Looking Back at Season 2 (VI) – The Official Stills (Part 4)

As with Season 1, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each Episode of Season 2; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. (Because I just can’t keep quiet, as you all know by now.)

If you missed Part 1 (Episodes 2×01 to 2×05), you can find the post here. For Part 2 (Episodes 2×06 to 2×10), you go there. Part 3 (Episodes 2×11 to 2×15) can be found here.

Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via SpoilerTV)


Starting with Episode 2×15, Still Photographer Annette Brown did most of the Still-photographing for the rest of the season. Interestingly, Matty hasn’t been featured in any of the Stills since Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair). She will only come back in two Official Stills for the Season 2 Finale. Bozer shares the same fate: After Episode 2×13 (CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch), he’s only featured in Stills for 2×16 and the Season 2 Finale.


Episode 2×16: Hammock + Balcony (Still Photographer: Guy D’Alema)
Due to the Olympics, this episode premiered after a month-long hiatus. For once, CBS cranked up the promo and delivered more Official Stills than usual – 12 in total. Even the guest-stars got to be in several of the photos.

Episode 2×16: Hammock + Balcony (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: The group doing some kind of grape-crushing-contest. This looks like they seriously had fun filming this episode.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: So many Stills to choose from! It would have been nice to have some photos from other scenes in there (e.g. of the Opening Gambit), but I don’t really mind. Pretty people all dolled up, what’s not to like about that? Although it’s still weird for me to see Mac drinking alcohol.


Episode 2×17: Bear Trap + Mob Boss (Still Photographer: Annette Brown)
For this episode, we got 7 Stills via SpoilerTV. All of them feature Mac, Jack and Riley on their mission near Chernobyl.

Episode 2×17: Bear Trap + Mob Boss (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac, Jack and Riley trying to get information of a guy that’s not that willing to talk, leading to Jack sacrificing some of his most beloved possessions.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Nothing, really. It’s also nice to see Mac wearing a different color for once. Looks good on him.


Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (Still Photographer: Annette Brown)
For Episode 2×18, SpoilerTV delivered 12 Official Stills again – after a 2-week-premiere-break due to March Madness Basketball. It looks like additional promo is the one positive thing about having a short hiatus every now and then.

Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Having the Colton’s back is fine, but it’s definitely nice to have an Official Still of Mac only while doing some MacGyvering.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: The Colton’s are fun and I hope to see them again next season, but I wasn’t so fond of the Stills with them in it. Not sure why.


Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (Still Photographer: Annette Brown)
We got 10 Stills for this Episode. Amy Smart coming back as Dawn even got to be in several of them. As always, the whole team is completely color-coordinated.

Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: Mac, Riley, Dawn and Jack on their mission.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: It’s nothing new, but the Stills are not that exciting – despite the team getting arrested in most of them. I preferred Guy D’Alema’s style of taking Stills, but he went on to work on other projects.

FUN NOTE: Amy Smart’s character Dawn in casual clothing reminds me of Mac’s “bad” ex-girlfriend (Nikki Carpenter).


Episode 2×20: Skyscraper – Power (Still Photographer unknown)
For this episode, there were 2 small pics with the Press Releases – but we didn’t get any full Official Stills or Sneak Peeks until 2 hours before the Premiere. At last, Seat42F provided some last-minute Stills.

Episode 2×20: Skyscraper – Power (via Seat42F)

MY FAVORITE: There’s some action going on! And who’s that kid in the middle? That definitely looks like it could have been an episode of the Original Show.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: The Stills came in so late, they didn’t even make it to SpoilerTV. What’s up with that? It’s possible many fans never got to see them. Some of them look rather like screenshots, and there’s not even a Still Photographer credited. Maybe they were screenshots and only added as an afterthought. Also, while they don’t have the SpoilerTV logo on them, they are of a lesser quality size.


(More coming soon.)2

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