MacGyver Reboot Update #58

No new episodes of MacGyver at the moment. The Production Office re-opened on June 4, so filming for Season 3 should start soon. Season 2 also scored some nominations!

Lucas Till with family and friends in Hawaii (via Michael Aaron Milligan)

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You might get spoilered about Season 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


What are Cast and Crew up to?
Many of the cast and crew enjoyed some downtime before the Production Office re-opened two weeks ago.

Lucas Till spent some time in LA (e.g. to attend the 10-year-anniversary-screening for zombie comedy Dance of the Dead on May 23 or to visit one of Justin Hires’ stand-up-comedy-shows). Last week, he enjoyed a short holiday on Hawaii with his family and his friend, roommate and co-worker Mike Milligan. For once, Lucas was quite active on Instagram. He also posed with fans in Hawaii; e.g. at the local Target and in front of a restaurant.

Lucas Till with family and friends in Hawaii (via Michael Aaron Milligan)

Justin did some more Stand-Up comedy shows. At the moment, there’s no news about the movie project he is attached to. (The status of said project could be relevant since it would probably interfere with his screentime on Season 3.)

George Eads did not only enjoy some holidays on the Bahamas with his family, but also played some Golf. On June 11, he joined the LA Golf Classic, an annual fundraiser organized by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Fun note: Original Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill) was one of the members of the host committee this year – alongside Carlos Bernard who had directed Reboot Episode 2×11 (Bullet + Pen), the episode Bruce McGill guest-starred in.

Tristin got to celebrate her birthday with friends. Both Reign Edwards (who plays Bozer’s girlfriend Leanna in the Reboot) and Javicia Leslie (aka Jesse Colton) were in the crowd. For congratulating, Meredith Eaton posted a new BtS photo of her with Tristin taken while working on Episode 2×12 (Mac + Jack).

George Eads at the LA Golf Classic (via Getty Images)

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov’s long-time dream project Magnum has been ordered to series by CBS; meaning that at the moment, he’s busy with four shows in total. Three of them (MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0Magnum) will premiere this Fall while the 2nd season of Salvation will premiere June 25. He therefore spends a lot of time on the Paramount Studio lot, presumably working on finalizing the scripts.

Season 2 News
Due to Celebrity Undercover Boss, there are no Reboot re-runs at the moment – contrary to pretty much all the other action and drama shows in the CBS line-up. More episodes for Celebrity Undercover Boss (CUB)  are scheduled for Fridays 8pm until July 13. There’s a good chance there will be some Reboot Re-Runs after the Finale of CUB since the show has 10 episodes.

BtS photo of Episode 2×12: Mac + Jack (via Meredith Eaton)

Last year, both Lucas Till and Peter Lenkov had attended the Monte Carlo Television Festival. It’s maybe a bit ironic that this year, the Reboot got nominated for an International TV Audience Award within the category “Action & Science-Fiction TV Series”, alongside Scorpion (CBS) and Prison Break. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 19.

Also, the many tweets helped Lucas Till to score a nomination for the Teen Choice Awards in the category “Choice Action TV Actor”. The first voting period ends on June 19, so if you’re eligible to vote (check the rules in here), keep on voting by using Twitter or checking into the TeenChoice voting site!

Justin Hires in NYC (via Ulysses Burden III)

Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe again had handed in a Stunt Reel for the Emmy Awards. Voting is only possible if you are an Emmy member, though – but if you’re eligible to vote for the Emmys, you can do so until June 25. The nominations will be announced mid-July. I’m not sure how good the chances are, considering the show was already nominated last year. But let’s hope the Reboot scores another nomination or even a win!

Meredith Eaton was interviewed for the Emmy Magazine, talking about being a short-statured actress and embracing her difference. On June 11, she posted a photo of her with David Dastmalchian, plotting strategies. It’s not clear yet if this was part of a photoshoot, for Bonus Material for the Season 2 DVD or just a fun snapshot of them passing time on set.

Matty and Murdoc aka David Dastmalchian (via Meredith Eaton)

Season 3 News
The Production Office re-opened on June 4, so filming for Season 3 should start soon.

Sadly, there’s no news at all so far. The Premiere Date still hasn’t been set yet, but it’s reasonable to guess it’s either September 21 or September 28. Unless we hear otherwise, I’m assuming it will be a direct Full Season Order of 22 episodes.

Since the production office is open, the official social media accounts are bit more active; e.g. tweeting about the “Happy Best Friends Day” on June 8 or reminding fans that they can re-watch the episodes online.

David Dastmalchian auctioned off a set visit with “Murdoc” for a good cause, so I reckon it’s possible that Murdoc will appear very early in Season 3. The set visit entails lunch with MacGyver, Murdoc and the cast that is working that day; also a tour of the production stages and the sets with a demonstration of a “MacGyver” moment with stunts and/or props. The auction made 12’000 US Dollars for charity, so kudos to whoever bid on this.

Holiday in Hawaii (via Lucas Till)

MacGyver in Germany and Switzerland
German FreeTV channel Sat.1 will premiere two episodes of Season 2 on Mondays 8pm, starting July 9. Swiss FreeTV channel 3+ decided to start 5 days earlier, airing two episodes on Wednesdays 9pm, starting July 4.

Funny thing: German distributor Paramount/Universal Pictures must have had a typo in their press release since all websites have a character named “Frank Dalton” in the DVD description. They have changed the name to Jack now, but it will be interesting too see what name will be written down on the back-cover.


