MacGyver Reboot Update #72

No episode tonight. Cast and Crew are still filming; getting some more work done before the well-deserved Christmas Hiatus. The show will be back on January 4.

Episode 3×11: Mac + Fallout + Jack (Official Still via CBS)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about characters and storylines in Season 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


About Episodes 3×09 and 3×10
Sadly, they didn’t release any Sneak Peeks for Episode 3×09 until 2 hours before the episode aired and no Sneak Peeks for Episode 3×10 at all – contrary to Blue Bloods (2 Sneak Peeks), Hawaii Five-0 (3 Sneak Peeks) or S.W.A.T. (7 Sneak Peeks) last week.

Considering that this was the midseason finale episode and one of the last episodes with George Eads (who is a fan favorite and the second lead actor), you’d think CBS would have promoted the episodes with Sneak Peeks as well. I think it would be worth to show the Jack Dalton fans that George is still on and to ensure they will keep watching once he’s gone; waiting to see if he back in another episode as a guest actor.

Episode 3×10: Matty + Ethan + Fidelity (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

For Episode 3×10, Matt Carter released a two-part interview with Meredith Eaton before and after the episode aired (see Part 1 here and Part 2 here). There was an additional interview snippet via TV Insider; warning us that we’ll need tissues. Meredith also had taken over the official CBS Instagram Account; answering fan questions on Live Stories sent in during the week.

Though not adding any Sneak Peeks, CBS at least posted a few new BtS photos. One shows 3 different MacGyvers (Lucas, his Stand-In Matt and thet Stunt Double), another one Reign Edwards while preparing for a fighting scene. Interestingly, both Meredith in her interview and CBS in the BtS photos omitted anything related to George Eads; as if he’s already a persona non grata.

As always, Technical Advisor Rhett Allain uploaded blog posts about the MacHacks in these episodes – e.g. about a Glycerol Lock Hack or about the Air Wedge in Episode 3×09 or about the Cricket Ball Flash Bang or the Water Cooler Bomb in Episode 3×10, providing some videos as well.

BtS photo of Episode 3×10: Matty + Ethan + Fidelity (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

Let’s take a look at the recent ratings. To recap: Episode 3×08 (Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome) on November 16 got 6.203 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.7, beating Last Man Standing in audience numbers. Including the +7 Days ratings, it added 1.60 million viewers (+26%), reaching a total of 7.805 million viewers and a demo of 1.05 (+52%).

Episode 3×09 (Specimen 234 + PAPR + Outbreak) had aired on November 30. It got 6.276 million live-viewers and a demo of 0.7. It added 1.49 million viewers (+24%) in the +7 Days ratings, reaching a total of 7.772 million viewers and a demo of 1.07 (+47%).

Episode 3×10: Matty + Ethan + Fidelity (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

Episode 3×10 (Matty + Ethan + Fidelity) on December 7 had an audience of 6.359 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.7, again beating Last Man Standing in audience numbers. So far, it added 1.32 million viewers (+21%) in the +3 Days ratings, reaching a total of 7.687 million viewers and a demo of 1.01 (+41%).

About the Season 3 Ratings
We’ve already reached Christmas Hiatus for most CBS shows. At the moment, the MacGyver Reboot has an average of 6.089 millions live-viewers with a demo-rating of 0.71. For Season 2, Episodes 12, 13 and 14 (all airing in January) have been the episodes with the highest audience numbers. We have yet to see if George Eads exiting the show will affect the ratings; meaning they’ll drop instead of rising further before the usual drop when we’re nearing Summer temperatures. It’s a possibility, but shouldn’t hinder the Reboot to get a 4th season to reach syndication.

BtS photo of MacGyver Season 3 (via Justin Hires)

Compared to all CBS scripted shows this Fall TV Season, the Reboot is still at rank 19 (of 20) in demo and at rank 14 (of 20) in audience. Let’s take a look at some other CBS crime shows in the same ratings range, now that all have aired 10 episodes so far since their Fall Premiere: Showrunner Peter Lenkov’s rookie show Magnum PI is at 5.887 million live-viewers per episode with a 0.86 demo-rating on average. SEAL Team is at 5.516 millions / 0.85 in demo on average and SWAT at 5.216 / 0.74.

What you need to know about Episode 3×11
Episode 3×11 will air on January 4. It’s titled “Mac + Fallout + Jack “, written by Jim Adler and directed by Carlos Bernard (who also directed Episode 2×11: Bullet + Pen). Here’s the Synopsis:

Mac and Jack hit the road for a weekend of relaxation in Las Vegas, but their mini-vacation is cut short when someone from their past abducts them and locks them in a concrete room. Also, Matty tasks Riley, Bozer and Leanna with stealing a diamond encoded with terrorist intel from a princess in Milan.

The episode has a guest appearance by Shani Atias as princess Zahra. She continues to post BtS photos every now and then.

Episode 3×11: Mac + Fallout + Jack (via Peter Lenkov)

Erik Kerr posted a BtS photo of the prop rockets. Besides the editing photo by Lenkov a while ago, we don’t have much visual material of the A storyline with Mac and Jack yet.

