MacGyver Reboot Update #159

It’s been rather quiet lately. Fans are still waiting for news regarding the reboot and project announcements for their favorite cast members.

Lucas Till in Tallahassee FL, October 2021 (via Rodney Carter)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
We got a new Lucas Till sighting on October 29, thanks to family friend Rodney Carter. It was presumably taken on the day of the funeral of Lucas’ grandmother in Tallahassee (Florida).

Back in May, Lucas filmed a pilot for The Spook who sat by the Door in Baltimore. Sadly, it looks like FX has passed on the project. On October 28, executive producer Leigh Dana Jackson (who had written the pilot script) tweeted about being (understandably) disappointed.

This is a bummer; considering how excited Lucas was about the book the script is based on. To be fair, the news didn’t come totally unexpected with no updates since July, FX ordering more pilots and greenlighting shows lately plus one of the main actresses getting cast in another show a few weeks ago.

Since FX is listed as the distributor and not as the production company on IMDb, I thought Leigh and/or producing company Lee Daniels Entertainment might be able to take the project elsewhere. But as Leigh tweeted a few days later (by answering someone’s suggestion about pitching it to Netflix), the “studio” owns it. I’m not sure to which studio he was referring to, since 20th Television is also attached.

Levy Tran, Randy Couture and 50 Cent on set of Expendables 4 (via Levy Tran)

For now, it looks like the project is done unless FX sells it or revives it in a few years. But even if it gets made after all, it might be with a different cast and crew.

Less than 3 weeks after returning to Atlanta from London, Levy Tran has returned to Europe; presumably to film more scenes for Expendables 4. This time, she travelled to Sofia (Bulgaria). She posted a first BtS photo from the London set; showing off a new hair color (presumably a wig).

Tristin Mays and Marlon Webb for Halloween (via Tristin Mays)

Tristin Mays got into the Halloween Spirit a few days early; filming a short clip tackling crow problems. As Tristin stated, she made the costumes herself. She collaborated with Marlon Webb, who’s involved in the “Pirate Project” she did a few months ago. If I remember correctly, she had also designed some of the pirate costumes.

Henry Ian Cusick will attend German Comic Con in Dortmund (3.-5. December). You can book your autograph signing or photo op here. According to IMDb, he’s attached to 6 projects currently, but none of them have had updates recently. Two movies are already in post-production. The one with Peter Lenkov attached as producer has already been filmed last year and will probably be the next one being released.

International Season 5 Promo (via FOX Spain)

Justin Hires keeps doing stand-up-comedy-shows, podcasts and working on his music. He also invested some of his money; buying a multi-family property. He hinted at working on something, but there’s no official news yet.

While Sandrine Holt will make an appearanace on NCIS LA soon, I haven’t seen the rest of the cast in other projects yet.

The #SaveMacGyver Movement
ICYMI: For the MacGyver Con, a total of 5500 USD was raised for charity. The official SaveMacGyver website gets updated regularly; so check there to keep up with news or their social media accounts.

Sarah Downer for MacGyver Con (Screenshot via SaveMacGyverHQ)

CBS Fall TV Season Ratings
The better MacGyver looks in comparison to the shows on the current CBS schedule, in streaming numbers (e.g. on IMDbTV) and in syndication, the more appealing it is to do something with it. There is still money to be made by selling the rights, ordering more merchandize (e.g. books) or greenlight a Spin-Off.

There were reruns last week, but let’s take a look at the current Friday ratings.

  • SWAT (Friday, 8pm) has an average demo of 0.45 (+8% compared to last year) in the important demo group of 18 to 49 year olds and 4.833 million live-viewers (+53%) per episode.
  • Magnum PI (Friday, 9pm) premiered with a series low. This season, an average episode reaches a demo of 0.41 (-22%) and a live-audience of 5.216 million viewers (-7%).
  • Blue Bloods (Friday, 10pm) keeps the tendency of a rather low demo with high live-audience numbers. At the moment, an episode manages 0.44 (-18%) in demo and an an audience of 6.076 million viewers (-6%) on average.

Of the 19 scripted shows, Magnum PI reaches the lowest demo of the Friday line-up (Rank 16), followed by Blue Bloods (Rank 14) and SWAT (Rank 13).

Urban Legendz Podcast Preview for Episode 41 (via Justin Hires)

As predicted early on, it looks like SWAT is the winner here; getting to keep it’s Friday slot instead of being pushed to Sundays 10pm. For now, CBS will air reruns on Sundays; starting with reruns of the pilot episodes of their rookie shows.

Other MacGyver-related News
CBS released a BluRay boxset of OG MacGyver on November 2. I didn’t see any official promo for it.

The MacGyver Reboot is quite popular on streaming services. Since IMDbTV made it available to stream in the US, it has been in the Top 10 section for 43 days.

MacGyver The Musical Key Art (via Stages Houston)

The Houston premiere for the second production of MacGyver The Musical has been set for February 2022. Casting for roles is underway (online submissions closed on October 22). Check the dates and book tickets here.

The official MacGyver website also launched a design contest for the musical. You can win over 2500 US Dollars in cash prizes. If interested, check the entry information here. Houston Stages already have key art, so maybe it’s for the next musical that should open in May. The location hasn’t been announced yet.

MacGyver The Musical Design Contest (via the official MacGyver website)

Other MacGyver-related news in recent weeks you might have missed:

  • ICYMI: Back in May, Justin Hires recorded an episode with Lucas Till for his Urban Legendz Podcast, which he uploaded to his Patreon in June. It’s now officially up on YouTube.
  • On November 18 and 19, Lucas Till’s movie Son of the South will be screened in competition at the “Festival du Film d’Histoire de Pessac” in France. The release date has been pushed to March next year.
  • Son of the South will be released December 2 in Italy.

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