Looking Back at Season Zero (II) – The Unaired Pilot: Promo

Every time I dig through my stash of MacGyver-Reboot-related folders, I stumble over material about the Unaired MacGyver Reboot Pilot, filmed in April/May 2016. I have written about it before, but it was usually a few bits and pieces here or there. I’m trying to put all the necessary information together for interested readers – especially since many of you accidentally landed on my blog after looking for information about it by using search engines.

If you missed Part 1 (about the Unaired Pilot’s Origins), you can read it here.

Unaired MacGyver Pilot Logo (via CBS)

Rebooting the Reboot
The Unaired Pilot was filmed in April/May 2016. Production wrapped on May 5, only two weeks before the CBS Upfronts – THE event for the networks to announce their TV schedule for Fall and to provide more info about the upcoming TV shows.

On the 13th of May, Variety confirmed that the Reboot had been picked up and ordered to Series by CBS – with Peter Lenkov as an Executive Producer. The Hollywood Reporter hinted that the script might be tossed out and stated that the secondary cast members were “unlikely to return”. Deadline added that Lenkov would write a new script with the general premise of the series remaining the same; confirming that the supporting cast was not coming back.

Official Still of the Unaired Pilot (Ron P. Jaffe/CBS, via NY Times)

Of course, this was exciting, yet also concerning news. What had exactly happened, and was this project doomed now that they rearranged everyting, but still wanted the show to premiere in Fall? What would this mean for the quality of the show, if the showrunner had to not only find a new cast, but also a new crew and new locations in time to start filming in Summer? Why had CBS picked up the show for Fall if they didn’t like the pilot, the script or the cast in the first place? Did they care for MacGyver at all or only for the promise of making money with a well-known brand that had the potential to be turned into a franchise? And wasn’t Peter Lenkov already busy enough with Hawaii Five-0?

The move also left a bit of a bitter taste since it looked like the secondary cast members got the news at the same time as us – via the internet.

Official Still of the Unaired Pilot (Ron P. Jaffe/CBS)

Official Stills that were not meant to stay
Despite the Pilot Episode being scrapped and just days before the CBS Upfronts, we got the first Official Still of Lucas Till and George Eads in character on May 16 via NY Times. (The article itself was not about the Reboot per se, but about the nostalgia leading to resurrecting old TV shows.)

The reactions were mixed. Many felt that MacGyver looked too young, but were quite happy to see that both chemistry and physics still seemed to be an important part of the show. Others made fun of rebooted MacGyver’s hairdo; deeming him as one of the “Hanson Brothers”.

Social Media Header (via MacGyver On CBS)

On May 18, they released two new Official Stills just before the Upfronts. The tweet by Eric Goldman reveals that a lot of the talk revolved around MacGyver’s hair again:

MacGyver 2016 has no time for haircuts! He’s gotta make a thing out of a thing!

The third Still had rebooted MacGyver walking to his next mission. About the same time, CBS revealed the new social media pages for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; revealing another look at the pilot and the new logo. (Little did we know that only hours later, the Stills would be deleted; alongside all material on the social media pages.)

The logo – featuring an SAK forming the letter “v” in the show title – was very well received among the fans. Even 30 years after the original series, everyone associates the SAK with MacGyver, so the logo was pretty clever and easily recognizable.

Official Still of the Unaired Pilot (Ron P. Jaffe/CBS)

The description for the show provided by CBS read as follows:

A secret agent unlike any other, MacGyver escapes perilous situations with nothing but a paperclip, his trusty Swiss Army knife and his wit. A dynamic reimagining of the hit television series, this action-packed origin story follows the young MacGyver as he returns from war, a hero with an idealistic vision of saving the world. He and his late father’s best friend partner to form the clandestine Phoenix Foundation.
Using his scientific know-how and resourcefulness, MacGyver – alongside his intrepid team – undertakes missions to save lives and change the world.

CBS also revealed that the show was scheduled to air on Fridays, which had some fans worried since Friday used to be a “death slot” for years until CBS had managed to turn it around for them.

Presentation of the Unaired Pilot Promo Material at the CBS Upfronts 2016 (via Twitter)

The Teaser Trailer that disappeared
At the Upfront Events, usually both Art Work and Teaser Trailers for the new Fall shows are being released. This not only to tease the potential audience, but also to attract international buyers. Since we already knew that the Pilot Episode would be scrapped along with most of the cast, we were wondering if CBS would even dare to show a trailer.

The trailer soon hit social media accounts all around the world. To watch it, the fans had to do a bit of MacGyvering themselves since the trailer was geo-blocked outside the USA. It didn’t take long for other countries to post and revierw it as well, though. Let’s just say it wasn’t that well received – or the positive reviews got buried under the amount of negative comments and down-votes. Many Original fans found rebooted MacGyver too cocky or too violent and not very distinguishable from any other action show. And of course, the comments about his hair were never-ending.

Unaired Pilot Teaser Trailer Screenshots

Some of the fired cast members (e.g. Addison Timlin) were not happy either; tweeting statements like “I wish network television would quit firing me but putting me in their promotions anyway”.

In the Teaser Trailer, they created the tagline that they would later use for the rebooted Pilot Episode again: Mac is Back. The trailer clearly marked the show as a one-man-show like the Original, with MacGyver as the lead hero in the centre.

Unaired Pilot Teaser Trailer Screenshots

According to Deadline, a 20-minute-cut-down of the pilot episode had sparked a lot of interest among international buyers. Nonetheless, CBS declared the trailer soon to “promo non grata” and erased all their former tweets, posts and Official Stills concerning promo for the discarded pilot from their social media accounts.

