MacGyver Reboot Update #78

Tonight, we finally get the episode that should have aired last week. Then, no episodes until April 5 because of March Madness. Meanwhile, cast and crew are still busy filming the last episode of Season 3.

BtS photo of Episode 3×22: Treason + Heartbreak + Gum (via Sarah Downer)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about characters and storylines in Season 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


The rescheduling of Episode 3×17
Episode 3×17 should have aired last Friday. In some sort of last-minute-rescheduling, CBS opted to preempt the episode for an interview with R. Kelly instead.

Sadly, neither the producers nor the writers were aware early of the schedule change and the official, pre-scheduled tweet about the episode airing plus the automatically scheduled tweets by SpoilerTV just added to the confusion. Until the last minute, many fans and even the guest-stars didn’t know about the episode not airing; promoting the show and prompting the fans to watch. Understandably, fans were pretty upset and vocal about it.

Episode 3×17: Seeds + Permafrost + Feather (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

To top it all, CBS hadn’t deleted the other pre-scheduled posts either; starting to promote Episode 3×18 early on instead of 3×17. Also, no Sneak Peeks yet to make up for all this mess. There hasn’t been much promo for the premiere tonight. Sigh.

About the Season 3 Ratings
It’s been a while since the last new episode, so to recap: Episode 3×16 had reached 6.574 million live-viewers and a demo of 0.8. In the +7 Days Ratings, it added another 1.53 million viewers (+23%), reaching a total of 8.108 million viewers with a demo of 1.06 (+36%).

BtS photo of Episode 3×16: Lidar + Rogues + Duty (via Chad Michael Collins)

The Rerun for Episode 3×06 got 4.387 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.4. For a rerun, that’s not bad numbers. It even had a higher audience number than Hawaii Five-0 (I can’t remember if this has ever happened, actually). For comparison: The reruns of Season 1 had an average of 4.22 million live-viewers and a demo of 0.58.

There was no new episode since February 22, so the MacGyver Reboot still has an average of 6.291 millions live-viewers per episode with a demo-rating of 0.73. Compared to the 23 scripted shows on CBS, the Reboot is still at rank 21 in demo and at rank 13 in audience.

Episode 3×18: Murdoc + Helman + Hit (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

Let’s take a look at some other CBS crime-action shows in the same range. Magnum PI is at 6.032 million live-viewers per episode with a 0.91 demo-rating at the moment. There is only one episode left to air; so concluding the first season with Episode 1×20 on April 1st. SEAL Team is still at 5.545 million live-viewers and a demo of 0.84 on average. Since they’ve been on a 4-weeks-hiatus, they won’t end the season before May 22. SWAT is at 5.373 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.79, ending the season on May 16.

All you need to know about tonight’s Episode 3×17
Tonight’s Episode 3×17 is titled “Seeds + Permafrost + Feather”, written by Nancy Kiu and Lindsey Allen and directed by Alexandra La Roche.

Episode 3×17: Seeds + Permafrost + Feather (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

The Press Release with the first Official Still came out on February 15 with more Stills added on March 5. Because it’s been a while, here’s the synopsis again:

MacGyver and team are asked to solve a locked-door mystery when a man working inside a remote, ultra-secure international seed vault disappears.

There’s guest appearances by Carsten Norgaard and Carlos Leal. Under the Recurring Cast, there’s Reign Edwards, Levy Tran and Tate Donovan listed.

Season 3 Overview: Episodes 3×18 to 3×22
After tonight’s episode, there will be a break due to March Madness basketball. On March 11, CBS released the airdates for all their show’s season finales. The Season 3 Finale of MacGyver will air on May 10 because there is another short break in between due to the “I love Lucy” special airing on April 19.

Episode 3×18: Murdoc + Helman + Hit (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

Let’s do a short recap of all the information we have gathered so far for remaining episodes:

  • 3×18: Murdoc + Helman + Hit (April 5)
    Written by MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff, directed by Roderick Davis. Guest appearances by Michael Des Barres, Andre Reed and David Dastmalchian. The first Official Still was released on February 28 with more Stills added on March 6 (sadly, none of them featureing MDB). Channel CBS46 had been on set for that episode; doing on-set interviews with the cast. Hopefully, they will release more material for the occasion.
  • 3×19: Friends + Enemies + Border (April 12)
    Guest appearances by Odelya Halevi and Nick Massouh.
  • 3×20: No Go + High Voltage + Rescue (April 26)
    Directed by Eagle Egilsson. Guest appearances by Andrew Brodeur and Emily Marie Palmer.
  • 3×21: tba (May 3)
    Directed by Maja Vrvilo.
  • 3×22: Treason + Heartbreak + Gum (May 10)
    Written by Nancy Kiu and Lindsey Allen, directed by Stephen Herek. Guest appearances by Lance Gross,  Emerson Brooks and Brendan Hines.

