MacGyver Reboot Update #81

We still have 3 more episodes to enjoy on TV for this season. Interestingly, the order of the last two episodes has been switched.

Episode 3×20: No Go + High Voltage + Rescue (Official Still via CBS)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about characters and storylines in Season 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


About Episode 3×19
CBS didn’t bother with additional promo to the 10-second-teaser until Friday. To make up for it, they posted two Sneak Peeks and a few BtS photos. Noor Anna Maher posted many BtS photos the days after; e.g. with Lucas Till, with Levy Tran, with the director or with the stunt coordinators. Director Andi Armaganian uploaded a BtS photo with Lucas.

Episode 3×19: Friends + Enemies + Border (via Andi Armaganian)

Let’s take a look at the recent ratings. To recap: Episode 3×18 had an audience of 5.570 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.6; marking it as the episode with the lowest ratings of Season 3 so far. In the +7 Days Ratings, it added 1.736 million viewers (+31%), reaching a total of 7.309 million viewers with a demo of 0.96 (+63%).

Episode 3×19 caught the attention of 6.075 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.7. All three CBS shows had a demo of 0.7, winning both the demo and the audience numbers timeslot for Friday. In the +7 Ratings, the episode added 1.444 million viewers (+24%), reaching a total of 7.523 million viewers with a demo of 1.02 (+45%)

On April 15, Technical Consultant Rhett Allain uploaded his usual blog post with science notes about the MacHacks in this episode.

Episode 3×19: Friends + Enemies + Border (via Noor Anna Maher)

About the Season 3 Ratings
At the moment, the MacGyver Reboot has an average of 6.207 millions live-viewers per episode with a demo-rating of 0.71. Compared to the 25 scripted shows on CBS at the moment, the Reboot is at rank 22 in demo and at rank 13 in audience numbers. Comparing to last season, Season 3 lost about 14% in demo and roughly 10% in live audience numbers.

As every week, let’s take a look at some other CBS crime-action shows with similar audience numbers. Magnum PI closed their first season at 5.992 million live-viewers per episode with a 0.89 demo-rating.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Meredith Eaton)

SEAL Team is at 5.134 million live-viewers and a demo of 0.78 on average. Compared to last year, they lost about 23% in both demo ratings and audience numbers. SWAT is at 5.324 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.79. It lost about 16% in demo ratings and about 10% in audience numbers compared to last year.

There still hasn’t been any official news yet about MacGyver, SEAL Team or SWAT being renewed, leading to the fans asking the CBS studios and producers daily about any renewal news.

Episode 3×20: No Go + High Voltage + Rescue (Official Still via Justin Hires)

All you need to know about Episode 3×20
Episode 3×20 is titled “No Go + High Voltage + Rescue”, written by Rob Pearlstein and Andrew Karlsruher, directed by Eagle Egilsson. The Press Release was posted on April 8 with more Official Stills added on April 15. Here’s the synopsis:

When two American tourists go missing while doing a “No-Go Scavenger Hunt” through some of the world’s most dangerous countries, the Phoenix team goes undercover as backpackers to find them and bring them home alive.

Again, the teaser is only 10 seconds long. Sadly, SpoilerTV never bothered to upload the Official Stills. Thankfully, Showbizjunkie posted 4 of the additional Stills on their website – not in the usual HD quality, but without any watermarks.

Episode 3×20: No Go + High Voltage + Rescue (Official Still via CBS)

As always, MacGyver fans had to wait longer for their Sneak Peeks than fans of Hawaii Five-0 or Blue Bloods. To make up for it, CBS released 4 Sneak Peeks yesterday. For once, they didn’t spoil too much of the storyline.