The LA TV Screenings
A few days later, Peter Lenkov posted a photo on Instagram that showed a promo poster in form of a character portrait with Lucas Till. Interestingly, they used yet another font for what seemed like the new MacGyver logo, but the writing style was used for posters for other CBS shows as well. Since Lenkov was on holiday, he didn’t attend the event and neither did the (remaining) cast members.

Usually, there are cast photos and interviews being made at the LA TV Screenings, but with the imminent rebooting of the reboot, we didn’t get to enjoy any of that.

Promo Poster at the LA TV Screenings (via Peter Lenkov)


(More in Part 3, coming soon.)

MacGyver Reboot Update #57

The Season 2 Finale has aired four weeks ago, so no new episodes at the moment. Fans don’t have to be sad, though: Filming for Season 3 should start next month in Atlanta.

George Eads and Lucas Till on set of Season 2 (via Jeff Wolfe)

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You might get spoilered about Season 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


What are Cast and Crew up to?
The Season 2 Finale aired on May 4. Some of the cast and crew enjoyed some downtime while others already started working on new (and old) projects.

Reboot-related, it’s gotten pretty quiet on social media. Every now and then, cast or crew upload a never-seen-before BtS photo (e.g. Jake Alvarez or Steve Serna), but it’s not always clear what episode it belongs to.

Lucas attending the 10-year-anniversary-screening for Dance of the Dead (via Briggon Snow)

Lucas Till has been spending some time in LA since production wrapped. Besides live-tweeting from the Paramount studio lot when the Season Finale aired, he also celebrated Peter Lenkov’s birthday. On May 19, he attended the 10-year-anniversary-screening (including a Q&A) for Dance of the Dead, a zombie comedy filmed when he was 16. On May 23, Lucas and his manager Tom attended one of Justin Hires’ stand-up-comedy-shows. Judging by the videos, they all had a good time.

Justin did a handful of comedy shows in different cities during the last few weeks. We haven’t heard any news about the movie project he is attached to. It’s possible the movie got delayed and might not go into production this year.

Justin in NYC, enjoying some free time before the next comedy show (via Justin Hires)

George Eads enjoyed some holidays on the Bahamas and keeps making the most of his time to spend with his family, the dogs or his two wheels.

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov’s long-time dream project Magnum has been ordered to series by CBS; meaning that at the moment, he’s the showrunner for three shows (MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum) while co-producing another show (Salvation). He already had meetings with the writer’s team for Magnum; securing the first scripts.

Season 2 Ratings (encore)
As expected, there has been a slow, but steady loss of audience numbers nearing Summer. The Season Finale (2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver) reached 6.10 million live viewers and an all-time-low rating of 0.6 in demo. If you felt that my comments on the ratings in my latest blog update post (e.g. regarding risk of cancellation or budget cuts) were too negative, be aware that the other CBS shows have been suffering losses in ratings as well – even more this year since due to the Olympics, most Season Finale Episodes aired 2 to 4 weeks later than they usually do.

Lucas attending the 10-year-anniversary-screening for Dance of the Dead (via Gregg Bishop)

Looking at the Season Finale of Hawaii Five-0 on May 18, the show garnered an all-time-low of 6.62 million viewers and a 0.7 in demo when it aired between Celebrity Undercover Boss and a re-run of Blue Bloods. The ratings for the Season Finales might not be that important as how the shows did overall this season.

Due to Celebrity Undercover Boss, there are no Reboot re-runs at the moment – contrary to H50 or Blue Bloods. Last year, there had been MacGyver re-runs through all of June and the first half of July. Celebrity Undercover Boss is scheduled for Fridays 8pm until at least July 13, so we can only hope there will be some re-runs after that date to keep people interested in the show.

Season 3 News
Sadly, we didn’t get any additional promo by Lucas or Lenkov for the Season Finale. A year ago, Lucas attended the Corus Upfronts in Toronto and the Monte Carlo Television Festival during hiatus. It’s not clear yet if he will do some more promo this Summer as well before they start filming for Season 3.

Blast from the (not so distant) Past: Lucas Till attending the Photocall at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, June 2017 (via Ansa)

There’s a good chance there will be a Magnum Panel at Comic Con San Diego next month. If Lenkov attends, there’s a possibility of some interviews and him talking about MacGyver as well. It would be nice to hear something about Season 3 and what’s in store for us.

The Reboot has been renewed for a 3rd Season and will air in its old timeslot (Friday, 8pm), starting this Fall. The Premiere Date still hasn’t been set yet, but it’s probably either September 21 or September 28. Unless we hear otherwise, I’m assuming it will be a direct Full Season Order of 22 episodes.

Blast from the (not so distant) Past: Lucas Till attending the Corus Upfront Press Event (via Corus Entertainment)

Both Showrunner Peter Lenkov and Co-Showrunner Craig O’Neill signed on for a new overall deal for CBS TV Studios. Lenkov will continue as Executive Producer on his four drama series (MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0, Magnum PI and Salvation). Additionally, he is ramping up his production company (101st Street Entertainment), to develop new projects. O’Neill also will continue as Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner on the Reboot, in addition to developing new series for broadcast, cable and streaming services.

Otherwise, there’s no mentionable news that I know of. No Casting Calls have been made yet. Last year, Justin Hires revealed the title of Episode 2×01 (DIY or DIE) around June 5 by posting a picture of the script title page on Instagram. If we’re lucky, someone will let us in on the secret for 3×01 soon.