Working on Episodes 3×21 and 3×22
It’s gotten difficult to determine what filming days were used for which episode. On February 25, they filmed scenes involving power lines and climbing a tower. The next days, they filmed scenes at Fulton County airport and at Turner Field, also using a living rat on the Turner Field set.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Meredith Eaton)

Lucas Till initiated Mustache March; sharing the diversity of the mustached crew on Instagram Live Stories. They also filmed scenes with the black chopper again.

On March 11, Lance Gross revealed that he was on a plane back to Atlanta; his hand over the script title page. All his secrecy was unnecessary, though since Costume Designer Sarah Downer revealed the title for the Season Finale Episode to us just a few hours later: “Treason + Heartbreak + Gum”.

Emerson Brooks posted a photo of Charlie in trouble; sitting in what looks like either a cell or a glass cage. Levy Tran, Lucas Till and Justin Hires filmed on a fake elevator set on March 11 and 12. Brendan Hines uploaded a video of him in the make-up trailer getting the neck tattoo for his character Ethan. Meredith Eaton posted some stories before filming in an underground parking garage on March 13.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Emerson Brooks)

On Wednesday, CBS surprised the fans by tweeting a photo for tonight’s episode of MacGyver and Desi – and it looks like they just got busted while sharing the bed. MacRiley fans were not happy, although there is some indication that this might have been another undercover op similar to the ruse used by MacGyver and Riley in Episode 2×03 (Roulette Wheel + Wire). The guy busting in on them is most likely Maurice P Kerry who had posted photos of him with both Lucas and Levy before; Lucas wearing a bathrobe.

Yesterday, they continued filming action scenes in the underground parking garage. The storyboard photo by Mike Torino, but also the scene preparation with toy cars by stunt coordinator Daniel Hargrave a few days earlier indicate that there might be some big action involving car chases and fighting.

Episode 3×17: Seeds + Permafrost + Feather (via MacGyverCBS)

Levy Tran shared stories on set, also revealing her leg being black and blue due to the recent stunt work. Sheryl Lee Ralph aka Mama Colton has also been around yesterday. Lance Gross filmed a scene wearing a sharp suit – Instagram Stories by the stand-ins indicate that it will be most likely a dinner date with Billy and Riley. We don’t know yet how many members of the Colton family will show up, but there seem to be quite a lot of characters in the Season 3 Finale.

This week, Technical Consultant Rhett Allain uploaded a blog post with science notes about the MacHacks in Episode 1×19 (Compass) and in Episode 1×20 (Hole Puncher).

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Mike Torino)

Other Cast, Crew and Character News
Levy Tran joined the cast as recurring character, but she has been on set for every episode since 3×15 so far, so CBS will surely bump her to a regular if the show gets another season. It also appears that Tate Donovan has been part of most of the episodes being filmed lately, so it’s possible he might be part of a Season Finale plot twist or cliffhanger.

As mentioned above, Emerson Brooks (as Charlie Robinson), Lance Gross (as Billy Colton), Sheryl Lee Ralph (as Mama Colton) and Brendan Hines (as Matty’s ex-husband Ethan) have been on set recently. There’s no indication yet if Billy and Ethan are part of the “Hearbreak” or the “Treason” in the episode title of 3×22.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Maurice P Kerry)

Central Casting Georgia has been looking for a lot of Extras recently; revealing that we might get to travel to Paris and to Russia.

In the last two weeks, they’ve been looking for a female Nurse, female Spectators, a male Coroner, for a Tactical Team, Agents and Techs, for Police, Firemen and Paramedics, Russian Guards, Bodyguards, Business People, Europe Wait Staff, for Beautiful Club Goers, for Handsome Club Goers, Business Patrons and Street Patrons, Diner Patrons, for Women Servers, Upscale Europe Restaurant Patrons, Paris Wait Staff, an African American female model for a photoshoot, male Security Officers, for Middle Eastern, Caucasian or Hispanic Security Guards and for Maintenance Workers.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Levy Tran)

Other MacGyver-related News
French MacGyver fans are lucky since channel M6 will start airing Season 3 tomorrow at 9pm.

