MacGyver Reboot Update #90

Filming for Season 4 continues. Meanwhile, CBS is promoting the upcoming Fall shows with Press Releases and Official Stills.

BtS photo of Episode 4×05 (via Lucas Till)

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You might get spoilered about characters and storylines in Season 4 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided! For daily news and to join the discussion and/or speculate away, you can head over to the MacGyverOnline Forums.)


Season 4 Overview
Only 4 weeks until the premiere of the CBS Fall Shows. They’re all getting the promo treatment now; with Press Releases and Official Stills and a release of the last season on DVD. Sadly, there’s still no release date for MacGyver; neither for the new season nor for the last season on DVD.

Before we delve further into the shooting days during the last two weeks, here’s an overview of the upcoming episodes so far. As you can see, they’re still rather reluctant to reveal information.

  • 4×01: (title tba)
    Directed by Alexandra La Roche
    Guest Appearances by Camille Mana (as Hannah), Braxton Alexander (as General Acosta’s Grandson) and  Emmanuelle Vaugier (as Major Frost).
  • 4×02: Fire + Ashes + Legacy = Phoenix
    Written by Terry Matalas
    Directed by David Straiton
    Guest Appearance by Michael Wayne Foster (as “The Russian Bear”).
  • 4×03: (title tba)
    Directed by Lily Mariye
    Guest Appearences by Christopher Convery and Joe Williamson (as son and father) and by Colbert Minga (as Otto).
  • 4×04: (title tba)
    Directed by Eagle Egilsson
  • 4×05: (title tba)
    Directed by Duane Clark
    Guest Appearance by James Callis.

To recap my last blog post about the ongoing production: Filming for Episode 4×03 had started around July 31. The cast filmed most of the episode at Fulton County Airport.

BtS photo of Season 4 (via Justin Hires)

Working on Episode 4×04
Episode 4×04 is presumably set in Germany. Filming had started around August 8; with the cast hiking up to Stone Mountain and filming additional scenes “underground” and in Downtown Atlanta. Cast and crew suffered through the infamous HOTlanta weather with temperatures reaching up to 40°C. Lucas Till was lucky this year to not having to work on his birthday, but the production still offered him a pre-birthday cake.

The cast filmed War Room scenes for several days and kept a bit more quiet than before. For one, Levy Tran stated in her Instagram bio that she’s taking a break from social media (which she finished after almost a month on August 24). Nevertheless, they still had some fun. They also wrapped earlier on several occasions than we’re used to; e.g. already at lunchtime on August 20.

BtS photo of Episode 4×05 (via Levy Tran)

Working on Episode 4×05
Filming for Episode 4×05 had started around August 21. It’s directed by Duane Clark (who already directed Episodes 2×03 and 3×02). The cast filmed a day in the War Room before they continued with a Casino sequence on August 23. Lucas Till got dressed up as “James Blonde” again; sporting a rope and a wedding ring. Cornell Willis had dressed up as well, sporting a bow tie instead of a normal tie on Tie Friday. Levy Tran and Henry Ian Cusick posed for a photo in their Casino guest attire; indicating that they might pose as a couple undercover. Both Meredith Eaton and Justin Hires each uploaded a nice Team Phoenix photo.

On August 26, filming continued in Boulevard Crossing Park standing in for a soccer field. Instagram stories indicated that one of the female soccer teams plays for Milano. The next days, filming moved to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground and to Turner Field.

BtS photo of Episode 4×04 (via Cornell Willis)

Lucas filmed a scene in front of several green screens with what looks like a self-made glider. They had a lot of extras on set; at least two teams of female soccer players in blue and yellow shirts, reporters, soccer fans and a VIP area with the soccer trophy.

Last week, Justin Hires had uploaded a photo of a Team Phoenix member holding up a soccer ball to Bozer. Maybe there’s a camera hidden inside? Justin has been on set wearing sportsy and elegant clothes while Levy Tran has been spotted wearing a Milano soccer uniform. It’s very likely that Desi and Riley might go undercover; infiltrating the female soccer teams?

Season 4 BtS Instagram Live Story Screenshot Compilation: Day 37 (via Lucas Till)

Technical Consultant Rhett Allain added a blog post for the MacHacks for Episode 2×23 (MacGyver + MacGyver); finishing up his notes for Season 2. He already stated that he will do posts for the upcoming season as well.

Other Cast, Crew and Character News
Levy Tran has been added to the MacGyver bio page for the regular cast members on CBS Press Express. For her profile photo, they cropped an Official Still from her first episode (3×15: K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit).

