MacGyver Reboot Update #116

After the bombshell news of Peter Lenkov being fired and Lucas Till speaking up about a work environment of abuse, everything quieted down again. Cast and Crew are waiting for the green light to start filming for Season 5.

Roadtrip Day 23 (via Mike Milligan)

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You might get spoilered about Season 5 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided. For daily news and to join the discussion and/or speculate away, you can find me on Twitter and head over to the MacGyverOnline Forums.)


A new Showrunner for Season 5 (encore)
The MacGyverWriters have been back in the (virtual) office since June 12. They are a lot more active on Twitter than in recent years – maybe also to gloss over the upsetting reports surrounding the show in recent weeks.

ICYMI: (Former) Showrunner Peter Lenkov was fired by CBS; dismissed despite having a year left on his overall deal. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the news; stating that the dismissal happened after an investigation into multiple claims that Lenkov created a toxic work environment. On July 20, an article by Vanity Fair revealed how toxic this work environement really was and how appalling and abusive Lenkov’s behavior towards cast and crew.

Roadtrip Day 18 (via Mike Milligan)

According to Vanity Fair, Lucas Till had already complained about Lenkov’s behavior to HR in 2017 with no results. After another complaint in May this year, CBS finally decided to look into it. Sources told writer Maureen Ryan that Lucas paved the way to finally put an end to Lenkov’s tyranny. It’s rare for people to speak up on record and even more rare for the lead of an ongoing show to do so. Lucas put his career on the line to stand up for what is right, and it’s probably due to his name attached that this article has been making waves for several days on social media and news sites.

What’s going to happen now?
During the investigation, CBS had already set the wheels in motion to remove Peter Lenkov as quickly as possibly if needed. The timing is interesting, since several former writers of Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver hinted at a revealing article being in the works just after the news broke that Lenkov had been fired. It’s very likely that this article and Lucas speaking up (instead of being an anonymous source) triggered the cascade of Lenkov being fired instead of being reprimanded.

New/Old Season 1 Costume Design Illustration (via Daniel Wheeler)

It’s not clear what incident led Lucas to reach out to HR again in May. But more people and companies have reached out to the author of the article willing to talk, so there might be some follow-up articles and reveals coming. And there might be more personnel changes for Season 5. According to Vanity Fair, Co-Executive Producer Jeffrey Downer is no longer with the show. Several crew members who had ties to Lenkov or spoke up about him; dismissing the claims as lies on social media, have been let go. It’s possible there might be “collateral damage” and an overhaul of entire crew departements (e.g. Jeff Downer’s daughter Sarah who has been working as a costumer on the show since 2017).

So far, every new Co-EP and Co-Showrunner brought in new people they’ve already worked with in the past. New Showrunner Monica Macer will probably also bring in new directors, producers and crew. Additionally, CBS has committed to bring more diversity to the network.

Official Still for “Son of the South” (via Clear Horizon Entertainment)

Both SWAT and Magnum PI are listed with production dates for August. On July 24, Henry Ian Cusick attended an online panel for “Comic Con at Home” (since San Diego Comic Con had to be cancelled); hosted by Entertainment Weekly under the title “Brave Warriors”. He mentioned that filming for MacGyver is planned to resume in August as well, but at the moment, it doesn’t seem very likely.

While MacGyver has the advantage of having a few finished “leftover” episodes from Season 4, they might have to retool the show again to adapt to the pandemic safety guidelines. The focus might be more on character development than on stunts or relationships. Therefore, the “break” between the already filmed Season 4 episodes and Season 5 might be still noticeable; especially with an additional showrunner change.

Pre-Roadtrip excursion in May (via Nick Till)

It will be interesting to see how they’ll manage the gap. They might just re-write the previously intended Season 4 finale and make the actors carry the same hairstyle to ease the shift between the seasons (which means both Lucas and Tristin would have to go back to their Season 4 looks). The easiest way would probably be another time-jump (which is not what I wish for). With Lenkov gone, they could try to reverse some of the storylines and bring old characters back, but that’s maybe too much of a hassle. Let’s wait and see, I guess.

Some fans are still worried that CBS might drop the leftover episodes, but if CBS intends to hold onto any kind of a limited Fall schedule, they don’t have much of a choice. Even with Lenkov’s name attached and Lenkov probably preparing for a lawsuit, the material already belongs to CBS.

Season 4 Rerun Ratings
To recap: The rerun of the Season 3 Finale Episode 3×22 (Mason + Cable + Choices) had 3.480 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.3. The rerun of Episode 4×02 (Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed) on July 17 brought 3.437 million live-viewers, also with a demo of 0.3.

BtS photo of Episode 4×02: Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed (via Lucas Till)

There’s no reruns listed until August 21. There might be some more schedule changes, but at the moment, it will be a rerun of Episode 4×05 (Soccer + Desi + Merchant + Titan).

What are Cast and Crew up to?
A few weeks ago, Levy Tran was looking at new apartments in Atlanta, so I guess she’s preparing to move back to the area as soon as they get notice on a filming start date. Lucas Till is still on his road trip across the country with brother Nick, roommate Mike, manager Tom and some friends they pick up along the way. Justin Hires has been working on some more music and just announced he’s starting a podcast.

MacGyver in Germany
To Recap: The Free-TV-Premiere of Season 4 in Germany (4×01: Fire + Ashes + Legacy = Phoenix) had 1.43 million live-viewers and a market-share of 5.2%. A week later, Episode 4×02 (Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed) managed 1.30 million live-viewers with a market-share of 4.9%.

Episode 4×03 (Kid + Plane + Cable + Truck) did very well with 1.53 million live-viewers and a market-share of 5.8%. It did better than Reef Break and even Hawaii Five-0 (which almost tanked with a new episode at 10pm, which is very unusual). The channel might tweak the schedule a bit, but MacGyver should be safe.

