MacGyver Reboot Update #119

Cast, crew and the fans are still waiting for the production to start filming for Season 5. Meanwhile, most other CBS crime and drama shows got the green light.

updated cast portraits on the offiical CBS website (August 2020)

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You might get spoilered about Season 5 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided. For daily news and to join the discussion and/or speculate away, you can find me on Twitter and head over to the MacGyverOnline Forums.)


All you need to know about Season 5
ICYMI: A few weeks ago, Deadline reported that Fall Season for scripted shows on CBS is aimed for November and later. Even though MacGyver has the advantage of having some “leftover” episodes from Season 4, CBS might still plan to premiere the entire Friday line-up together.

With the delay of Fall Season and not much footage being ready yet, CBS is not in any hurry to promote their upcoming shows. For MacGyver, they switched the IMDb title photo to the Season 4 poster (before, it had still been the Season 2 poster). They also added Levy Tran and Henry Ian Cusick to the cast list/portraits on the official website. Sadly, they didn’t bother to update the bios of the other regular cast members. Why waste those nice photoshoot portraits? They’re already using them on the press site…

BtS photo of Episode 4×09: Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis (via CBS)

Meanwhile, the writers keep teasing us without saying much. On Wednesday, they tweeted that one of the new episodes will center around one of the supporting leads. This isn’t very surprising; considering that we got several episodes centering around the supporting characters every season. For Season 4, we got to know more about Russ and Riley via flashbacks, so there’s a good chance it will be Desi this time (since despite being a regular for 22 episodes so far, she never got her own flashback storyline).

What’s going to happen now?
Several scripted CBS crime/drama shows have successfully started filming: SWAT, NCIS: LA (September 3) and NCIS (September 9).

Lucas Till in Son of the South (screenshot)

On August 28, Deadline reported that Magnum PI is set to start filming on September 14. The first casting call was posted on September 3; and there have been several new casting calls this week. Besides MacGyver and All Rise, most of the other crime/drama shows have already been greenlit for production: NCIS: New Orleans (September 21), Bull (September 25), Blood and Treasure (September), SEAL Team (September), Evil (September), FBI (October), Clarice (October), CSI: Vegas (October), FBI: Most Wanted (November) and Blue Bloods (tba).

Even if filming for Magnum and Blue Bloods works out with no filming hiatus in between, it would take them about two months to finish filming 5 or 6 episodes (not counting post-production) to get on par with MacGyver for a premiere. If all goes well, they can start airing mid-November as planned. If one of the shows is delayed, we might have to wait longer.

Screenshot of an Instagram Short Story for Season 4 (via Lucas Till)

Season 4 Rerun Ratings
To recap: The rerun of Episode 4×05 (Soccer + Desi + Merchant + Titan) on August 21 got 3.145 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.3. The rerun of Episode 4×06 (Right + Wrong + Both + Neither) on August 28 brought 2.84 million viewers; also with a demo of 0.3. The rerun of Episode 4×08 (Father + Son + Father + Matriarch) beat the rerun of Blue Bloods, reaching 2.764 million live-viewers with the usual demo of 0.3.

Tonight will be a rerun of Episode 4×09 (Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis). September 18 will have a rerun of Episode 4×10 (Tesla + Bell + Edison + Mac). Starting September 25, there will be at least 5 more episodes of “The Greatest AtHome Videos” in our favorite timeslot. It’s possible we’ll get more reruns afterwards; or at least a rerun of the Season 4 Finale before the new season starts.

Lucas Till in Son of the South (screenshot)

What are Cast and Crew up to?
On August 16, Tristin Mays had posted a short video of her working on a script while being supported by bird-in-law Pine. While we had hoped it was a first script for Season 5, it apparently wasn’t. On August 29, Tristin geo-tagged herself in Colorado; standing in snow while wearing a Christmas sweater. The assistant seen in the background indicates that she was filming on another project and the snow was probably fake. As for the location, it’s not clear if she really was in Colorado or just on a set dressed as Colorado.

On Wednesday, she posted an Insta story of her geared up covid-proof inside an airplane – not revealing if she was travelling home after filming on this secret project or travelling to Atlanta to start the mandatory quarantine and prepping for MacGyver.

Tristin Mays working on an unknown project

Justin Hires is working on his music and his soon-to-be-released podcast episodes while Levy Tran pretty much disappeared from social media.

ICYMI: Lucas Till’s movie Son of the South screened on August 26 at the American Black Film Festival. According to IMDb, the cinematic premiere is still set for September 16; despite no trailer being available yet. There’s also no information if Lucas and/or some of his co-stars will be involved in anything regarding the promotion.

MacGyver in Germany
To Recap: Episode 4×06 (Right + Wrong + Both + Neither) had 1.20 million live-viewers and a market-share of 4.3%. Episode 4×07 (Mac + Desi + Riley + Aubrey) made 1.16 million live-viewers with a market-share of 4.2%. Episode 4×08 (Father + Son + Father + Matriarch) didn’t do much better; reaching 1.17 million live-viewers and a market-share of 4.1%.

New Still of Lucas Till in “Son of the South” (via IMDb)

The Season 4 episodes are followed by an episode of Reef Break and Hawaii Five-0 each; with Reef Break getting the lowest ratings of all three shows and probably dragging the others down. Just yesterday, German channel Sat.1 announced that they will pull Reef Break off the schedule; doubling up MacGyver and finishing up the season two weeks earlier than initially intended.

The upcoming German Episode Titles:

  • 4×09: Kernschmelze (literal translation: Meltdown; Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis)
  • 4×10: Shiva (Shiva; Tesla + Bell + Edison + Mac)
  • 4×11: Der Gesang der Vögel (The Singing of the Birds; Psy-Op + Cell + Merchant + Birds)
  • 4×12: Staatsfeind (Enemy of the State; Loyalty + Family + Rogue + Hellfire)
  • 4×13: Apokalypse (Apocalypse; Save + The + Dam + World)

Other MacGyver News
On September 3, Prince of Cats Literary Productions announced that they will release the first of at least three MacGyver novels in October. The first book is titled “MacGyver: Meltdown”, written by Original MacGyver Creator Lee David Zlotoff and Eric Kelley. There’s no synopsis or cover page yet.

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