MacGyver Reboot House location

I doubt it will matter much for filming, but: In case you have some spare money around, you can buy rebooted MacGyver’s house that they used to film some outside scenes; e.g. of them playing basketball in the S1 Pilot Episode. (As far as I know, they never filmed any scenes inside since the interior they used for filming is a stage set.)

The Vault: New/Old interview with Lucas Till
There were times when the promo load was so intense that I couldn’t cover it all in my blog posts. Here’s an excerpt of a Yahoo! interview done back in April 2017 for the Season 1 Finale.

Sometimes, all the experience in the world can’t help you and you just have to tough it out. “The Colton episode [episode 16, “Hook”], we start off in quicksand. That was weird. It was a cauldron of goo,” Till recalls, “We had to move it to another day because the goo was 215 degrees in some parts and 60 degrees in other parts. It had to be stirred like a witches cauldron. We got into it in wetsuits. And the compression… let’s just say your extremities can get a little bunched up. The pressure was insane!”

They couldn’t move until all the shots were done, so sweat began burning his eyes. “I started swatting at it, trying to get away. They actually inserted a fly, digitally,” to explain his odd behavior. Finally, they finished and he went back to his trailer to shower, only to find that a leak had sprung in the water heater, so the refreshing shower smelled like sulfur. Till doesn’t mind, though. “That pain, that weirdness, is where the fun and the better moments come from.”

I really want to see some BtS material of these two guys in a “cauldron”.

Screenshot of Episode 1×16: Hook

MacGyver in Germany
German FreeTV channel Sat.1 will start airing Season 2 on July 9. It’s not clear yet if they’ll also air the skipped Episode 1×19 (Compass) as promised. Like for Season 1 in June last year, they will air 2 episodes every Monday at prime time, starting 8.15pm – followed by the premiere of SEAL Team, another CBS show.

You can google it (Part 1): Cast, Characters and Locations

It’s been a year now since I’ve started blogging about the MacGyver Reboot on this WordPress blog. Most people land here via Twitter, but some also by using search engines. The top 3 list of search terms is pretty unspectacular:

  1. dashboardonfire
  2. dashboard on fire wordpress
  3. george eads

Some search engines don’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons. According to WordPress, search engines like Google have been encrypting the vast majority of search terms since 2013. Therefore, WordPress often can’t specify which search terms were used by visitors who found this blog using a search engine. That’s why the majority on my list – almost 2000 by now – are Unknown search terms.

Excerpt of the search engine statistics (retrieved May 20, 2018)

Still, there’s a couple of search terms I want to comment on and throw in some additional education – and maybe help the unknown searching beings in finding an answer. I’m not sure people found exactly the answer they were looking for on here, though. So feel free to comment if I missed something.

Let me say this before we start, though: I’ve never seen so many different ways how you can write “MacGyver” before.


macgyver cast
Yes, I write a lot about the MacGyver Cast. If you’re looking for the cast of a specific episode, you might be luckier if you head over to the official reboot page on IMDb.

Not only can you check for the entire cast and crew for the whole series (circled red at the bottom) or for every episode using the Episode Guide (circled left), but you can also rate the episodes and check which episodes are the highest rated. In case you’re interested: The highest-rated one at the moment is Episode 2×12 (Mac + Jack ).

macgyver fanfiction
First, let me explain: FanFiction (FF) is when fans take either the story or characters (or both) of a certain piece of work (whether it be a novel, TV show, a movie) and write their own story based on it. Easy example: The infamous Fifty Shades of Grey movie series is based on books by the same name that were initially Twilight FanFiction. If you write a story about what would have happened if famous wizard Harry Potter had been sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor, that’s FanFiction.

Yes, there’s MacGyver FanFiction as well. Not as much as for other fandoms, but the Reboot fandom is still growing and new stories are published or updated every day. If you’re looking for Original MacGyver FanFiction, you can hit the MacGyverOnline forum. For Reboot FF, I usually check on either Archive Of Our Own (AO3) or Many authors post on both archives and some use Tumblr or WattPad.

BtS photo of Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via Sheryl Lee Ralph)

Many stories are so-called Episode Tags, meaning these are scenes we didn’t get to watch in an episode (e.g. what happened after MacGyver was shot in the Pilot Episode or a specific scene told using Jack’s or Thornton’s point of view).

what did sheryl lee ralph get paid for the macgyver episode
I have no clue what actors get paid in general, so I don’t know anything about TV show salaries either. Apparently, it was enough, otherwise she wouldn’t have come back for Season 2.

what episode of macgyver does jack use his sniper rifle who loves you baby
You’re referring to the Pilot Episode (1×01: The Rising). In a flashback to their military days, we see Jack sniping at bad guys while Mac is defusing a bomb. The scene was set up to be a nod to Peter Lenkov’s other show Hawaii Five-0 since Jack has history with H50 main character Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin). In a deleted shot of the episode, you can see the word ALOHA stenciled on Jack’s rifle.

Deleted Shot of Episode 1×01: The Rising. Photo by Guy D’Alema (via TVLine)

The scene caused some controversy; especially with fans of the Original Show. If anyone’s interested about the reasons, I wrote a blog post about it.

macgyver cast 2018 who plays willy mardi
I have no clue who Willy Mardi is, but he sounds interesting. Unless you were looking for Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair), I can’t really help out here.

macgyver justine hires cries during agent test
In the first half of Season 2, Bozer (played by Justin Hires) goes to “spy school”. In Episode 2×09 (CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil), Bozer has to pass an interrogation test at the training center which needs him to confront a painful childhood memory. Justin got many compliments on the scene by fans, but also by cast and crew – though he stated on Instagram that this was the most difficult scene he’s filmed so far for the show.