Episode 4×03: Kid + Plane + Cable + Truck (via SpoilerTV)

Contrary to the other seasons, they only air one episode instead of two; probably to stretch out the weeks with new episodes. The upcoming German Episode Titles:

  • 4×04: Wettlauf mit der Zeit (literal translation: Race against Time; Windmill + Acetone + Celluloid + Firing Pin)
  • 4×05: Der Kaufmann (The Merchant; Soccer + Desi + Merchant + Titan)
  • 4×06: Deal mit dem Teufel (Deal with the Devil; Right + Wrong + Both + Neither)
  • 4×07: Mörderisches Date (Murderous Date, Mac + Desi + Riley + Aubrey)
  • 4×08: tba (Father + Son + Father + Matriarch)

There’s also reruns of Seasons 2 and 3 on both Swiss and Austrian TV channels, so the reboot is apparently doing well enough to keep it on the evening and night schedule.

Levy Tran looking for a new place to stay (via Jeannie Morgan)

MacGyver around the World
The Season 3 DVD was released in several countries outside the US recently. The international versions contain a Gag Reel and Deleted Scenes. Season 4 had its premiere in the UK on July 26 (on Sky One).

MacGyver Reboot Update #115

No season without some plot twist news. For this year, it’s Showrunner Peter Lenkov being fired by CBS; effective immediately.

Roadtrip Day 12 (via Mike Milligan)

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You might get spoilered about Season 5 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided. For daily news and to join the discussion and/or speculate away, you can find me on Twitter and head over to the MacGyverOnline Forums.)


A new Showrunner for Season 5
The MacGyverWriters have been back in the (virtual) office since June 12. One person probably hasn’t been attending any meetings since last week: (Former) Showrunner Peter Lenkov was fired by CBS;  dismissed despite having a year left on his overall deal with CBS TV Studios.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the news; stating that the dismissal happened after an investigation into multiple claims that Lenkov created a toxic work environment. Sources say that Lenkov had been the subject of at least three complaints alleging that he was manipulative and abusive while working on both Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver.

As you can imagine, the extent of the allegiations plus CBS firing one of their biggest “moneymakers” made quite some noise online. A few former writers have already hinted about their past experiences, and it’s possible that former cast and crew members might come forward soon.

Roadtrip Day 13 (via Mike Milligan)

Back in May, I wrote about an Instagram post by the Rain Management Group (that was later edited). They announced that Jim Adler joined Season 5 as Co-Executive Producer while Monica Macer joined as Showrunner. They edited the post before I could take a screenshot; and I assumed they had meant Monica Macer will join as a Co-Showrunner. In a Skype interview with The Morning Show for Global News (Canada) on June 17, Lucas Till mentioned that the show just got Macer as a new showrunner. He explicitly said showrunner, which I again assumed was just a slip of the tongue (and he had meant to say Co-Showrunner).

Apparently, this has been in the works for a while now. During the investigation, CBS already set the wheels in motion to remove Peter Lenkov as quickly as possibly if needed. I always thought it was weird that Co-Showrunner Terry Matalas had so much input for Season 4, despite having a lot less experience and connections in the industry. For his overall deal, Lenkov was hired to develop new shows as well, but his latest project simply disappeared without staying in development. As you can imagine, this also sparked new speculations about the surprising cancellation of Hawaii Five-0.

New/Old BtS photo of “Son of the South” (via Joey Thurmond)

What’s going to happen now?
Jim Adler already was a Co-Executive Producer on Season 4. He recently indicated in a tweet that he was fired by Lenkov. Since he wrote Episode 4×16 (Jack + Kinematics + MgKNO3 + GTO), it must have happened during the ongoing season. I don’t know if he’s currently on the team or not (e.g. if he was “re-hired” for Season 5). Both H50 and MacGyver had sort of a revolving door for writers; and it seems a lot of them didn’t leave voluntarily. Since there’s never any official announcements, it’s hard to keep track and there might be more personnel changes coming. CBS has committed to bring more diversity to the network, and Monica Macer as new showrunner will sure adhere to that.

Since the “leftover” episodes from Season 4 were still written under Lenkov, the changes probably won’t be immediately noticed – but depending on how many episodes they will be able to film this year, we might get yet another soft reboot of the show; similar to Season 4.

ICYMI: The MacGyver Writers will share a teaser for Season 5 if they reach 8000 followers on Twitter; so you’ll know what to do if you don’t follow them yet.

Official Still for “Son of the South” (via Clear Horizon Entertainment)

There are a few CBS primetime shows listed with production dates for August (e.g. Magnum PI) and September (e.g. Clarice), but MacGyver is not part of it. Considering that Covid-19 cases are still rising in Georgia area and with California entering another soft lockdown, CBS might have to decide which shows will go forward and which won’t; maybe relocating some of them or push production to next year.

Tonight, there’s a rerun of Episode 4×02 (Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed). Next Friday, they’re bringing back “The Greatest At-Home Videos” in our favorite timeslot, so there’s no more reruns listed at the moment. There are many more Fridays until “Fall” Season, though – especially if none of the primetime shows can start filming anytime soon.

BtS photo of Episode 3×22: Mason + Cable + Choices (via CBS)

Season 3 Rerun Ratings
To recap: The rerun of Episode 3×20 (No Go + High Voltage + Rescue) on June 19 (at 9pm for once) got 3.140 million live-viewers; also with a demo of 0.3. The Saturday rerun of Episode 3×21 (Treason + Heartbreak + Gum) garnered 1.824 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.2.

Last week, the Rerun of the Season 3 Finale Episode 3×22 (Mason + Cable + Choices) had 3.480 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.3. Not too bad for a Friday rerun.

