Twitter. The point of this silly game is to make crazy and whacky predictions about a Season Finale that you would never expect to happen – but that actually COULD happen.

For Season 2, I made predictions about the Season Premiere Plot Twist.


In this blog post, I’m looking back at the second half of my Season 2 Premiere Plot Twists guesses. (Because it’s fun, that’s why!)


Why? At the end of the Pilot Episode, Thornton announced that due to Nikki Carpenter’s betrayal, DXS would have to relocate and get a new name.

Could this have happened? Theoretically, this should have already happened after Thornton was revealed as the mole. Phoenix wasn’t safe anymore – maybe that’s the reason why they got breached in the Season 1 Finale?

Would I have wanted this to happen? Well, I wouldn’t have minded them relocating, but changing the name of the Phoenix Foundation is a no-go, of course.

Could this still happen? Yes. But I’m pretty sure it won’t.


Why? On August 26, George Eads had posted a BtS picture on Instagram where it looked like Jack was holding onto MacGyver for dear life. In the Official Stills a few days later, it looked a bit like MacGyver was stuck in the sewer and Jack tried to pull him out.

Episode 2×01: DIY or DIE (via Seat 42F)

Could this have happened? This wasn’t very likely to happen, no. But it would have been fun, right?

Would I have wanted this to happen? MacGyver narrating an entire episode? Yes, please.

Could this still happen? Sure. Although MacGyver being stuck for 40 minutes without a way of getting out doesn’t feel like MacGyver.


Why? On July 31, Executive Producer Peter Lenkov uploaded a BtS picture of Mac and Jack in the hospital. Mac looks pretty bedraggled and slightly guilty while Jack apparently can’t sit properly.

BtS of Season 2 (via Peter Lenkov)

Could this have happened? Jack mentioned in Episodes 1×17 (Ruler) and 1×20 (Hole Puncher) that he goes all method when being undercover. So yes.

Would I have wanted this to happen? Sure, why not? Would have been especially funny if it turns out to be a really stupid tattoo.

Could this still happen? Yes.


Why? The synopsis of Episode 2×01 (DIY or DIE) was this: Using a cell phone and soccer ball, MacGyver and the team search for a Navy SEAL who is believed to be alive in captivity in the Middle East. So we already knew a cell phone would be needed for a MacGyverism and that it wouldn’t survive.

Could this have happened? Yes, absolutely. It kinda DID happen, although it wasn’t Jack’s cell phone and that it didn’t really die. It was just lost to the bad guys.

Would I have wanted this to happen? Sure, why not?

Could this still happen? Yes, and I’m pretty sure it will.


Why? It didn’t happen in every episode, but Mac making Paperclip Art was kind of an underlying storyline throughout Season 1. And Lisa’s Tweet about that huge Paperclip immediately inspired this Plot Twist Guess.

Could this have happened? Yes, although it wasn’t very likely.

Would I have wanted this to happen? Sure; and I still think this should be addressed in some capacity.

Could this still happen? Yes, but I don’t think it will.

FunFact: I accidentally typed “Papierclip” in my Tweet. This was partly due to autocorrect (my “native” computer language is German), partly due to the fact that “Papier” in German means “paper” and we “normal” people use paperclips mostly for holding together papers, after all. Yet, a paperclip is called “Büroklammer” in German. In case you ever need it, I pronounce it “Büro-Chlammere” in Swiss German.


Why? None of the rebooted Phoenix Directors seems to have offices. They sure must have a ton of paperwork to do?

Could this have happened? Yes.

Would I have wanted this to happen? It would be nice to see more of Phoenix besides the War Room, the Interrogation Room and the Lab since the complex seems to be a big one with many underground levels.

Could this still happen? Yes. If they get another budget raise.


Why? I don’t like Sparky that much. I’d prefer scenes between “real” characters, not robotic ones.

Could this have happened? Yes.

Would I have wanted this to happen? I prefer MacGyver saving the day, thank you very much. After all, the show is named after him.

Could this still happen? Sadly, yes.


I had made some Season Premiere Plot Twist Guesses that I hadn’t let loose on Twitter, but kept quiet on my Word Document until now. Some I deemed too similar to each other. Others I deemed too boring. And in the end, I had to limit my guesses because I was quite busy and had decided to write another Reboot Update instead so you wouldn’t have to wait 2 weeks as usual. I don’t see a reason to keep them all to myself now that the episode has aired.

Runner-Up Plot Twist Guess (No.2): Samantha Cage is Nikki Carpenter’s sister.

Why? Even after the main cast convirmed Isabel Lucas being cast as new series regular, we didn’t get any information about her character. There was no press release about her joining the team and no interviews or show appearances of her.

Could this have happened? Yes.

Would I have wanted this to happen? Not really, no.

Could this still happen? Yes, although that isn’t very likely. But since they’re both CIA, they actually might know each other (or might know about each other).

Why was this Plot Twist Guess not posted on Twitter? I had already made a Season 2 Premiere Plot Twist Guess about the new agent joining the team being Jack’s sister. So this Plot Twist Guess was redundant and therefore boring.


Runner-Up Plot Twist Guess (No.3): Jack shaved off his Mohawk after losing a bet.

Why? It was clear from the first BtS pictures we got that Jack Dalton had a new haircut.

Could this have happened? Yes.

Would I have wanted this to happen? Sure.

Could this still happen? Yes. It seems very Jack and losing this kind of bet probably hurts less than drinking an entire bottle of Hot Sauce like seen in Episode 1×16 (Hook).

Why was this Plot Twist Guess not posted on Twitter? I’m not sure. It didn’t seem important enough, I guess. I posted other Plot Twist Guesses first. And then I forgot all about it.


End of Part 2. You can find Part 1 here.