All Fun and Games in a BtS of Episode 2×09: CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil (via Justin Hires)

FunFact: The memory is a nod to the Original Show (Episode 4×02: Blood Brothers) since a similar childhood drama involving a gun happened to Original MacGyver and his friends. The storyline of the episode is all about MacGyver returning to his hometown to find himself haunted by the memories of that fatal shooting accident.

what did the trampoline w ballons have to do w the beginning of mcguver
The scene you’re talking about is not only a nod to the animated movie UP, but also part of the so-called Opening Gambit for Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle). The Opening Gambits were implemented in the Original Show and usually written and directed by another crew than the rest of the episode. They were longer than in the Reboot, so you had a mini MacGyver adventure within the episode that usually had no ties to the main storyline. Because of the high production costs and time issues, they dropped these kind of opening sequences pretty soon. Some of them have become pretty iconic, though and feature some of the most favorite MacGyverisms of the Original Show.

BtS picture of Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via Steven Serna)

what episode of macgyver season 2 does jack wear chaps
The chaps make an appearance in the Opening Gambit of Episode 2×18 (Riley + Airplane). Crew member Kate Roberson posted a funny BtS video on Instagram; revealing what these chaps looked up close. As you can see, nobody had to freeze their buttocks off.

macgyver was tied up
Oh yes. That happens quite often, both in the Original Show and in the Reboot. Not that often in the Reboot, though since sometimes it’s Jack that gets tied up. Thinking about it without any kind of research, I can refer to Episodes 1×07 (Can Opener) and 2×04 (X-Ray + Penny) where Mac is the one getting tied up to a chair.


BtS Instagram Live Story video screenshots of Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via Kate Roberson)

was latest macgyver episode filmed in purrto rico
This person is referring to Episode 2×21 (Wind + Water), written by MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff. Though the episode is set in Puerto Rico, the cast filmed in Atlanta and Georgia Area. It is possible that the crew produced some recent aerial shots of Puerto Rico via drone, but it’s also possible they bought already existing material for the landscape sequences. As far as I know, the only time the main cast actually travelled to another country to film scenes was for Episode 1×18 (Flashlight), the crossover episode with Hawaii Five-0. It was only Lucas Till and George Eads filming in Hawaii, though – the rest of the scenes were filmed in Atlanta as well.

For Season 2, the crew and the stunt doubles for Lucas and George travelled to Cuba to film the Opening Gambit of Episode 2×01 (DIY or DIE). The scenes involving Lucas and George themselves were also filmed in Atlanta, in front of blue and green screens. A TV show simply doesn’t have the budget to do all the oversea travelling required for filming on location. To save money, many TV shows set in California are either filmed in Vancouver or in Atlanta.

BtS of Episode 2×01: DIY or DIE (via George Eads)

what do i watch first hawaii 5 o bulletproof or macgyver flashlight?
Good question. Since the episode titles for Hawaii Five-0 are in Hawaiian, it wasn’t that easy to find out which episode this visitor was looking for. In fact, I still don’t know: Despite Wikipedia helping out by providing the English titles, I couldn’t find an episode named “Bulletproof”. In general, I’ll advise watching the episodes in the same order as they premiered on American TV. In this case, that means first MacGyver and then H50 plus following the airdates, so 1×17 (Ruler), 7×18 (Handle with Care), 1×18 (Flashlight), 7×19 (Exodus), 1×19 (Compass) and so on. I’ve watched the whole first Season of MacGyver before starting Season 7 of H50 (without having seen Seasons 2 to 6, actually) and although both shows are set in the same Universe, I was fine (besides probably missing some Easter Eggs).

MacGyver Reboot Update #56

The Season 2 Finale has aired two weeks ago, so no new episodes at the moment. Fans don’t have to be sad, though: Filming for Season 3 should start in July in Atlanta.

BtS photo of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via Craig Nix)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about Seasons 2 and 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


What’s been happening lately?
Main production wrapped on March 24 and the Season 2 Finale aired on May 4. It’s been quiet on social media lately. Some of the cast and crew enjoyed holidays and birthday parties or celebrated sobriety milestones while others started working on new projects.

Sadly, there weren’t many BtS photos of the Extras and guest-stars for the S2 Finale Episode. Kevin Marshall Pinkney (Stand-In for Justin Hires) re-posted a BtS photo of the Stand-Ins of Season 2. Both Meredith Eaton and Justin Hires posted some more pictures of themselves with the main cast. Every now and then, cast or crew upload a never-seen-before BtS photo (e.g. Jake Alvarez), though it’s not always clear what episode it belongs to.

Lucas Till celebrating the birthday of his boss (via Peter Lenkov)

Lucas Till has been spending some time in LA since production wrapped. Together with cast mates Tristin Mays, George Eads and Executive Producer Peter Lenkov, he attended the Bad Ash Cigar Company Opening Party on April 21. (Bad Ash is run by Alan Cohen who worked on the Reboot as well.) He live-tweeted from the Paramount studio lot when the Season Finale aired, but also celebrated Peter Lenkov’s birthday with a giant steak on May 9. (Lenkov reposted a cropped version of the photo on May 15; stating that he misses his “third son”.)

Tomorrow, Lucas will attend a Q&A to celebrate the 10-year-anniversary of his movie Dance of the Dead, a zombie comedy filmed when he was 16.

