MacGyver Reboot Update #166

MacGyver the Musical premiered in Houston on February 4. And some of the MacGyver cast will grace our TV screens very soon!

Tristin Mays posing for a photoshoot (via FYE Images)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
Both Meredith Eaton and Levy Tran will guest-star in upcoming CBS shows. Meredith will reprise the character of immunologist Carol Wilson. Her episode of NCIS will air on February 28. The press release came out on February 10. Meredith got a special mention and an official still.

Meredith Eaton in NCIS Episode 19×13: The Helpers (Michael Yarish/CBS via SpoilerTV)

Levy Tran will guest-star in an episode of Magnum PI. Her episode will air on March 4. We got a press release on Valentine’s Day; alongside several official stills a day later. The storyline is oddly similar to one used for Original MacGyver:

When Magnum balks at notorious crime boss Osi Shima’s (Eijiro Ozaki) request to find his missing son, Magnum learns he’s been poisoned and has only eight hours to locate Shima’s son to earn the antidote, or else he dies.

Tristin Mays posted a few more photos and videos in recent weeks; e.g. of a photoshoot she did for her mom’s website Black History Matters or a video of her “first” ballet lesson. She also did another photoshoot with FYE Images and updated her YouTube account after a break of 6 years. Looks like she’s ready for another job; updating her portfolio?

Henry Ian Cusick during a fitting (via Daniel Limbuprasert)

Henry Ian Cusick was supposed to appear at Pensacon (Florida), but his visit has been cancelled – presumably because Ian has been filming a movie in Phuket. I’m not sure yet what project he’s working on, but he’s going to wear a nice suit. Several of his co-stars and crew members posted BtS photos.

Justin Hires keeps doing comedy shows. He also did a podcast episode with Craig Shoemaker (who’s apparently a neighbour of Meredith Eaton); talking about the different approaches to learning lines by the MacGyver Cast.

Tristin Mays posing for a photoshoot (via Black History Matters)

We also got a new photo of Lucas Till modelling knitted gloves for Mama Till. She’s still recovering after surgery and did finish several different knitting projects in recent weeks.

CBS Pilot Season
Here’s an overview of the CBS drama pilot orders for the upcoming Fall Season:

  • Cal Fire (CBS)
  • Early Edition (Sony/Affirm/CBS)
  • East New York (Warner Bros./CBS)
  • True Lies (20th Television)
  • Untitled Mother & Son Legal Drama (CBS)

So far, nobody of the former MacGyver cast and crew is officially attached to any CBS show in development. Even if they don’t get a regular job, we might hopefully see them as guest stars in one of those if the show gets picked up.

Glove Model Lucas Till (via Dana Till)

ICYMI: A few weeks ago, CBS announced that the Flashdance Reboot for Paramount+ would be helmed by Justin Simien instead of Tracy McMillan, Angela Robinson and Lynda Obst. Now that the reboot gets a new script and showrunner, we can only hope that Tristin Mays (who has been taking dance lessons for about a year) still has a chance of being considered for the lead, a regular or at least a recurring role.

At the TCAs this week, Paramount announced a TV movie for Seal Team and another NCIS Spinoff set in Australia. On Paramount+, shows like NCIS, Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods are in the Top 10 of viewing hours. Considering how many pilots CBS has ordered, it’s possible that another show on the current schedule might get pushed to streaming to make room for a rookie show.

Tristin Mays posing for a photoshoot (via Kevin Bennylee)

Other MacGyver-related News
MacGyver The Musical premiered on February 4; with an official Opening Night on February 10. They had to cancel several showings for a few days this week due to Covid. I’m not sure if they will expand the run or not.

In interviews after their TCA presentation, FX Boss John Landgraf said to Variety that The Spook who sat by the Door is not moving forward and being redeveloped. Sadly, there’s a good chance that the project stays in “developmental hell” for quite a while; meaning that Lucas Till and the rest of the cast and crew involved in filming the pilot might not be part anymore in its new form.

Comedy Line-Up in LA (via Justin Hires)

Other MacGyver-related news you might have missed:

  • Richard Dean Anderson did a podcast interview with Stargate Co-Creator Brad Wright on The Companion. You can watch an excerpt for free here.
  • Of all interviews and clips that Justin Hires posted on the YouTube-account of his Urban Legendz Podcast, the interviews with Lucas Till and Tristin Mays are on Rank 1 and 2 (about 3700 hits) when sorting for most-watched videos.
  • Lucas Till’s movie Son of the South will premiere in France on March 16.
  • After a recent fan inquiry on Twitter, ex-showrunner Peter Lenkov posted several script pages of his season/series finale vision in an Instagram post.

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