What are Cast and Crew up to?
Lucas Till is still on a road trip across the country with his brother Nick, roommate Mike and some friends. We got some Official Stills for his movie “Son of the South” a few weeks ago, but there’s no trailer yet. The release date was set for September 16 and last year, there had been talks about the movie having its premiere in Alabama before taking part in the festival circuits. It’s possible that the release date might be pushed to next year or that they decide for a premiere on a streaming network instead.

Cadillac Ranch (via Tristin Mays)

Tristin Mays also had a family outing (for the first time in months), posting a few photos of her visiting the Cadillac Ranch.

On July 24, Henry Ian Cusick will take part in an online panel discussion for “Comic Con at Home” (since the San Diego Comic Con had to be cancelled); hosted by Entertainment Weekly under the title “Brave Warriors”. He probably can’t talk much about Season 5 or the Lenkov situation, but maybe he can talk a bit about the unaired episodes they had initially filmed for Season 4.

MacGyver in Germany
The Free-TV-Premiere of Season 4 in Germany was on channel Sat.1 this Tuesday (8.15pm). Episode 4×01 (Fire + Ashes + Legacy = Phoenix) had 1.43 million live-viewers and a market-share of 5.2%. That’s a bigger audience than for the German Season 3 Premiere and a bigger audience and market share for the demo group (14-49 years). It also did better than a new episode of Hawaii Five-0 that aired two hours later.

Backcover Art Preview for the S3 German DVD (via Amazon)

Contrary to the other seasons, they only air one episode instead of two; probably to stretch out the weeks with new episodes. The upcoming German Episode Titles:

  • 4×02: Projekt Quirk (literal translation: Project Quirk; Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed)
  • 4×03: Steuerlos am Himmel (Rudderless in the Sky; Kid + Plane + Cable + Truck)
  • 4×04: Wettlauf mit der Zeit (Race against Time; Windmill + Acetone + Celluloid + Firing Pin)
  • 4×05: Der Kaufmann (The Merchant; Soccer + Desi + Merchant + Titan)

MacGyver around the World
The Season 3 DVD was released in several countries this week: Australia, New Zealand (July 15) and Germany, Austria, Switzerland (July 16). The international versions contain a Gag Reel and Deleted Scenes. Considering the Gag Reel isn’t even 2 minutes long, it’s even more outreageous they didn’t put it on the US version as well. Also, it’s completely devoid of any snippets with George Eads.

Japanese Season 3 DVD Cover (Part 2, via Anemo)

Here are the other upcoming DVD release dates:

  • August 26 (France)
  • September 2 (Japan, Part 1)
  • October 9 (Japan, Part 2)

Season 4 is supposed to air in the UK on July 26 (on Sky One). Let’s see if they keep the release date this time.

MacGyver Reboot Update #57

The Season 2 Finale has aired four weeks ago, so no new episodes at the moment. Fans don’t have to be sad, though: Filming for Season 3 should start next month in Atlanta.

George Eads and Lucas Till on set of Season 2 (via Jeff Wolfe)

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You might get spoilered about Season 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


What are Cast and Crew up to?
The Season 2 Finale aired on May 4. Some of the cast and crew enjoyed some downtime while others already started working on new (and old) projects.

Reboot-related, it’s gotten pretty quiet on social media. Every now and then, cast or crew upload a never-seen-before BtS photo (e.g. Jake Alvarez or Steve Serna), but it’s not always clear what episode it belongs to.

Lucas attending the 10-year-anniversary-screening for Dance of the Dead (via Briggon Snow)

Lucas Till has been spending some time in LA since production wrapped. Besides live-tweeting from the Paramount studio lot when the Season Finale aired, he also celebrated Peter Lenkov’s birthday. On May 19, he attended the 10-year-anniversary-screening (including a Q&A) for Dance of the Dead, a zombie comedy filmed when he was 16. On May 23, Lucas and his manager Tom attended one of Justin Hires’ stand-up-comedy-shows. Judging by the videos, they all had a good time.

Justin did a handful of comedy shows in different cities during the last few weeks. We haven’t heard any news about the movie project he is attached to. It’s possible the movie got delayed and might not go into production this year.

Justin in NYC, enjoying some free time before the next comedy show (via Justin Hires)

George Eads enjoyed some holidays on the Bahamas and keeps making the most of his time to spend with his family, the dogs or his two wheels.

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov’s long-time dream project Magnum has been ordered to series by CBS; meaning that at the moment, he’s the showrunner for three shows (MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum) while co-producing another show (Salvation). He already had meetings with the writer’s team for Magnum; securing the first scripts.

Season 2 Ratings (encore)
As expected, there has been a slow, but steady loss of audience numbers nearing Summer. The Season Finale (2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver) reached 6.10 million live viewers and an all-time-low rating of 0.6 in demo. If you felt that my comments on the ratings in my latest blog update post (e.g. regarding risk of cancellation or budget cuts) were too negative, be aware that the other CBS shows have been suffering losses in ratings as well – even more this year since due to the Olympics, most Season Finale Episodes aired 2 to 4 weeks later than they usually do.

Lucas attending the 10-year-anniversary-screening for Dance of the Dead (via Gregg Bishop)

Looking at the Season Finale of Hawaii Five-0 on May 18, the show garnered an all-time-low of 6.62 million viewers and a 0.7 in demo when it aired between Celebrity Undercover Boss and a re-run of Blue Bloods. The ratings for the Season Finales might not be that important as how the shows did overall this season.

Due to Celebrity Undercover Boss, there are no Reboot re-runs at the moment – contrary to H50 or Blue Bloods. Last year, there had been MacGyver re-runs through all of June and the first half of July. Celebrity Undercover Boss is scheduled for Fridays 8pm until at least July 13, so we can only hope there will be some re-runs after that date to keep people interested in the show.

