You can google it (Part 3): Cast and Characters

It’s been more than 18 months since I’ve started blogging about the MacGyver Reboot on this blog. Most people land here via Twitter or Tumblr, but some also by using search engines. The top 3 list of search terms is still pretty boring:

  1. dashboardonfire
  2. dashboard on fire
  3. dashboard on fire wordpress

Some search engines don’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons. Google, for example, has been encrypting the vast majority of search terms since 2013. So WordPress often can’t specify which search terms were used by visitors who arrived at this site from a search engine. That’s why the majority on my list – over 3800 by now – are unknown search terms.

Excerpt of the search engine statistics (retrieved November 21, 2018)

Still, there’s a couple of search terms I want to address in blog posts and maybe help the unknown searching beings to get answers for their questions. In this post, I’m going to look at some of the most used search terms since May 2018. At the moment, most of you are looking for and asking about “missing” cast members.

If you missed Part 1 (about cast, characters and locations search terms), you can find it here. If you missed Part 2 (regarding Isabel Lucas’ character of Olivia/Samantha Cage), you can find it here.

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about main characters and storylines in Seasons 2 and 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


Where’s George?
For Seasons 1 and 2, many of you commented with a “Where’s Lucas?” on the cast’s social media posts. Lately, it’s been all about “Where’s George?”, asking about the whereabouts of George Eads who plays Jack Dalton.

Well, George has been on set regularly. But he had a lighter filming schedule this season, not appearing at all in two episodes (3×04 and 3×08) so far. He also wasn’t as generous with posing for photos or videos anymore. The last time I’ve seen him on a BtS photo was on October 31, uploaded by Carlos Bernard (director of Episode 3×11: Mac + Fallout + Jack).

BtS photo of Episode 3×11: Mac + Fallout + Jack (via Carlos Bernard)

I assumed he had asked for a lighter schedule to spend more time with his family; similar to Scott Caan on Hawaii Five-0. But then, news about George Eads actually leaving the show for good hit on November 26. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce it. The quite unexpected and somewhat shocking news articles flooded Twitter and other social media for days; also making waves in Europe.

We don’t know yet for sure how or when the character of Jack Dalton will be written out. As ET Online stated on Monday, Eads was currently on set filming his last episode when news got out, which would have been either Episode 3×13 or 3×14. Deadline had more information: While Eads has been released from his series regular contract and his character Jack Dalton is being written out, I hear he is not being killed off, with the door left open for Eads to possibly return as a guest star.

BtS photo of Episode 3×14: Father + Bride + Betrayal (via Avi Youabian)

Of course, networks almost always say that about top-billing guest stars and fan favorites leaving and yet it rarely happens. Let’s hope for the best.

On Tuesday, Justin Hires revealed that George was part of the wedding location scenes they’ve been filming for Episode 3×14. According to Roberto Sanchez, it’s titled “Father + Bride + Betrayal”. Of course, we don’t know if they’ve also been filming some additional scenes (e.g. flashback scenes) for later episodes. Interestingly, neither Lucas Till nor his Stand-In Matthew Albright have been spotted for a week until Lucas popped up in Justin’s and director Avi Youabian’s BtS videos. It’s possible Lucas and George have been filming some scenes on their own that we’re not allowed to know about yet.

Similar search terms:
why george eads hasn’t been on macgyfer lately


did reign edwards leave macgyver
To recap: Reign Edwards plays Bozer’s girlfriend Leanna Martin. She joined back in S2 for a handful of episodes, leading to speculations that she would join Season 3 as a regular field agent; sort of a replacement for Isabel Lucas’ character Samantha Cage. She was listed as a recurring for the first three episodes of S3 – and then she suddenly disappeared. It was mentioned in Episode 3×04 that Leanna was unavailable while being on another mission. But apart from Bozer and his worries about their relationship in 3×05, she wasn’t seen nor mentioned again until she popped up in Episode 3×09 last week.

Screenshot of Episode 2×16: Hammock + Balcony (via CBS)

Reign was filming a pilot project for Amazon Studios in New Zealand. She came back to set in October and should also appear at least in Episodes 3×10 and 3×11. Since then, she hasn’t been seen on set again so at the moment, we don’t know if her character is leaving definitely or staying as recurring. If her pilot was picked up, she might be busy with an other series soon and being written out of the Reboot. If that happens, it would be probably due to Leanna and Bozer breaking up or her being assigned to another longterm mission.

Interestingly, Leanna was highlighted in Episode 3×01 as the field agent that can do anything (e.g. flying a helicopter) and has excellent fighting skills, similar to Samantha Cage. But besides last Friday’s episode (that depicted her as being a bit of a neat freak when it comes to refrigerators), there wasn’t much character development for her.

Episode 3×03: Bozer + Booze + Back to School (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

Similar search terms:
what happened to leanna martin on macgyver s3e3 spoiler 2
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will isabel lucas return to macgyver?
To recap: Isabel Lucas played Samantha Cage. She was a regular cast member in the first half of Season 2; appearing in 12 episodes.

In general, no cast member is 100% safe on a TV show – not even when their character’s name is the title of the show (see recently cancelled Roseanne and its Spin-Off The Conners). We don’t know if Samantha Cage had been meant to stay on for an entire season initially or not. The character wasn’t well received on social media; enhanced by some of the Jack Dalton fans that feared she had been brought in to replace George Eads.

Lucas Till and Isabel Lucas in Episode 2×03: Roulette Wheel + Wire (Screenshot)

Theoretically, it would be possible for Isabel Lucas to come to the show again since Cage went back to Australia to recover from a gunshot wound. In fact, it happens on Peter Lenkov’s other show Hawaii Five-0 quite often that characters show up again after a season or two. The chemistry between her and the cast seemed good, so I don’t think that would be a problem. Since her character hasn’t been mentioned in Season 3 so far at all, it didn’t seem very likely to happen – but that could change now with George Eads being gone soon.

In my opinion, the storyline of Cage wasn’t resolved satisfactorily. She was almost shoved aggressively into the team at first; making her a regular instead of a recurring character before joining Phoenix – then as the character finally seemed to work it fizzled out and disappearing in the backgroundd, almost being overlooked in some episodes. After a plot twist that was never explained either, she wasn’t seen or talked about again.

Isabel Lucas on set of Episode 3×05: Skull + Electromagnet (via Robert Maxfield)

Also, Murdoc hinted at her not using her real name and having secrets that her friends (aka Team Phoenix) would not approve of. Of course, this could have been a joke regarding the character’s name change after they had started filming (see this post for more information about Olivia Cage), but it rather feels that some of the writers didn’t really know what to do with her, while other writers had had some ideas for the character that somehow didn’t turn out since Isabel’s guest stint was cut short.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if she came back for another episode or two to wrap up her storyline.

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