Season 3 Overview: Episodes 3×12 to 3×16
It’s easy to loose track of the upcoming episodes and especially of the airdates since they’ve been scheduling them so much around. So let’s do a short recap of all the information we have so far for the next episodes:

  • 3×12: tba (January 11)
    Directed by Ron Underwood. Guest appearance by Bridget Regan.
  • 3×13: tba (January 18)
    Directed by Brad Turner. Guest appearances by Vanessa Garcia and Justin Welborn.
  • 3×14: Father + Bride + Betrayal (February 1)
    Directed by Avi Youabian.  Guest appearance by Roberto Sanchez.
  • 3×15: K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit (February 15)
    Directed by Gabriel Beristain. Guest appearances by Presilah Nunez and dog Seven.
  • 3×16: tba (February 22)

Sadly, it looks like the two initially planned reruns over Christmas hiatus have been scrapped. At least the fans don’t have to wait too long for the show to come back.

BtS photo of MacGyver Season 3 (via Anthony Dilio)

Working on Episodes 3×14 and 3×15
On November 28, production started on Episode 3×14. For several days, they filmed at a wedding location with the team all dressed up. Roberto Sanchez posted several photos from set; mostly while wearing a tux. He also revealed the episode title: “Father + Bride + Betrayal”.

Justin Hires posted several videos (e.g. with George Eads), but also some BtS photos (e.g. with Meredith Eaton or with George Eads, pitching a “Men in Black” Reboot). Director Avi Youabian posted a few Live Stories on Instagram. It seems that the entire episode is set on this location and the woods surrounding it.

Cast and Crew still mostly post temporary videos without revealing too much, though some crew members (e.g. Easton Harper) were nice enough to post a photo every now and then.

BtS photo of MacGyver Season 3 (via Justin Hires)

While the cast was still busy filming for 3×14, Gabriel Beristain was prepping for directing Episode 3×15. Filming for the episode titled “K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit” started on Monday. They had a real dog on set, but the crew mostly posted about the stuffed Stand-In; carrying it around and cradling it. Seems it’s their favorite Stand-In to work with.

On Wednesday, they started production early; setting up two big green screens and lighting some fire while filming between shipping containers and in the woods. Today, they escaped the rain; filming inside a mansion, including dog Seven. Lucas Till posted a photo of him and his brother Nick; recreating a similar photo from filming X-Men: First Class. Justin Hires uploaded another new BtS photo today, making all the fans happy that have been waiting for MacGyver’s brown leather jacket to make a comeback.

BtS photo of MacGyver Season 3 (via Avi Youabian)

ICYMI: About George Eads leaving the Reboot
News about George Eads leaving the show hit on November 26. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce Eads’ exit; followed by various articles by other TV news outlets like TV Line or SpoilerTV. The news flooded Twitter and other social media for days.

For now, we don’t know for sure how or when the character of Jack Dalton will be written out. He was on set of Episode 3×14, but the BtS photos and videos didn’t reveal anything about the character’s fate. Deadline has some more information:

While Eads has been released from his series regular contract and his character Jack Dalton is being written out, I hear he is not being killed off, with the door left open for Eads to possibly return as a guest star.

If Episode 3×14 is indeed George’s last episode, you will have to tune in on February 1st to catch it. As Peter Lenkov revealed in an Instagram Live Story, he will visit the set on Monday. It’s not clear if this is one of the regular visits (he was just in Hawaii for Magnum and Hawaii Five-0 this week) or if it’s a special occasion regarding George’s exit.

BtS photo of MacGyver Season 3 (via Taraja Ramsess)

Other Cast, Crew and Character News
Reign Edwards has been back on set this week as Bozer’s girlfriend Leanna. Since IMDb isn’t up to date, it’s difficult to find out about guest stars. Anthony Dilio revealed he’s got a part in the show, but we don’t know yet in what episode or in what capacity.

Central Casting Georgia had posted Casting Calls for Photo Doubles and Stand-Ins (e.g. for Presilah Nunez, Levy Tran or Ryan Czerwonko, for a female Stand-In with red hair and for a kid actor). Fun Fact: Even dogs have a Stand-In on set – only of the stuffed, plushy kind. They’ve also been looking for Extras; e.g. for Masked Men, for Wedding Guests, a Photographer, Servers, a group of Smugglers and for Techs and Agents.

BtS photo of MacGyver Season 3 (via Andrew Moore)

Other MacGyver-related News
George Satsidis added an excerpt of his recent interview with Lucas Till. Lucas talks about MacGyver being a dream role and how he filmed the “drone stunt” (we’ve just seen last Friday in Episode 3×10).

Reminder: The Reboot is still eligible for the “Best of TV Awards” held by Canada Graphs. At the moment, you can vote in the following categories:

  • Best Guest Actress (added by fans: Amy Smart)
  • Best Guest Actor (added by fans: Michael Des Barres)
  • Best Recurring Actress
  • Best Recurring Actor (already on the list: Tate Donovan)

In the first round, you can still vote as many times as you want and choose as many boxes to tick as you want. If the show is not available to choose from the list, you can add it into the “other” box (they will be added at the bottom of the list as soon as several votes have come in – usually takes a day or two).

BtS photo of MacGyver Season 3 (via Meredith Eaton)

Every Episode aired in 2018 is eligible, that means every guest actor/actress or recurring actor/actress starting with Episode 2×12; for example Kate Bond (Jill) and David Dastmalchian (Murdoc).

There will be several rounds with new categories added over time, so check in regularly.

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