In case you missed it: The confirmed guests for the MacGyver panel on March 23 at the Paley-Fest LA so far are Lucas Till, Tristin Mays and Meredith Eaton. Justin Hires has a stand-up comedy gig in Washington that day and won’t be able to attend. Tickets are still available for the event moderated by Kevin Frazier (Entertainment Tonight)!

Matt Carter talked with Executive Producer Peter Lenkov about the Reboot in an interview posted on March 7. He also teased an upcoming interview with Michael Des Barres in April (presumably on April 5 before the premiere of Episode 3×18).

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Sheryl Lee Ralph)

Best of TV Awards
The Reboot was eligible for the “Best of TV Awards” held by Canada Graphs. It had won several categories in Round 1 (e.g. Best Stunts, Best Writing, Kate Bond as Best Recurring Actress) and made it into most of the categories for the Finals. Here are the results so far:

  • Best Writing (Rank 5)
  • Best Stunts (Rank 4)
    Only three votes more and the Reboot would have placed Rank 3.
  • Favorite TV Character (Angus MacGyver Rank 6, Jack Dalton Rank 27)
    Again, Ranks 4 to 7 are only one or two votes apart, so our lead hero could have placed 4th with only three votes more.
  • Favorite TV Program (Rank 4)
    It placed better than many fan favorites dominating the awards for years and ranks 2, 3 and 4 are only a few votes apart. Only five votes more and the Reboot would have placed 2nd in this category.

Maybe some more votes by fans might get the Reboot to win in some of the categories next year *hint hint*.

MacGyver Reboot Update #49

Filming for Season 2 continues, often even on the weekends. Tonight, Michael Des Barres will guest-star in Episode 2×15!

BtS of Michael Des Barres in Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via David Dastmalchian)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about Season 2 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


Cowboys, Mexico and more Wedding Dresses
Since they continued filming in January after Christmas Hiatus, there aren’t that many new BtS pictures provided by the main cast anymore. Both Lucas Till and George Eads go for weeks without posting anything at all, while Justin continues uploading BtS pictures of (the still untitled) Episode 2×16.

Of course, this led to speculations by fans what’s going on. On the one hand, they often work on the weekends as well – they’re just too busy to post. On the other hand, they’re working on Episodes 2×19 and 2×20 at the moment which means they’ll soon start gearing up for the Season Finale. If they have actually planned on revealing Mac’s father (like Lenkov promised in an early Season 2 interview), they might keep up the secrecy for a while longer.

BtS picture of Jack Dalton in Season 2 (via George Eads)

One “secret” has already been hinted at by Executive Producer Peter Lenkov: We will see George Eads in chaps. According to his Instagram Live Story, this will be part of a scene with Matty and Jack – and as crew member Kate Roberson revealed, that’s probably the story how Matty got to see Jack’s butt for the first time (as mentioned in Episode 2×03).

Besides Jack in chaps, we will definitely see other interesting clothes for undercover missions this Season. Justin Hires posted another picture of Riley in a wedding dress; posing with her “husband” Bozer. Even if the wedding won’t be real, it looks like they had at least giant lobster for their “work-slash-honeymoon” meal. We’ve seen many BtS pictures of Episode 2×16 so far, but also of the Coltons-Episode (2×18: Riley + Airplane). Interestingly, there aren’t many infos on Episode 2×17 – it doesn’t even haven an entry on IMDb yet.

BtS picture of Season 2 (via Steven Serna)

For a few days, they filmed scenes in “Mexico”. It’s not clear yet if this is tied to the Cowboy Jack scene, but there had been horses and mules on set as well. As Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe promised, there will be some interesting stunts soon.

Two days ago, they filmed what looked like a sequence of the animated movie “Up”. Several crew members shared pictures and videos of the colorful balloons that seem to be tied to a trampoline. For once, the sun was shining. Today, they’re filming at Pullman Rail Yard again – and as Tristin Mays reveals in her Instagram Live Story, it’s very cold. Last week, we’ve seen how the crew deals with ice and sleet on the streets for outside filming.

Yesterday, Lucas posted some Instagram Live Stories, showing lots of money hiding behind the set walls. This week, Justin Hires also posted Live Stories that featured duffle bags filled with money – very fitting for the title of Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle).