Season 2 Ratings
There has been a slow, but steady loss of audience numbers nearing Summer. To freshen up your memory: Episode 2×22 (UFO + Area 51) pulled in 6.26 million live viewers, but lost in the important demo-rating and only got an 0.7 in the important demo group of 18-49 year-olds. Sadly, May 4 was a bad day for TV in general – after a difficult week overall with lower ratings: Basketball Games and sunny weather managed to impact the amount of people tuning in to regular TV. All shows struggled with a loss of ratings and audience numbers; the CBS shows included.

Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

While Hawaii Five-0 lost about 800’000 viewers and 0.2 in ratings compared to the week before, the Season 2 Finale of MacGyver only lost about 150’000 viewers and 0.1 in demo. Still, the overall numbers by themselves didn’t look too well, since Episode 2×23 reached 6.10 million live viewers and an all-time-low rating of 0.6 in demo. Demo-ratings like these often leads to shows being cancelled or suffering budget-cuts, so lets hope CBS sees this as a one-time-deal and believes in Season 3 getting higher ratings again.

Back in September 2017, TV by the Numbers had predicted that CBS would most likely take over the No. 1 spot in both viewers and adults 18-49 on Friday. And yes, they had been right – although Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods again did better in the ratings than the Reboot. The Season 2 Finale included, Season 2 of MacGyver had an average demo-rating of 0.83 with 6.86 million live-viewers per episode. Looking at the Season 2 Premiere with 6.69 million live-viewers (and a demo of 0.8), the show didn’t lose too many viewers over the season, even surpassing 8 million live-viewers (with a demo of 1) around mid-season.

Season 1 vs Season 2 Audience Numbers (via DashboardOnFire)

It would have been nice if the show had ended with higher ratings, though – especially when considering the competing shows in the same timeslot were not as strong this season as they were in 2016/17 for Season 1. Also, the show could use some “safety-cushion” since competition will be stronger this Fall, so the ratings for Season 3 might be affected (see more about that further down).

When Limitless got cancelled by CBS in 2016 after only one season, it had ended with less than 6 million live-viewers, but a better demo-rating of 1.14. In general, it had also better ratings than the Reboot on average per episode (7.05 million live-viewers with 1.34 in demo). Of course, the Reboot has a well-known name and better marketing and franchise potential. Along with Lethal Weapon, it was one of the best-sold show for international markets at the Upfronts 2016. Also, the syndication potential might help to achieve a fourth season (since syndication needs 88 episodes nowadays), but after that, it might be fair game and risking cancellation (as happened with Scorpion this year).

Sneak Peeks and other Promo
Matt Carter published an interview with Meredith Eaton on May 3rd; asking several questions about the Season 2 Finale. Meredith was careful not to reveal too much about the up-coming plot twist, so I was a bit suprised when CBS released 3 Sneak Peeks; two of them spoiling a majority of the fans who hadn’t yet figured out who MacGyver Senior is. Entertainment Tonight shared another exclusive Sneak Peek, also with Mac and his father.

BtS photo of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via Meredith Eaton)

Otherwise, there wasn’t much promo for a Season Finale; especially compared to the Season 1 Finale. I had hoped to get a new Interview with Lucas or Lenkov; e.g. a short overview of the season and what we can expect for the next one. In an interview with GQ, Henry Winkler talked about many topics, but also about the Reboot:

When they rebooted it, it was in my contract to be part of the series. I was supposed to be in name only, but I get along so well with the man who runs it, Peter Lenkov, that I go in and edit the show with him. We sit in the room and have a fabulous time together. It was picked up for a third season, so I’m doing nothing but saying thank you, thank you lord. A lot of shows never get to the third season. There’s an alchemy [to making a TV show] I don’t even get after all of these years. It’s a miracle! All you can do is the best that you can bring to the moment, that day, on the show. And everything else, you just have to let it melt into the cosmos. You have no control.

Season 3 News: Speculations
The Reboot has been renewed for a 3rd Season. The Premiere Date hasn’t been set yet, but it should be sometime in September. Shortly before the CBS Upfronts on May 16, CBS released the schedule for their Fall shows and revealed that the Reboot will stay in its old timeslot of Friday, 8pm. Unless we hear otherwise, I’m assuming it will be a direct Full Season Order of 22 episodes again.

Tristin Mays and Lucas Till at the Bad Ash Cigar Company Opening (via Alan Cohen)

We haven’t heard any new infos about the cast for next season, either. Justin Hires is attached to produce and star in Homecoming, a comedic movie he also wrote the script for. It looks like the project got delayed, so I’m not sure what this means for Justin’s involvement. If I remember correctly, the movie was supposed to film this summer, so I assumed Bozer might have reduced on-screen-time in the beginning of Season 3. Either the movie will be made next year, or Bozer might go on extended vacation – unless Justin is willing to juggle both projects by dropping out of playing one of the Homecoming lead roles.

Kate Bond’s character Jill was listed as recurring cast for Episode 2×23, which means she will probably be a recurring character for the show for next season. Due to the ending of the Season Finale, it seems necessary that Oversight (played by Tate Donovan) will return as a recurring character as well. (I would be disappointed if he just vanished again after Episode 3×01.)

In the Season Finale Episode, Matty offered Bozer’s girlfriend Leanna a job at Phoenix. Reign Edwards’ level of engagement may vary, depending if she’s a field agent or rather staying in the lab. Also, while Reign just finished her long run on The Bold and the Beautiful, she’s back for her “old” show Snowfall. Since that show only has 10 episodes per season and premieres in July as a Summer show, she could manage to be a regular cast member on the Reboot for the full Season.