Season 3 Overview: Episodes 3×21 and 3×22
Including today, we have 3 more episodes to enjoy before the Season 3 finale on May 10. Let’s do a short recap of all the information for the two last episodes:

  • 3×21 (filmed as 3×22): Treason + Heartbreak + Gum (May 3)
    Written by Nancy Kiu and Lindsey Allen, directed by Stephen Herek. Guest appearances by Lance Gross and Brendan Hines.
  • 3×22 (filmed as 3×21): Mason + Cable + Choices (May 10)
    Written by Jim Adler, directed by Maja Vrvilo. Guest appearances by Peter Weller and Emerson Brooks.

The Press Release and a first Official Still for each episode was posted on April 18. As you can see, they switched the episodes around. Either, they adjusted to the availability of some of the guest stars, or they decided that Episode 21 would make a better Season Finale.

Episode 3×21: Treason + Heartbreak + Gum (Official Still via CBS)

That’s a Wrap… or not.
Post-production continued in the last few weeks. They filmed some inserts and additional footage; followed by editing and doing ADR (e.g. for Tristin Mays and Lance Gross). Justin Hires finished his ADR for the last episode on April 24.

The Wrap Party for the Atlanta Crew was celebrated on March 24. Apparently, the LA Wrap Party was held last Saturday, together with Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI. Sadly, none of the regular cast of MacGyver attended the event. Both David Dastmalchian and Michael Des Barres posted a photo of themselves with Henry Winkler. Peter Lenkov posted a handful of Instagram Stories with David, Michael, Levy Tran and the MacGyver Cake.

Every now and then, the cast posts a few new photos of upcoming episodes; e.g. Meredith Eaton (with Tate Donovan).

Episode 3×22: Mason + Cable + Choices (Official Still via CBS)

Other Cast and Character News
As Lucas Till revealed in a radio interview with the Canadian Todd Shapiro Show a while back, Peter Weller will have a guest spot in an upcoming episode. On April 16, TV Line posted an exclusive article about Peter Weller playing MacGyver’s “evil twin” in the season finale. His character will be a villain named Mason. As Executive Producer Peter Lenkov told TV Line:

Ultimately, all roads are going to lead to Peter Weller being this Big Bad who — and I think it was [series lead] Lucas [Till] who came up with this — is basically a bad MacGyver. He’s someone who has the same head as MacGyver, the same skills, but he uses it for nefarious purposes.

ICYMI: Lucas Till recently started filming a new movie in Montgomery, Alabama. A few BtS photos have been posted by the official Instagram account or by cast and crew members.

Brian Dennehy and Lucas Till on set of Son of the South (via Son of the South Movie)


Back in March, Lucas had attended the Paley Fest LA alongside Peter Lenkov and the two lead actors of Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI. In the newest issue of TV Guide, you can find an interview with the three leads; talking about their characters and the shows.

MacGyver in France
The ratings are more or less stable now. Episodes 3×05 and 3×06 on March 30 got 1.62 million and 1.34 million viewers. Episodes 3×07 and 3×08 a week later had 1.69 and 1.54 million viewers. Episodes 3×09 and 3×10 on April 13 made 1.59 and 1.53 million viewers; followed by Episodes 3×11 and 3×12 on April 20 with 1.65 and 1.61 million viewers.

MacGyver Manual
The MacGyver Manual/Handbook, the book project that has been in the works for the last couple of years, has now added new photos to the release date of September 17, 2019.

MacGyver Manual title page (via Amazon)

The updated version still has 208 pages, but appears to focus on the reboot series now, with “shout outs” to the original. It’s written by Tech Consultant Rhett Allain and contains high quality illustrations and images along with the explanations of the science behind the MacGyverisms.

One thought on “MacGyver Reboot Update #81

  1. Hi,
    I just feel like talking about the soul, I hope that’s fine. Well, I do not want to panic, but I’m starting to get scared that there will not be another season of MacGyver that would be completely stupid, because the last episodes were unbelievable. At least I think so. I hope to read every day that the series is renewed, but my hope is slowly dwindling. It would be a pity about this great series. That’s it again.
    Güßle von Ute aus Konstanz am Bodensee 🙂


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