Season 3 News
Sadly, we didn’t get any additional promo by Lucas or Lenkov for the Season Finale. A year ago, Lucas attended the Corus Upfronts in Toronto and the Monte Carlo Television Festival during hiatus. It’s not clear yet if he will do some more promo this Summer as well before they start filming for Season 3.

Blast from the (not so distant) Past: Lucas Till attending the Photocall at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, June 2017 (via Ansa)

There’s a good chance there will be a Magnum Panel at Comic Con San Diego next month. If Lenkov attends, there’s a possibility of some interviews and him talking about MacGyver as well. It would be nice to hear something about Season 3 and what’s in store for us.

The Reboot has been renewed for a 3rd Season and will air in its old timeslot (Friday, 8pm), starting this Fall. The Premiere Date still hasn’t been set yet, but it’s probably either September 21 or September 28. Unless we hear otherwise, I’m assuming it will be a direct Full Season Order of 22 episodes.

Blast from the (not so distant) Past: Lucas Till attending the Corus Upfront Press Event (via Corus Entertainment)

Both Showrunner Peter Lenkov and Co-Showrunner Craig O’Neill signed on for a new overall deal for CBS TV Studios. Lenkov will continue as Executive Producer on his four drama series (MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0, Magnum PI and Salvation). Additionally, he is ramping up his production company (101st Street Entertainment), to develop new projects. O’Neill also will continue as Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner on the Reboot, in addition to developing new series for broadcast, cable and streaming services.

Otherwise, there’s no mentionable news that I know of. No Casting Calls have been made yet. Last year, Justin Hires revealed the title of Episode 2×01 (DIY or DIE) around June 5 by posting a picture of the script title page on Instagram. If we’re lucky, someone will let us in on the secret for 3×01 soon.

MacGyver Reboot House location

I doubt it will matter much for filming, but: In case you have some spare money around, you can buy rebooted MacGyver’s house that they used to film some outside scenes; e.g. of them playing basketball in the S1 Pilot Episode. (As far as I know, they never filmed any scenes inside since the interior they used for filming is a stage set.)

The Vault: New/Old interview with Lucas Till
There were times when the promo load was so intense that I couldn’t cover it all in my blog posts. Here’s an excerpt of a Yahoo! interview done back in April 2017 for the Season 1 Finale.

Sometimes, all the experience in the world can’t help you and you just have to tough it out. “The Colton episode [episode 16, “Hook”], we start off in quicksand. That was weird. It was a cauldron of goo,” Till recalls, “We had to move it to another day because the goo was 215 degrees in some parts and 60 degrees in other parts. It had to be stirred like a witches cauldron. We got into it in wetsuits. And the compression… let’s just say your extremities can get a little bunched up. The pressure was insane!”

They couldn’t move until all the shots were done, so sweat began burning his eyes. “I started swatting at it, trying to get away. They actually inserted a fly, digitally,” to explain his odd behavior. Finally, they finished and he went back to his trailer to shower, only to find that a leak had sprung in the water heater, so the refreshing shower smelled like sulfur. Till doesn’t mind, though. “That pain, that weirdness, is where the fun and the better moments come from.”

I really want to see some BtS material of these two guys in a “cauldron”.

Screenshot of Episode 1×16: Hook

MacGyver in Germany
German FreeTV channel Sat.1 will start airing Season 2 on July 9. It’s not clear yet if they’ll also air the skipped Episode 1×19 (Compass) as promised. Like for Season 1 in June last year, they will air 2 episodes every Monday at prime time, starting 8.15pm – followed by the premiere of SEAL Team, another CBS show.

Looking Back at Season 1 (VII) – The Promo (Part 4: The Teaser Promo)

The first Teaser Promo was released before they had even started filming the rebooted Pilot Episode. On June 21, Lucas Till revealed the Premiere Date (September 23rd) to us in form of a teaser video clip; the premiere date formed by tools.

The Teaser still used the old logo of the Unaired Pilot (with the SAK forming the “V”). Additionally, we got to see Lucas Till’s new haircut for the first time.

For July, they used some more teaser clips (deleted by now) with scenes of the first trailer for the Pilot Episode. Otherwise, for the initial Reboot Promo it was all about the tools. If you remember, they had handed out an updated version of the Original MacGyver Paperclip Tool at ComicCon San Diego. They used the original tagline “The only tool you’ll ever need” as well.

ComicCon San Diego 2016 Swag (via Amy Rushia on Instagram)

On August 16, CBS released two new Teaser Clips. The first shows MacGyver teetering on two chair-legs at the edge of a skyscraper, certainly in danger of falling. But we didn’t need to worry, because “he’s got this”.

The second one shows MacGyver tied to a chair, freeing himself with a paperclip.

While I’m not so fond of the first clip, I’m still laughing about the second. No, it’s not really in line of Original MacGyver, but it was quite a clever way to catch the attention of a new potential audience. Also, the clips are a bit of an homage to the cheesy 80’s TV shows ads.

The Teaser Promo got some negative comments by fans of the Original Show; most of them stating that rebooted MacGyver seemed too cocky. This was actually my first impression as well – but I liked the fact that it was MacGyver only and not “Team Phoenix” yet.

However, I believe this is one of the reasons why so many fans of the original show were disappointed by the Pilot Episode. We already learnt in interviews during the promo tour that rebooted MacGyver isn’t a lone wolf anymore, but the Teaser Promo and the Press Tour Events (attended by George Eads as the only cast member besides Lucas Till) made it seem that the Reboot is more of a “buddy show” and that the team wouldn’t be as prominent as it turned out to be.

Also, the paperclip as a tool seemed to be a much bigger thing in the beginning than at the end of the season. There’s a pretty funny BtS picture that Lucas Till posted on Instagram last September.

BtS picture of the Teaser Promo (via Lucas Till)

It will be interesting to see if they’ll use the paperclip also as one of the important tools in Season 2. Executive Producer Peter Lenkov already promised they will keep the paperclip art (although they tended to forget it over the first season).