The cast lists on IMDb for the single episodes are still rather empty. As Co-Executive Producer Terry Matalas had revealed on August 22 (in a tweet he later deleted again), we will get guest appareances by Amanda Schull and James Callis, who both had worked on Matalas’ show 12 Monkeys. Interestingly, we might get to see another flashback episode since there is an actor listed in the role of “Little Mac” for Episode 4×03. As Justin Hires revealed, we will also see Sparky again.

BtS photo of Season 4 (via Justin Hires)

Tate Donovan (who plays James MacGyver) still hasn’t been seen back on set so far which has been leading to speculations that Henry Ian Cusick or Matty will be the new Oversight or temporarily step in for James.

In the last two weeks, Central Casting Georgia has been looking for Formal Casino People and for Poker, Black Jack or Roulette Dealers, for Real Referees and a Real Female Soccer Player, a Soccer Coach, for Stadium Patrons, for Soccer Fans, for Bodyguards, Phoenix Security, Police, a Waitress, for a a Female DJ and for Photographers. Additionally, they also needed Dignitaries, Rich Donors (with Upscale Cars), Catering and Medical Staff plus Photographers in a VIP Area. They also had Casting Calls for Lab Techs, for Photo Doubles (e.g. for Fernando Chien) and for Stand-Ins (e.g. for Levy Tran).

BtS photo of Episode 4×05 (via Levy Tran)

MacGyver in Germany and Austria
The show does still pretty good in Germany, despite not getting much promo.

Episode 3×09 (Specimen 234 + PAPR+ Outbreak) on August 20 had an audience of 1.4 million live-viewers with a demo of 7.4 in the target audience of 14-49-year-olds. Episode 3×10 (Matty + Ethan + Fidelity) managed 1.57 million live-viewers and a demo of 8.5; reaching the second-highest audience number in total and the highest audience number in the target group this season. The episode was followed by an hour of Celebrity Big Brother, then reruns of Episodes 1×19 (Compass) and 1×21 (Cigar Cutter).

The ratings for the next week weren’t as good: Episode 3×11 (Mac + Fallout + Jack) on August 27 had 1.37 million live-viewers with a demo of 7.6 in the target audience of 14-49-year-olds. An hour later, Episode 3×12 (Fence + Suitcase + Americium-241) got 1.4 million live-viewers and a demo of 7.3. The episode was followed by a new episode of Hawaii Five-0.

BtS photo of Season 4 (via Meredith Eaton)

The upcoming German Episode Titles:

  • 3×13: Überleben in der Wildnis (literal translation: Surviving in the Wilderness; original title: Wilderness + Training + Survival)
  • 3×14: Die Hochzeitsfeier (The Wedding Party, Father + Bride + Betrayal)
  • 3×15: Cody gegen die Schmuggler (Cody against the Smugglers, K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit)
  • 3×16: Systemausfall (System Failure, Lidar + Rogues + Duty)
  • 3×17: Tod im Tresor (Death in the Safe, Seeds + Permafrost + Feather)
  • 3×18: Der Psychopath und sein Lehrer (The Psychopath and his Teacher, Murdoc + Helman + Hit)
  • 3×19: Grenzerfahrungen (Borderline Experiences, Friends + Enemies + Border)
  • 3×20: Die No-Go-Challenge (The No-Go-Challenge, No-go + High-voltage + Rescue)
  • 3×21: Hochverrat (High Treason, Treason + Heartbreak + Gum)
  • 3×22: Auge um Auge (Eye for an Eye, Mason + Cable + Choices)

Austrian Channel ORF1 will air Season 2 for the first time starting tomorrow, August 31. They will air two episodes on Saturdays; starting around 4pm. Since the show is rated FSK16 (16 years and older) in German-speaking countries, it’s possible they will have to cut out certain scenes like they did for Season 1 back in 2017. There’s no information yet if they will continue with airing Season 3 as well.

BtS photo of Episode 4×05 (via Steven Serna)

Also, channel Rai4 will air Season 3 in Italy, starting September 19. This is a bit of a step down to a lesser known channel since the previous seasons had aired on Rai2.

Award Shows and other MacGyver Promo
ICYMI: The Reboot won a Teen Choice Award in the category Teen Choice Action TV Show. Sadly, the cast hadn’t been invited to the event; missing the opportunity for a blue carpet appearance and promotion. Nominations for the People’s Choice Awards ended on August 16. The official voting window will open on September 4.

There’s no news yet about the DVD release of Season 3, but the release date for “The Official MacGyver Survival Manual: 155 Ways to Save the Day” is still September 17. So even if we don’t get new episodes next month, the fans still get a new goodie that even fans of the Original Show can enjoy.

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