About the difficulties of blogging in a foreign language
I’ve been blogging in German since February 2006 and started blogging in English in July 2016.

English is not my native language, so there will be spelling errors, funny looking words and the like. As long as you’re staying civil, feel free to teach me – I’m willing to learn.

I do have a habit of using Capital Letters for certain words and that won’t change.

About the written content
Sadly, I don’t own anything MacGyver (besides the DVD Box Set and the Graphic Novel of the original show). The texts are mine, though.

I don’t know anyone personally that’s involved in making this show. All information is aquired through using the search bar on social media and following crew and cast members on Twitter and Instagram.

About the pictures
There are pictures in this blog. I take great care to deliver each source of every picture I post. So please credit the original source or owner (to be found in each picture’s description or within the blog text) when posting or uploading these pictures elsewhere. If you can’t find the source of a picture, feel free to ask.

The collages are usually made by me. While I don’t own the pictures I used to make these collages, I do own the time I needed to put them together. So please don’t use them without crediting me, because I would prefer to post collages without having to watermark them.


About me
Not much to say about me.

born in Switzerland (home of MacGyver’s famous SAK)
pretty much blind without my glasses

books / cats / sunflowers / Psychology / bubbles / people-watching / statistics / Swiss Chocolate / Zumba / FanFiction, baby!

cigarette smoke / spiderwebs / touchy-feely-blabla / people spitting onto the sidewalk / white cat hairs on dark clothes

> I’m a crazy cat lady. Only thing is, I don’t have a cat (yet).
> I swear too much.
> I’m a little OCD when it comes to colors.
> I write for a living. (No, it’s not as exciting as writing books.)
> My native language is Swiss German.