MacGyver Reboot Update #167

Some of the MacGyver cast are back on our TV screens. Also, the MacGyver Profits Lawsuit is going to trial.

Levy Tran in Magnum PI Episode 4×15: Dead Man Walking (CBS via SpoilerTV)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
Meredith Eaton was a guest-star in the most recent episode of NCIS; reprising the character of immunologist Carol Wilson. Before the episode aired, Meredith posted several new BtS photos as Instagram Stories.

BtS photo of NCIS 19×13: The Helpers (via Meredith Eaton)

Levy Tran will guest-star in tonight’s episode of Magnum PI. She was part of one of the Sneak Peeks, which got fans pretty excited. The storyline for the episode is similar to one used for Original MacGyver, so I’m curious how they’ll approach it.

Recently, Levy cleaned up her Instagram account some more; deleting the majority of her posts and unfollowing some accounts. Her feed consists mostly of Carlos now.

Tristin Mays posing for a photoshoot (via Black History Matters)

Tristin Mays was quite active on social media in recent weeks. She teased us with another project “coming soon” and revealed that she found her new favorite pants (that she’s been wearing for almost all of her latest photoshoots) at Goodwill.

She answered some fan questions as well; revealing that George Eads had wanted to name her dog “Cool” and that she was the one eating the most on set of MacGyver. She also stated that the relationship between Riley and MacGyver was her favorite and that it mirrored her friendship with Lucas; an understanding that didn’t need to be communicated.

BtS photo of Henry Ian Cusick (via Sanni Antikainen)

ICYMI: Henry Ian Cusick has been filming a movie in Phuket. I still haven’t found out what the project is called, but it kept him from attending Pensacon in Florida. Several of his co-stars and crew members posted BtS photos.

We also got a new photo of Lucas Till presenting his next reading choice. It’s interesting to note that a few posts further down, Lucas’ manager Tom Sullivan also posed with the print editions last December, so that might be the connection how Lucas became aware of the book series.

Lucas Till with the next book on his reading list (via The Drakoneborne)

ICYMI: Of all interviews and clips that Justin Hires posted on the YouTube-account of his Urban Legendz Podcast, the interviews with Lucas Till and Tristin Mays are on Rank 1 (about 4100 hits) and 2 (about 3900 hits) when sorting for most-watched videos. He announced that more interviews and a new podcast are coming soon, but we don’t know yet if there are any upcoming interviews with the MacGyver cast and/or crew.

MacGyver Profits Lawsuit
The Hollywood Reporter published an article on February 23; reporting that the profits fight over the MacGyver reboot is one step closer to trial.

The 2018 suit stems from a TV producing deal in the mid-1980s (involving producers, Paramount and Major Talent Agency) that preceded the original MacGyver show. After the series was rebooted in 2016, Hanzer Holdings and Arlita sued CBS; claiming they’re entitled to a share in profits for MTA’s work for the OG show.

Levy Tran in Magnum PI Episode 4×15: Dead Man Walking (CBS via SpoilerTV)

CBS Pilot Season
Here’s an overview of the CBS drama pilot orders for the upcoming Fall Season:

  • Cal Fire (CBS)
  • Early Edition (Sony/Affirm/CBS)
  • East New York (Warner Bros./CBS)
  • True Lies (20th Television)
  • Untitled Mother & Son Legal Drama (CBS)

Additionally, CBS ordered 4 comedy pilots. By ordering 9 pilots in total, it seems like they’re ready to overhaul their schedule for Fall and want a good variety of projects to choose from.

Tristin Mays posing for a photoshoot (via FYE Images)

It would be nice to see some former MacGyver cast members attached as regulars/recurrings or at least getting some guest star spots next season. I’m not sure what their chances are and if the outcome of the lawsuit will matter.

Other MacGyver-related News
French Channel M6 premiered MacGyver Reboot Season 4 last Saturday. They aired 3 episodes of Season 4; followed by episodes of Seasons 2 and 1. They will air another 3 episodes of Season 4 tomorrow; again followed by 3 more episodes of former seasons. France sure loves their MacGyver episodes, huh.

French Promo for Son of the South (via Starinvest Films)

ICYMI: FX Boss John Landgraf said to Variety that The Spook who sat by the Door is not moving forward and being redeveloped. According to Deadline, they’re looking for a new writer to pen another pilot. With Leigh Dana Jackson out as writer and showrunner, there’s a good chance that the cast and crew of the current pilot might not be part of the project anymore once it finds its way forward.

Other MacGyver-related news you might have missed:

  • The MacGyver The Musical will have their last show tonight. Despite some difficulties (they had to cancel several showings due to Covid), they managed to pull through. Overall, reviews were good.
  • Lucas Till’s movie Son of the South will premiere in France on March 16.

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