Lucas Till and George Eads at the Bad Ash Cigar Company Opening (via Alan Cohen)

I’m not sure yet about the guest cast.  Jermaine Rivers will be back on the new season of The Gifted. Both Javicia Leslie (Jesse Colton) and Sheryl Lee Ralph (Mama Colton) are attached to new TV shows this fall while Lance Gross (Billy Colton) will probably be working on his renewed show Star again. The Season Finale Episode implied that Billy expects Riley to make a decision that will have an impact on their relationship, but it’s not clear yet if that means Billy will be seen more often or completey fall out of the picture. There could be trouble in Paradise if Riley decides to say “No” to Billy’s offer to come working with the Coltons, after all.

I’m assuming we will see Riley’s parents (Michael Michele and Billy Baldwin) again in at least one episode. David Dastmalchian’s Murdoc is a likely bet and Michael Des Barres and his fans have been very vocal about wanting him being back for another episode.

Live-Tweeting for the Season Finale (via Peter Lenkov)

On May 2nd, a Portuguese news outlet did an interview with Diogo Morgado (who played Mac’s friend Carlos in Episode 2×21); “revealing” that he will come back as a recurring character next season. Diogo denied the statement, saying that there is a misquote in said interwiew and that nothing has been decided yet. Thinking about the plot twist in the Season Finale, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have MacGyver help Carlos re-building more homes in Puerto Rico in the Season 3 Premiere.

Peter Lenkov’s long-time dream project Magnum has been ordered to series by CBS; meaning that at the moment, he’s the showrunner for three shows (MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum) while co-producing another show (Salvation). Since both Magnum and H50 are being filmed in Hawaii, we’ll have to wait if that means he might temporarily move there to oversee things and if his involvement for the MacGyver Reboot will change if the work-load gets too much. Technically, editing work can be done anywhere with the right equipment, so maybe there will be no changes (besides seeing a bunch of Magnum BtS material on Lenkov’s Instagram).

Season 3 News: The Schedule
As mentioned above, Season 3 will air on Friday 8pm, followed by Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods as usual. Let’s take a look at the competition, which is stronger than last year and might have an impact on the ratings.

Friday 8pm schedule 2018/19 (via SpoilerTV)

Good News first: Similar to Season 2, Dynasty (CW) shouldn’t be a problem since its ratings are marginal (690’000 live-viewers with a demo-rating of 0.19).

Blindspot (NBC) also got the same timeslot again. It had about 3.3 million live-viewers this season with a demo of 0.62 so far (the Season Finale will air today). It lost in ratings since its last season and is down to 2.8 million live-viewers at the moment, but has a similar target audience age-wise. The ones that avidly watched Blindspot so far will probably stick to it. If they want a change in “drama scenery”, they might flock over to MacGyver (and vice versa).

The situation with Last Man Standing (FOX) is a bit unique. It was the biggest competition against the Reboot in 2016 with about 6.4 million live-viewers on average and a demo of 1.15, sometimes surpassing the Reboot in the demo ratings. It got cancelled in 2017 and will be “resurrected” this year.

BtS photo of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via Justin Hires)

Interestingly, the show had started with less than 6 million live-viewers on the day the Reboot premiered, then started to gain in audience numbers for every episode as the Reboot gradually lost some viewers. This might indicate that the shows shared a part of their audience; the Tim Allen fans going back to the show after snooping in for the Reboot. I guess it depends how strong the show will come back, but I think it will definitely affect the Reboot audience numbers – and if it’s as strong as before it was cancelled, maybe even cost MacGyver its usual timeslot win.

The two shows on ABC are comedies with a new timeslot. Fresh Off The Boat had about 3.8 million live-viewers last season with a demo of 1. Spechless had about 4.3 million live-viewers and a demo of 1.1. For both shows, that’s more than Once Upon A Time had last year in the 8pm timeslot and could cost the Reboot a few more viewers.

New/Old BtS photo of Season 2 (via Jake Alvarez)

The Cool Kids is a new show, so no clue how it will do. I’ll say most people watching Last Man Standing might either stay on FOX for this one or switch over to ABC for some more comedy.

In General, Season 2 of MacGyver was weaker in ratings than Season 1, but a lot stronger when it comes to the writing and the storylines. It also had some interesting guest-stars. The competing shows are stronger this year, but if the writers turn it up a notch with writing even better scripts and if the Reboot gets the same (or even a higher budget) as for Season 2, I think it can do well and succeed in getting renewed for another season.

MacGyver in Austria
The rerun of Season 1 does still pretty well in Austria. The live-audience numbers were usually in the range of 50-60’000 viewers, but fell to a meager 26’000 three weeks ago. The numbers made it back to 47’000 two weeks ago and up to 53’000 last Saturday.

There’s finally a date for the DVD-Release for Season 1 in Germany (July 6), but still no further infos about the extras on the Amazon DVD version yet. The version sold in Switzerland (starting July 5) will contain the same extras as the UK and the French version.

Looking Back at Season 2 (V) – The Official Stills (Part 3)

As with Season 1, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each Episode of Season 2; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. (Because I just can’t keep quiet, as you all know by now.)

If you missed Part 1 (Episodes 2×01 to 2×05), you can find the post here. For Part 2 (Episodes 2×06 to 2×10), you go there.

