MacGyver Reboot Update #158

With a few sightings here and there, fans wait for news regarding the reboot and projects of their favorite cast and crew members.

Lucas Till attending a wedding, October 2021 (via Dana Till)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
We got a new Lucas Till sighting in Atlanta on October 10, thanks to his mom. She posted a selfie with her sons; taken while attending a family wedding.

Tristin Mays got to meet her nephew for the first time recently; being completely smitten and fuelling the ideas of fans and fanfiction writers.

Tristin Mays meeting Campion, October 2021 (via Giselle Mays)

Levy Tran has returned to Atlanta after filming scenes for Expendables 4 in London. So far, I haven’t seen any BtS photos of her, but it looks like she got her hair cut shorter. Maybe she will film more scenes in another location? In the meantime, she’s endorsing the new sports brand collaboration by her martial arts trainers.

Otherwise, there’s still no casting news to write about. Justin Hires keeps doing stand-up-comedy-shows, podcasts and working on his music. Henry Ian Cusick will visit Comic Con Liverpool next month while Meredith Eaton is mostly off the social media grid.

International Season 5 Promo (via FOX Spain)

The #SaveMacGyver Movement
ICYMI: For the MacGyver Con, a total of 5500 USD was raised for charity.

The official SaveMacGyver website gets updated regularly; so check here to keep up with news.

Kate Bond for MacGyver Con (Screenshot via SaveMacGyverHQ)

CBS Fall TV Season Ratings
Why are the current CBS ratings of interest for MacGyver fans? The better MacGyver looks in comparison to the current schedule, in streaming numbers and in syndication, the more appealing the show looks to CBS. They might try to squeeze out a few more bucks by selling the rights, ordering more merchandize (e.g. books) or work on a Spin-Off.

  • SWAT (Friday, 8pm) has an average demo of 0.45 (+7% compared to last year) in the important demo group of 18 to 49 year olds and 4.877 million live-viewers (+54%) per episode.

Verdict: The fate of SWAT depends on the co-producing network, but the future looks quite promising. The ratings improved a lot since the timeslot switch and it might end up being the winner of the Friday line-up.

  • Magnum PI (Friday, 9pm) premiered with a series low. This season, an average episode reaches a demo of 0.40 (-24%) and a live-audience of 5.211 million viewers (-6%).

Verdict: The show still has a rather good audience number. Since it’s a co-production, it might depend on how long NBCU is willing to pay for it. Even if renewed, it could lose its Fall premiere and/or time slot next season.

  • Veteran show Blue Bloods (Friday, 10pm) keeps its tendency of a rather low demo with high live-audience numbers. At the moment, an average episode manages 0.43 (-20%) in demo and an an audience of 6.084 million viewers (-6%).

Verdict: The loss of live-viewers compared to last season is marginal. Blue Bloods is old and expensive, but it has international and syndication deals in place.

Levy Tran for Hyperfly (via Kinetic Motions)

Other MacGyver-related News
The MacGyver Reboot is in syndication.

  • There are double reruns on CW26 (Chicago area) on Saturdays (5-7pm local time) or on CBS (WGCL) Atlanta (12-2am).
  • In the US, the Reboot is available to stream on IMDbTV. This week, it’s been in the Top Ten (Rank 7) every day.
  • Fans have tweeted that the show will come to Netflix in Europe soon; e.g. to France.

ICYMI: Lucas Till’s movie Son of the South was released on DVD and BluRay last month in German-speaking regions. Contrary to the US version, the German version contains about 45 minutes of bonus material; including an interview with Lucas done remotely a few months ago.

The movie is currently available on Netflix in 17 countries (e.g. Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela); reaching the Top Ten this week in 15 of them.

MacGyver The Musical Key Art (via Stages Houston)

Other MacGyver-related news in recent weeks you might have missed:

  • CBS will release a BluRay boxset of OG MacGyver on November 2. You can read up on all information here. I haven’t seen any advertizing so far.
  • On November 18 and 19, Son of the South will be screened in competition at the “Festival du Film d’Histoire de Pessac” in France.
  • The Houston premiere for the second production of MacGyver The Musical has been set for February 2022. Casting for roles is underway. Check the dates and book tickets here.

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