A slightly different version of the paperclip teaser was used for the German Promo. Additionally, they made very short teaser clips for Facebook, adressing how MacGyver uses tools differently than other people do (e.g. using a paperclip as a key or a shoelace as a bungee rope).

I don’t know about any other International Teaser Videos. Most European countries made their own trailers with scenes from the Pilot Episode. You can watch the Italian version (on Channel Rai2) here.

The subject of the Teaser Promo was also used for International Promo on social media (e.g. Germany, Turkey, South Africa). The Facebook and Twitter Header shows MacGyver teetering on the edge again (although he’s wearing different clothes this time).

International Promo (Facebook / Twitter Header)

The Poster shows MacGyver hanging upside down, using the tagline “No agent has done more with less”. This tagline was also used in some of the US video teaser previews.

International Promo (Poster)

I’m not sure if we’ll get another Teaser Promo for Season 2. It would be fun, though.

MacGyver Reboot Update #34

Filming has started on Season 2. In other news, the show has been nominated for an Emmy!

BtS of Episode 2×02: Roulette Wheel (via Peter Lenkov)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about Season 2 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


Emmy Nomination for Season 1
An Emmy Award (or simply Emmy) is an American award that recognizes excellence in the television industry, and corresponds to the Academy Award aka Oscar (for film), the Tony Award (for theatre), and the Grammy Award (for music).

Back in June, Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe had posted a compilation of the stunts in Season 1 as an Emmy Reel onto his Facebook page. A few weeks later, it was confirmed that CBS had handed in the Reboot for consideration. To be honest: Because there were 179 other TV shows in competition as well, I didn’t get my hopes up.

Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Stunt Coordination (via Craig O’Neill)

But as it turned out, the show has indeed been nominated for an Emmy – in the category “Outstanding Stunt Coordination”. The ceremony will be held on September 17. Let’s hope for a win!

Fun Fact: While the original show has been sadly overlooked for awards in general, it did get nominated for four Emmy’s over the years – for Episodes 2×20: Friends (Outstanding Makeup for a Series), 4×14: Gold Rush and 5×18: The Lost Amadeus (Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series) and for Episode 7×07: Good Knight MacGyver Part 1 (Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series).

Season 2 News
Filming for Season 2 started on Thursday, July 6. While we got some pictures and Instagram Live Stories by cast and crew, it’s not nearly as much as for Season 1. To be fair, we were spoilt last year when the pilot episode was being filmed; especially by Executive Producer Peter Lenkov.

Filming Episodes 2×01 and 2×02
Meredith Eaton joined the cast on July 7. She was “introduced” by Justin Hires in an Instagram video in which he revealed that unlike Meredith and Tristin Mays, he can’t stand coconut water. Justin posted a BtS picture on July 11, revealing that not everyone of the cast listens to the director when he’s giving directions. He also posted another video that day which showed him and Tristin strapped into chairs; joking that they had him sitting in a booster seat. Because people kept asking about Lucas’ whereabouts, Justin made sure to include the lead character in his next video.

George Eads suffering in HOTlanta (via Lucas Till)

Justin Hires had already mentioned Atlanta being “hot as hell” in one of his first videos when they had just started filming. Meredith Eaton posted a picture of herself with Cornell Willis on July 15, hinting at HOTlanta once again. Lucas Till revealed on July 20 how George Eads deals with the heat when they’re filming outside.

On July 16 and 17, Justin posted a picture of him with Tristin preparing their next scene and another one of him on the “War Room” set with Meredith and Lucas. They also shot some scenes at Gwinnett Airport. It’s the same location where they’ve already filmed scenes in Season 1 involving a jet. It’s possible that the scene Justin filmed with Tristin is taking place in a cockpit.

Besides human visitors (in the form of Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe’s kids), they had also visitors – or rather background actors – of the animal kind. Who doesn’t like baby goats?

BtS of Episode 2×01: DIY or DIE (via Justin Hires)

Filming the Casino Episode
It looks like Episode 2×02 will be the Casino Episode we have been promised. According to IMDb (which isn’t always accurate), the episode is titled “Roulette Wheel”. Although cast and crew had posted several pictures of the location (Hyatt Regency) from either outside or through a window, we never got to see the set itself.

We did get some BtS pictures that hinted at the Casino Episode being filmed – mainly because both Lucas as MacGyver and Justin as Bozer are wearing suits while Tristin – seen in another one of Justin’s BtS videos – has sleek hair (like she did in Episode 1×08: Corkscrew). She seems to be wearing a golden dress that matches the color of Bozer’s suit.

On July 19, Peter Lenkov posted a fun picture of “James Blonde” to let us guess what MacGyverism might be used in this episode.

Visitors on set (via Jeff Wolfe)

Cast, Crew and Character News
We got some exclusive spoilers about the storyline of Episode 2×01 (DIY or DIE) by Moviehole a while ago, yet we still don’t know who will play the new recurring characters Olivia Cage and intel extraction specialist Agent Carmen. What we do know is that Marco Sanchez plays the role of “Mr. Diaz”, the father of a Navy Seal (played by Ricky Russert). Young Diaz had been kidnapped by terrorists two years ago, so it’s safe to assume that “Team Phoenix” will stage a rescue mission in the season premiere.

Central Casting Georgia has been looking for many Extras again, e.g. for hispanic and caucasian looking photo doubles, “smart and sharp looking” Techs and Agents, models, kids between 8 and 12, Stand-Ins, Phoenix Agent Drivers in black suits, Mediterrian-looking Rebels and for Bazaar Patrons. The second casting call for Female Bazaar Patrons promises to be a fun scene, so that’s something to look forward to.

