MacGyver Reboot Update #160

While it’s been rather quiet regarding the cast, ex-showrunner Peter Lenkov sure stirred things up in the last few days.

Training during a filming break for Expendables 4 (via Levy Tran)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
ICYMI: Sadly, it looks like FX has passed on The Spook who sat by the Door, the pilot for a series that Lucas Till has filmed in Baltimore back in May. There has been no official news about it and no information if the series is going to be shopped somewhere else.

Levy Tran filmed more scenes for Expendables 4 in Sofia (Bulgaria). On November 8, she posted a workout video; hinting that she’s staying in Greece. I’m curious where she’ll pop up next.

When fans lamented on missing her face on screen, Meredith Eaton teased on November 6 that we would see it again “soon”. There has been no signs on what she’s working right now. Interestingly, she recently started following the official Instagram account for The Good Doctor. The ABC series is filmed in Vancouver, so it’s possible that Meredith might make a guest appearance (in person or on screen). Of course, “soon” in fandom time can mean anything from two weeks to two years.

ICYMI: Tristin Mays got into the Halloween Spirit a few days early; filming a short clip tackling crow problems. She has more or less disappeared from social media since then.

Tristin Mays for Halloween 2021 (via Tristin Mays)

Last weekend, a clean-shaven Henry Ian Cusick attended Liverpool Comic Con. Next month, he will attend German Comic Con in Dortmund (3.-5. December). You can book your autograph signing or photo op here. According to IMDb, he’s attached to 7 upcoming projects.

Justin Hires keeps doing stand-up-comedy-shows, podcasts and working on his music. His new album will be released on Christmas.

Last week, Ex-Showrunner Peter Lenkov started answering fan questions on Instagram Stories. While he shared some interesting tidbits over several days, he also got a lot of heat from both Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver fans. He tagged Lucas Till in several of the posts; also throwing subtle (and not so subtle) shade at both Lucas and at MacGyver co-star Meredith Eaton.

ICYMI; here’s a few of his answers regarding the MacGyver Reboot, the characters and the storylines:

  • His intended endgame was Mac and Riley.
  • His favorite characters were Murdoc, Riley and Bozer.
  • The Codex storyline was the idea of co-showrunner Terry Matalas. Lenkov believes that Codex would have come back at some point (though he hasn’t watched Season 5).
  • If George Eads hadn’t left, Jack’s storyline would have included more military flashbacks and finally meeting Bruce Willis.

Lenkov also stated that even if the show had continued, he wouldn’t be showrunning anymore because he had been looking for a co-showrunner to hand the show over to since Season 4.

International Season 5 Promo (via FOX Spain)

Here’s a few of his answers regarding the Reboot cast:

  • He’s working on a book that will include details about his “relationship” with Lucas Till. The book should be released next year.
  • According to Lenkov, Lucas struggled with being the Number 1 on the call sheet and showed some “questionable behavior” (without elaborating). Lenkov added that he ignored said behaviour to keep the show going.
  • He’s harrassed regularly by Lucas Till fans (which seems odd, considering he blocked most of them on social media months ago).
  • He claims that Mac and Riley didn’t date because Lucas didn’t support the storyline.
  • There were several reasons for George Eads leaving; one reason being to spend more time with his daughter.
  • He offered Meredith Eaton to write in a cane after her hip surgery (while not revealing if she declined the offer) and claims that all scenes in the script had Matty sitting. He brushed off accusations regarding Meredith because he wasn’t the director of said episode.
  • While he admitted on being a tough boss, he claims that Lucas wasn’t prepared for the amount of work that is required for being a lead actor on a TV show.
  • He calls Ian a “breath of fresh air” who should have his own TV show and recalls finding Tristin on YouTube and immediately knowing he wanted to cast her.

It’s interesting to note that while Lenkov is willing to publish written conversations between him and Lucas, he said he’s disappointed he can’t share the messages between him and Meredith Eaton. He’s also wise enough to not mention CBS in a negative way.

Episode 5×10: Diamond + Quake + Carbon + Comms + Tower (video screenshot via Levy Tran)

Considering that he keeps flip-flopping on answers, changes the narrative, avoids the f-word (as in “fired”) and keeps posting hinky statements and blatant lies, I’m not sure this book can be published without a hitch (aka a ton of revisions – which shouldn’t be a problem for a writer, huh).

Also, he tagged long-time friend Ingo Rademacher to back him up in saying he always supported Lucas. (Note that a few weeks ago, Rademacher lost his long-time gig of 25!! seasons on ABC soap General Hospital after not complying with the Covid Vaccine Mandate on set and posting anti-transgender memes.)

Lenkov will probably try to get more friends and ex-co-workers to back him up for the book, but I doubt that most of the people still supporting him are ready and/or willing to do so in public.

Lee David Zlotoff for MacGyver Con (Screenshot via SaveMacGyverHQ)

CBS Fall TV Season Ratings
On November 10, CBS released their midseason schedule. Surprisingly, they’re still going through with their initial idea; pulling off SWAT in January and shoving it to Sundays 10pm to make room for reality shows (Undercover Boss and Celebrity Big Brother).

Considering that SWAT is their only scripted show gaining in demo ratings this season compared to last year, this is a disappointing move for fans. But hey, at least the show isn’t cancelled.

Storyboard excerpt of Episode 5×06: Quarantine + N95 + Landline + Telescope + Social Distance (via Jasmine Alexia)

Of the 19 scripted shows on the current CBS Fall schedule, Magnum PI reaches the lowest demo of the Friday line-up (Rank 15), followed by Blue Bloods (Rank 14) and SWAT (Rank 13).

Other MacGyver-related News
On IMDbTV, the MacGyver Reboot has been in the Top 10 section for 55 days.

ICYMI: The official MacGyver website launched a design contest for the musical. You can win over 2500 US Dollars in cash prizes. If interested, check the entry information here. A few days ago, MacGyver-creator Lee David Zlotoff shared a short announcement.

MacGyver The Musical Design Contest (via the official MacGyver Instagram)

Last month, I finally found out which show is filmed in the Reboot’s former location (Mailing Avenue Stageworks): Ordinary Joe. Considering the ratings and the show not getting a backorder, it might be done after the first season.

Other MacGyver-related news in recent weeks you might have missed:

  • Yesterday and today, Lucas Till’s movie Son of the South is screened in competition at the “Festival du Film d’Histoire de Pessac” in France. The release date has been pushed to March next year.
  • Son of the South will be released December 2 in Italy. It’s possible the date gets pushed again if they have close cinemas due to rising numbers of covid cases in Europe.

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