Announcing a short Updates Hiatus

Hey there! I’m going on a holiday, practically travelling to the other side of the world, yay.

BtS picture of the Unaired Pilot (via Meg London-Boche)

But that means no Updates posts for at least 4 weeks, booo. And not much time on the internet. No picture-posting on the MacGyver Online Reboot Forums. And no new MacGyver Episodes to watch for me, ay.

Don’t fret, dear readers. I have scheduled two posts already, so check back on Friday, March 2 (the picture might give you a hint about the topic) and on Friday, March 16.

You can also find me on Twitter; I might be able to do some tweeting and retweeting ;-). And of course, there’s always things to discuss in the MacGyver Online Forums, even if I’m not online!

Take care and hopefully, see you soon!


There’s something about MacGyver…

Disclaimer: My original guest-posts (MacGyver Reboot Updates #1 to #29) were first published on Nicholas Sweedo’s Blog called The MacGyver Project.
I made a few minor changes (e.g. grammar or source corrections, link corrections, additional pictures, layout changes, additional author’s notes) before re-posting these guest-posts on my own blog for safe-keeping in form of an archive (and to please my OCD tendencies *blush*).
If you want to read the original guest-posts in their pure form including comments and discussions and without any layout-shifts and mishaps (e.g. links not opening up in a new window, pictures not available to view in their original size), visit the original source. For easier access, here’s an overview of all original guest-posts. (You should visit Nick’s blog anyway, especially if you’re a fan of Original MacGyver. His blog is pure awesomeness.)


Hi there.

My Name is DashboardOnFire and I write about the MacGyver Reboot.


First of all: I love all things MacGyver, especially Richard Dean Anderson’s version. It was my favorite TV show as a kid (yes, I’m that old that I grew up with Original MacGyver).

Richard Dean Anderson posing for a MacGyver Promo Shoot (July 1986, via Getty Images)

The love for the original is what made me being interested in the Reboot in the first place. I thought I would watch at least the pilot episode (it’s MacGyver, after all). Then I started looking for information about the production and the filming process online. Then I started sharing this information and discussing it on the MacGyver Online Forums. Because there was drama (The Casting! The hair! The Unaired Pilot that shall not be seen! The Reboot Overhaul! The cast and crew that was let go!) and things to learn and people to meet.

Then I started blogging about it. When the pilot episode finally premiered, I was already in too deep because I had opinions. And I needed to discuss them.

Original Logo vs Unaired Pilot Logo vs Reboot Logo

Maybe you’ve already read some of my posts on The MacGyver Project, a blog by Nicholas Sweedo. Back in July 2016, he invited me to start guest-blogging about the Reboot. Between July 2016 and May 2017, I wrote 29 guest-blog-posts.

I’ve reserved the address for this blog called “Dashboard On Fire” back in February 2017 – mainly because it goes along with my Twitter Account. I didn’t know if and when I would ever need this blog; especially because I didn’t know if I would continue blogging in English if the Reboot wouldn’t get a second season.

Today, I had to decide quickly if I would continue this on my own or not and I made the decision that YES, I would try.

Lucas Till posing for a MacGyver Promo Shoot (October 2016, via CBS Watch! Magazine)

The reason why I set up a blog via WordPress is that I’ve been blogging in German using WordPress for about 7 years now. It’s easier to handle two blogs using the same tools. I’m aware that this means that people that used to comment on my guest-posts on The MacGyver Project (that publishes via Blogspot) might not be able to comment in here as easily as before.

I would have preferred to set up a website using a “universal” disscussion tool (e.g. Disqus), but I have no clue about these things and didn’t have the time to learn it within 2 weeks (because I wanted to continue with my former bi-weekly publishing schedule since in my experience, if I don’t post regularly I forget to do it altogether).

So here I am. Thank you for visiting and reading, commenting and sharing.