BtS of Episode 2×02: Roulette Wheel (via Justin Hires)

The most interesting casting calls were probably those for “tough looking” Eastern European Mafia Guards, for Upscale International Hotel Guests and for specific extras for the Casino Episode (Cocktail Waitresses, Bartenders, High Roller Card Players and Security Guards).

Fun Fact: It seems that at least one family member of Lucas Till is working on Season 2 while at least one friend of the Till family has been working on Season 1. Atlanta and Georgia are deemed as the “New Hollywood”; so it makes sense that some family members and friends of the Till family are involved in the movie business as well. Still, it would be interesting to know if it’s actually Lucas’ career that made them consider working in film even before the rise of “ATLwood”.

There is no rerun today since Big Brother is taking up your favorite Friday spot on CBS. Next week, you can catch a rerun of Episode 6 (Wrench). After another short break, there will be a rerun of Episode 10 (Pliers) on August 11.

The Friday reruns continue to earn good ratings, although the number of viewers is getting a bit lower every week and the show doesn’t always earn the top spot in its time slot anymore. The rerun of the Pilot Episode (The Rising) on July 7 had 4.05 million live viewers (with the usual 0.5 rating in the demo group of 14-49 years). Considering this was at least the 3rd airing of the Pilot since its premiere, that’s not bad. A week later, the rerun of Episode 1×02 (Metal Saw) managed to get 3.81 million live viewers (with 0.5 in demo).

Overall, the reruns have made an average of 4.25 million live viewers (with a rating of 0.6 in demo) per episode so far.

BtS of Episode 2×01: DIY or DIE (via Justin Hires)

MacGyver in Germany – Ratings
Two episodes of the Reboot air in Germany each Monday, 8.15 pm and 9.15 pm on channel Sat.1. Against predictions on social media and the constant negative reviews, the show continues to earn good ratings.

Episode 7 on July 10 earned 800’000 live viewers with a market share of 9% within demo (which is a market share of 6% in total viewers, meaning 1.71 million). The following episode fared better ratings with 870’000 live viewers (with a market share of 9.5% in demo). For comparison: The single episode of Hawaii Five-0 (that aired at 22.15 pm) had a market share of 7.5% (which is not as high as in earlier seasons).

On July 14, the reboot earned the second highest ratings since its German premiere – despite having a lot of competition in its time slot and many people catching up on Game of Thrones that evening. Episode 9 had 1.03 million live viewers with a market share of 12.4% in its demo group (which is a market share of 6.6% in total viewers, meaning 1.81 million). Episode 10 earned 1.02 million live viewers (with a market share of 11.5% in demo).

With these numbers, MacGyver made rank 3 and 4 in prime time – being beaten by a soccer game and episodes of The Big Bang Theory. It’s also possible the numbers influenced the ratings of Hawaii Five-0 which managed a market share of a surprising 9.2%.

Screenshot of the German Opening Title Sequence

MacGyver in Germany – Episode Titles
It’s a bit sad that Germany won’t air Episode 11 (Scissors) next week. It’s possible that they don’t believe in aring a Christmas Episode in summer time. The episode has been dubbed into German; being titled “Schnee in Kalifornien” (Snow in California). Weirdly, they also won’t air Episodes 16 (Hook) and 19 (Compass). Neglecting Episode 16 feels like a big faux-pas to me, considering the whole episode is an Easter Egg for fans of the original show.

We’ll see if they will air Episode 11 as a Christmas Special this year or if the German-speaking premiere will happen on DVD.

The upcoming German episode titles:
1×12 (Screwdriver): Chrysalis
1×13 (Large Blade): Camping in Kasachstan
1×14 (Fish Scaler): Auf der Flucht (On the Run)
1×15 (Magnifying Glass): Zodiac-Mörder (Zodiac Murderer)
1×17 (Ruler): Tickende Bombe (Ticking Bomb)
1×18 (Flashlight): Ärger im Paradies (Trouble in Paradise)
1×20 (Hole Puncher): Der Architekt (The Architect)
1×21 (Cigar Cutter): Der Fluch von Kairo (The Curse of Cairo)

BtS of Episode 2×01: DIY or DIE (via Justin Hires)

What are cast and crew up to?
While filming for Season 2 started on July 6 in Atlanta, Executive Producer Peter Lenkov was in Hawaii  to attend the annual celebration by cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 before starting Season 8. Lenkov was already back in Atlanta on July 9. He had an exciting week ahead with the premiere of his other show Salvation on July 12. He’s in San Diego right now and will probably attend the panel for Salvation at Comic Con on Saturday.

Lucas Till and George Eads have already another project lined up together: They will voice characters in a Michael-Jackson-themed Halloween-Special that will air on CBS.

On July 12, Holly Dowling had uploaded an audio-interview she had done with her brother David Dastmalchian (who plays our most favorite villain in the show). For 48 minutes, David talks about his struggle with mental health, addiction and self-medication in the past. It’s a great interview and thankfully, David is able to celebrate 15 years of sobriety this year. You can listen to it here via Soundcloud or subscribe to Holly’s podcast on iTunes.

MacGyver Reboot Update #4

Disclaimer: My original guest-post was first published on The MacGyver Project on July 24, 2016. I made some minor changes (e.g. grammar or source corrections, link corrections, additional pictures) before re-posting it on my own blog for safe-keeping.

The MacGyver Reboot has been filming the pilot episode for its second week – and stopped by for a visit at the ComicCon in San Diego!

via Instagram


(Spoiler Alert: To avoid spoilers, I won’t post any revealing pics, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get spoilered by reading my posts or clicking on the links provided!)


Aloha from Set
During the second week of shooting, Executive Producer Peter Lenkov and several crew members continued to grant us a look inside the production. On July 18, Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe posted a video of a stuntman climbing on a military truck driving along the highway with a helicopter following behind the truck. Pretty cool!