Episode 2×11: Bullet + Pen (via SpoilerTV)


Episode 2×11: Bullet + Pen (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
For this episode, the Official Stills came in waves. There was a Press Release about Bruce McGill joining as a guest-star along with a first Still, roughly a month before the rest of the Stills was released via SpoilerTV. In between, there was another Still with Mac and Jack dressed as Santa. Getty Images later released two more stills of the interrogation scene with Lucas Till and Bruce McGill.

Episode 2×11: Bullet + Pen (via Getty Images)

MY FAVORITE: It has to be one with Bruce McGill, of course. This was my favorite scene of the episode. The Runner-Up is the Santa Still on top, because you can’t see this photo without also wondering what shenanigans Mac and Jack are up to in this episode.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Great Stills to choose from. Sadly, my favorite Still was only published on Getty Images and is not available in good quality without the watermark – at least not for free.


Episode 2×12: Mac + Jack (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
For this episode we got 8 Stills via SpoilerTV. All of them feature Mac and Jack in their flashback of Afghanistan.

Episode 2×12: Mac + Jack (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: It’s Mac + Swiss Army Knife!

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Several great Stills to choose from. Despite Mac + Jack being the center, it’s still a team havy episode, so I wonder: Was the rest of the cast disappointed that all Stills featured Mac and Jack and no one else?


Episode 2×13: CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
For Episode 2×13, SpoilerTV delivered 5 Official Stills.

Episode 2×13: CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Despite not much action going on, this Still promises something exciting happening around them. And it’s always nice if the guest star is featured in the Official Stills as well.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: A Still with Jack at his High School Reunion to choose from would have been fun as well.


Episode 2×14: Mardi Gras Beads + Chair (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
We got 7 Stills for this Episode. All are taken from the same location, 6 of them feature Amy Smart as Dawn.

Episode 2×14: Mardi Gras Beads + Chair (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Amy and Jack in what looks like a potentially dangerous situation.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: No disappointement here, just curiosity. The colors look a bit different and some of the Stills look almost blurry.


Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (Still Photographer: Annette Brown)
For this episode, we got a first Still with the Press Release about Michael Des Barres being a Guest Star. They later released 4 additional Stills. Interestingly, this first Still never really came to fruition in the episode itself. Was it staged just for Promo or was the location part of a Deleted Scene?

Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via Michael Des Barres)

MY FAVORITE: The one with Michael Des Barres, of course. TV Insider provided the First Look, but MDB later uploaded the full version of the photo.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: In my opinion, the BtS pictures for this episode were better than the Official Stills.


(More coming soon.)

Looking Back at Season 2 (IV) – The Official Stills (Part 2)

As with Season 1, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each Episode of Season 2; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. (Because I just can’t keep quiet, as you all know by now.)

If you missed Part 1 (Episodes 2×01 to 2×05), you can find the post here.


Episode 2×06: Jet Engine + Pickup Truck (no Still Photographer listed)
For this episode, there was only a single Official Still on the Press Release. That’s not how successful promo works?

Episode 2×06: Jet Engine + Pickup Truck (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Well. Not much to choose from, huh?

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Well. Don’t need to say much here. At least they chose one of the main mission with all the field agents present.


Episode 2xo7: Duct Tape + Jack (Still Photographer: Jace Downs)
For the seventh episode of Season 2, we got 7 Stills via SpoilerTV. One of them features the main mission while all the others feature the same scene inside Jack’s appartment.

Episode 2×07: Duct Tape + Jack (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: MacGyver consoling Jack after he realizes something with a lot of emotional value got robbed.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Nothing to be disappointed about.

NOW THAT’S FUNNY: In one of the Stills, you can see Cornell Willis (Second Second Assistant Director) giving directions. Looks like someone should have used his photoshopping skills before releasing that photo. If you haven’t seen the episode, you have to assume there’s a bad guy hiding…

Episode 2×07: Duct Tape + Jack (via SpoilerTV)

Episode 2xo8: Packing Peanuts + Fire (no Still Photographer listed yet)
For Episode 2×08, SpoilerTV delivered 5 Official Stills. Two feature the same scene with Jack and the bad guy. One features Leanna, one Bozer and Leanna and another one Riley and Elwood.

Episode 2×08: Packing Peanuts + Fire (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Elwood and Riley sitting at the table. Riley looks tense and uncomfortable and you can only guess how the first get-together with her father after years of not seeing him will turn out.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: I think it’s always weird when the character that lends the show its title isn’t to be seen in any of the Official Stills.


Episode 2xo9: CD-Rom + Hoagie Foil (no Still Photographer needed)
The only Episode of Season 2 that provided not a single Still. What a shame.

BtS picture of Episode 2×09: CD-Rom + Hoagie Foil (via Bobby Roth)

MY FAVORITE: Harhar. Very funny. Guess I’ll provide one of my favorite BtS pictures instead. So here’s George Eads and Lucas Till with Director Bobby Roth.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: I’m pretty sure providing some Official Stills after editing is finished is not that much work. At least not as much as putting together a preview or Sneak Peeks. But what do I know, I’m not in the TV business, after all.


Episode 2×10: War Room + Ship (Still Photographer: Kim Simms)
Episode 2×10 brought 8 Official Stills via SpoilerTV. And after realizing they had no Stills at all, they brought in a new Still Photographer.

Episode 2×10: War Room + Ship (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac and Jack talking outside of Jack’s quarters.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: The episode has a more unique storyline than others, so it would have been nice to see a Still about the main storyline with Mac and Zoe and not Stills about the book-endings of the Episode.


(More coming soon.)