Looking Back at Season 2 (VII) – The Official Stills (Part 5)

As with Season 1, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each Episode of Season 2; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. (Because I just can’t keep quiet, as you all know by now.)

If you missed Part 1 (Episodes 2×01 to 2×05), you can find the post here. For Part 2 (Episodes 2×06 to 2×10), you go there. Part 3 (Episodes 2×11 to 2×15) can be found here and for Part 4 (Episodes 2×16 to 2×20), you follow through here.

Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (Official Still via SpoilerTV)


The Official Stills for the last two episodes of Season 2 were done by Jace Downs. It’s been a while since he worked on the Reboot; providing the Stills for 7 episodes out of the first 8 episodes in Season 1.


Episode 2×21: Wind + Water (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
For this episode, CBS released 8 Official Stills.

Episode 2×21: Wind + Water (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac on his way to do great things.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Stills of various scenes, taken outside during daylight which makes for better lighting. Nothing to complain here.


Episode 2×22: UFO + Area 51 (Still Photographer: Jace Downs)
For this episode, we only got 4 Official Stills via SpoilerTV.

Episode 2×22: UFO + Area 51 (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac and Jack posing as if they are doing a photoshoot on the race track (which they kinda are).

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: I wouldn’t have minded a Still of an UFO or an Alien…


Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (Still Photographer: Jace Downs)
For the Season Finale Episode of Season 2, TV Line released an exclusive First Look photo on April 25. Five days later, SpoilerTV provided 7 additional Stills.

Exclusive Sneak Peek of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via TVLine)

MY FAVORITE: Technically, it’s not really an Official Still and more of a First Look Screenshot, but… it’s Mac and Oversight, also known as (insert Spoiler Alert). The runner-up is an Official Still, though. It’s Mac and a Jeep which is always great to see.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: It would have been nice to have a bit more promo for the Season Finale. It’s an episode that has a deep impact on all the characters and might influence the major storyline on the upcoming 3rd Season. Maybe an additional photoshoot instead of just Stills and Sneak Peeks as usual?

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