On the same day, Lenkov posted several pictures of George Eads in full military gear, looking like a sniper trying to take out the bad guys. Lenkov included a picture with “Aloha” written on the rifle; therefore sending a “little love letter” to his crew filming Hawaii Five-0. On the same day, he posted a short video of Lucas Till as MacGyver cutting some wires while wearing a protection suit. Looks like he just saved the day again by defusing another bomb!

Peter Lenkov introduced us to “Team MacGyver” by posting a picture with Lucas Till (MacGyver), George Eads (Jack Dalton), Sandrine Holt (Patricia Thornton) and Tristin Mays (Riley Davis). Composer Keith Power has started scoring – and apparently needs lots of coffee while doing it.

via Peter Lenkov


Tanks, Helicopters and Bikini Babes
On July 19, we got several pictures of a tank on set. A tank that soon got invaded by bikini-clad women in heels while carrying weapons. Hmm. SkyDroneCinema called it a “hot hot day on set” while Lenkov asks the same question that fans have been asking on the MacGyver Online Forums and on the MacGyver Online Facebook Page: “What does this have to do with #macgyver???”

Chris Payne Gilbert sure had fun with this scene, as did George’s StandIn Mikey Leo and model Teresita Vicente (although she later deleted her Instagram picture stating she had been shooting Ninjas all day with a machine gun while wearing a bathing suit). While some fans were as happy as Lucas and George snagging Ninja-Shooting Bikini Babe India Batson for a picture, others were either confused or disappointed; stating that “Baywatch With Tanks” wasn’t the image the show should be going for. I’m still guessing at what this scene should be. Opening Gambit? Weird Dream? Fantasy? Music Video for the Soundtrack? We’ll see in September.

On the same day, Lenkov posted pictures of a helicopter on set while SkyDroneCinema shared a video back from the Estate Party Night Shoot at the Swan House in which we get to know New MacGyver’s fighting style.

via Peter Lenkov


MacGyver at Comic Con: Multitool and fun ride
CBS had announced before that they would hand out a new version of the “MacGyver Multitool” and that fans would have the chance to take free rides in electric cars. Lucas and George got to enjoy a ride while doing interviews. It didn’t take long for visitors at Comic Con San Diego to share pictures of their paperclip, most of them complimenting the advertizing.

Interestingly, the MacGyver logo on the electric cars and on the shirts of the Multitool-Promo-Crew is different: The SAK is gone. In the meantime, it has also disappeared from the logos on the official social media accounts. Let’s hope it doesn’t get replaced by a paperclip somehow, because I really liked the old logo. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed about the change – partly because THIS is the only tool MacGyver really needs, but mostly because being from Switzerland, I was always very proud of a Swiss product so prominently featured in the most favorite TV show of my childhood. Thanks to MacGyver, until my former male classmates had to join the military service at the age of 18 I believed that the official SAK at that time was red (it was actually silver until 2008; now they’re handing out a very different model in green).


via CBS Watch! Magazine
MacGyver at Comic Con: Panel and Roundtable Interviews
Besides Lucas Till and George Eads, both Peter Lenkov and James Wan attended the panel and did several interview rounds.

Watching the 30-minutes-panel, the team seems to work very well together and the chemistry between Till and Eads is great (they already turned the people behind the Keysmash Blog Twitter Account into shippers). If you’re interested in the video, you can check it out here. (Sadly, the additional two short video clips they showed have not been made public yet.)

Especially Peter Lenkov and James Wan managed to ease a lot of the worries weighing on us fans. Wan acknowledged that MacGyver is “such a different hero from what we see on TV these days” and stated that they want to retain that spirit of a great role model blessed with intelligence and humanity.

Lenkov promised to include lots of Easter Eggs for fans of the old show. He revealed hoping to involve cast members of the original version and reaching out to Richard Dean Anderson. This admission led to dozens of online articles popping up even before the panel ended; e.g. by Variety, Deadline or the Hollywood Reporter. While it is still unclear what kind of role they would offer to him, an appearance of RDA sure would draw in many fans still wary of a reboot.

While the producers want to honor the legacy and won’t turn Angus MacGyver into some kind of Jason Bourne or James Bond, Lenkov also said that they will update some of the techniques, meaning different shooting styles and editing techniques. Additionally, MacGyver won’t be a “lone wolf” anymore but more of a team player (which has become a standard in almost every modern tv show, but I’m still not sure if this is always a good thing).

via Hollywood Reporter

In the Roundtable Interview posted by Seat42F, Lucas Till admitted having catched some reruns in his youth, but not being an avid fan back then. He’s currently on Season 2 for research purposes. George Eads stated feeling the pressure and the tiring shooting schedule, but also feeling very proud being part of this project. Seat42F shared another Roundtable Interview with Lenkov and Wan, where Lenkov confirmed that they would keep the Opening Gambits. Regarding the challenges about setting the reboot into 2016, Wan and Lenkov stated that while today’s world is very much digital and so many problems are solved with computers,MacGyver still thinks in analog ways. Wan always liked that MacGyver only turned to violence as a last resort; and while the show is set “in a modern world that is so violent“, he wants the hero to keep using his brain for creative problem solving.

In the press junket interview posted by sandwichjohnfilms, Lenkov promised that we will see why Lucas Till is the perfect MacGyver. Lenkov is aware that people are very sceptical of this reboot and wants to retain the soul of the old show while introducing it to a new audience. For Wan, it doesn’t matter what type of film he’s making (action, horror or comedy; low-budget or blockbuster), because for him it’s all about the characters and if the chemistry is right, then “the action and the set-pieces are just the cream on the cake that makes it all the more tastier“.

In a video interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lucas Till repeated his earlier statement in the panel that he would be okay wearing a mullet in the next season.

via CBS

The article by USA Today confirms that the show will keep the voice-overs. During a video interview with ET Online, Lucas had joked about his stunt guy sitting on the sidelines – and he already paid the price for it, as the article reveals: Till (…) has persuaded producers to let him perform a number of MacGyver’s tricky stunts. He sports a band-aid on his finger from a cut suffered grabbing the side of a serving tray at the end of a complicated kick-and-catch move. Let’s hope he realizes that having a stunt person is actually a good thing, no matter how much fun it is to do the stunts yourself – otherwise, RDA might explain (and show) it to him.

Cast and Crew News
During last week, Central Casting Georgia has made several casting calls; e.g. for Ninjas, Korean workers and soldiers, Caracas guards or Asian hackers. They’re also looking for old cars and mopeds and for a hand double – judging by the provided picture, probably for Lucas Till.

Singer George Lott announced on July 19 that he will have a featured cameo role in the show – maybe even for the episode called “Baywatch with Tanks”?

Peter Lenkov shared the information that it’s only 5 more days with James Wan until moving forward onto the next episode. So far, we don’t know yet its title or its director – but the casting calls indicate an Asian setting. Brian Durkin is back on the studio lot writing new episodes, so there will be more casting calls soon.

Back Home
Several times, Peter Lenkov had already posted pictures of the Griffith Observatory back in LA – MacGyver’s home in the original pilot. The speculations and hopes of many fans turned out to be true when Pilot Episode Director James Wan posted a picture on July 23 of the crew shooting at Griffith Park in front of the observatory. New MacGyver is definitely going back to his roots.

MacGyver Reboot Update #2

Disclaimer: My original guest-post was first published on The MacGyver Project  on July 8, 2016. I made some minor changes (e.g. grammar or source corrections, additional pictures) before re-posting it on my own blog for safe-keeping.

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov is a busy bee. He travelled to Hawaii for the new season of “Hawaii Five-0” (filming started on July 6th). On the 7th of July, he was back in Atlanta to start production on the MacGyver Reboot. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: It’s on! Also, MacGyver goes to Comic-Con this month!

Both Lucas Till and George Eads had arrived in Atlanta a few days beforehand. They visited a Target store twice (both times posing for fan photos) and celebrated the 4th of July with actor Michael Aaron Milligan on Lake Lanier (it is unclear for now if “Mike” will be part of the cast). George Eads got a “new” haircut at Supercuts. We can assume that his character of Jack Dalton will look the same as his character of Lincoln for the unaired pilot that shall not be named.

Production has started
Script Writer Brian Durkin shared a picture of a golf cart from set on Instagram; stating it was all “ready to go” on July 5. On the same day, location scout Gonzo Rey posted a few pictures while location scouting in Atlanta.

On the 8th of July, Peter Lenkov posted a picture of the first production meeting; featuring the script title page of the pilot episode called “The Rising”. The next day, he shared some pictures of the set. It seems like they’re building a house – a house with a structure that looks a bit like Mac’s houseboat.

On the same day, Justin Hires shared a picture of a table read, featuring again the title page of the (revised) script.

Cast and Crew News
On the 1st of July, Matt Clanton announced that he would advise and coordinate a tactical team of ATFF (Act Tactical For Film) folks in the reboot. Matt is a former police officer and teaches actors how to fight and use weapons like real fighters, officers or S.W.A.T. team members would; meaning we will get to see some heavy-packed action scenes. His Facebook comment “they are going for the same tone” made us fans of the original show very happy.

On the 5th of July, Central Casting sent out another casting call for extras; this time looking for a bald bodyguard for the pilot episode and Asian and Hispanic men and women for several upcoming roles in different episodes.

Justin Hires posted a picture of the “MacGyver Squad” on Instagram on July 7. Between Justin and Lucas is actress Tristin Mays (The Wedding Ringer). Has the show found its new leading lady?

On the 8th of July, Russell Snipes shared on his Facebook page that he’s been hired as Lucas Till’s standin. Justin Hires’s table read picture on Instagram lists David Slack (Person of Interest) as Co-Executive Producer.

MacGyver at Comic Con
On July 6, The Wrap revealed the tv show line up for the Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego: There will be a MacGyver panel with an exclusive sneak peek on July 21.

During the 4-day-Convention (July 21 to July 24), CBS will offer complimentary rides throughout the Gaslamp District in branded electric cars. One of the featured shows on these cars is MacGyver, and trailers of the series will be screened for the passengers in those cars as well. Brand ambassadors will distribute giveaways making their debut at Comic-Con, including the MacGyver “multi-tool”.

This “multi-tool” might refer to the new poster that was released. The picture itself is not new (it is currently used for the header of the official MacGyver on CBS Facebook page), but additionally shows a big red paperclip and the tagline “the only tool you’ll ever need”.

On social media, the poster was not well received. French media outlets mocked the cheap looking quality and the overwhelming size of the paperclip. Fans are concerned that people who don’t know MacGyver might be misled by the tagline (implying that MacGyver himself is a tool).

We have to remember though that this tagline is not new. Pictures of the original “MacGyver Multitool” are still making the rounds on the internet. This might be partially responsible why so many people think that paperclips were Mac’s favorite tools or that they were used very often in the show (which is not true).

The new multi-tool could be a nod to the original pilot episode, where MacGyver disarmed a missile with a paperclip. In fact, script writer Brian Durkin posted a picture of a paperclip on Twitter back in June with the statement “Endless possibilities”. The tweet was deleted only hours later, which made fans joke that he might have given too much insight of the script. Who knows: maybe he unintentionally let us know that the pilot episode of the reboot also will include a paperclip…

What us fans can be happy about for sure: In Ballroom 20, people will get to see a sneak peek (featuring a paperclip?) for Season 1, followed by a moderated panel discussion that Lucas Till, George Eads, Peter Lenkov and James Wan will attend. We can expect lots of pictures, video clips and interviews from this event. Yay!