BtS video screenshots of Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via Lucas Till)

Cast and Crew posted some older pictures as well; e.g. Boom Operator Robert Maxfield of Riley in her Halloween costume or of Isabel Lucas in the water tank while filming the Halloween Episode (2×05: Skull + Electromagnet).

Official Stills, Press Releases and Sneak Peeks
On January 12, CBS officially announced via TV Insider that Michael Des Barres will guest-star in tonight’s Episode 2×15 (Murdoc + Handcuffs). Four days later, we got the official Press Release, revealing that MDB will actually play Nicholas Helman, Murdoc’s mentor. On January 25, they released a handful of Official Stills.

There were no Official Sneak Peeks for Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair) and the Previews kept being very short for the last few episodes. The Preview for 2×15 is also only 10 seconds long, but there is an additional “long” version of a Preview Trailer. Today, we got 3 Sneak Peeks in total, but interestingly none with Michael Des Barres.

Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via Seat42F)

MDB has been hyping up his fans for tonight’s episode for days, now. Yesterday, he did some promo on Yahoo! Entertainment: During a very interesting, 40-minutes-long interview, he talked about the Reboot cast and the filming experience, about his craziest scene for the Original Show and about many other things.

A Rerun of Episode 1×17 (Ruler) is scheduled to air on Saturday, February 10. It has been re-scheduled twice so far, so we’ll see if it works out this time. A Rerun of the Season 2 Premiere Episode (2×01: DIY or DIE) is scheduled for the following week, so Saturday, February 17.

Reruns might actually be the only thing fans get to watch after tonight: For the rest of the February Fridays at 8pm, there’s Celebrity Big Brother scheduled; meaning Episode 2×16 won’t air until March 2nd. This is apparently standard procedure during the Olympics: There won’t be any new episodes for most current TV shows so it doesn’t hurt the ratings. Sure, one could argue that non-regular viewers might lose interest on the show or forget to tune in when it comes back. On the other hand, this also means that the cast might get to enjoy one or two free weekends again while editors and post-production have more time to do their final touches.

BtS picture of Episode 2×16 (via Justin Hires)

There is a small consolation prize for fans, though: Season 2 will definitely get an additional episode, so a total of 23 episodes. The information has been up on the CBSSI show page for several weeks, but it wasn’t until Wednesday we got confirmation via SpoilerTV.

Apparently, SpoilerTV also got some scoop on Episode 2×21: It’s set in post-hurricane Puerto Rico, there’s one of Mac’s old friends named Carlos, and there will be at least two kidnappings.

Season 2 Ratings
Episode 2×13 (CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch) had reached a new record for Season 2: 8.14 million live viewers with a rating of 1.0 in demo. The Reboot hadn’t reached more than 8 million live viewers since Episode 1×15, so I was curious about the numbers for the next episode.

Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair) didn’t quite match 2×13 – but it kept the 1.0 demo-rating while reaching an audience of 7.68 million live viewers.

BtS picture of Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via Michael Des Barres)

Cast and Character News
Besides Michael Des Barres, tonight’s guest-stars for Episode 2×15 (Murdoc + Handcuffs) are Michael Michele as Riley’s mother Diane, Murdoc’s son Cassian (played by Brady Bond) and Anthony Starke (the teacher “hired” by Murdoc in Episode 2×04).

Reign Edwards will return as Bozer’s love interest Leanna (in Episode 2×16), helping with an undercover mission by posing as MacGyver’s wife.

In Episode 2×18 – called “Riley + Airplane” – we will meet up with the Coltons again. It’s a nice surprise that they managed to get all actors from the last Colton-Episode (1×16: Hook) back on set. All of the actors – Jermaine Rivers (Frank Colton), Lance Gross (Billy Colton), Javicia Leslie (Jesse Colton) and Sheryl Lee Ralph (Mama Colton) –  uploaded several pictures and videos on social media for the fans to enjoy.

BtS picture of Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via Jermaine Rivers)

Soap Opera star Joel Rush has been filming on January 19 and will be probably part of the Coltons-Episode. American football running back Latavius Murray has been on set as well – but it’s not clear yet if he was just visiting or actually working.

Extras are important, too – and the Casting Calls often give insights on the upcoming locations the episodes will be set in. Central Casting Georgia has been looking for Mexico Kids and Mexico Patrons, for a family of a mother and two children who portray Caucasian in family photos, Stand-Ins, Female Techs, good-looking agents or CIA Office Workers. They’ve also been looking for more Techs, Bad Guys who are comfortable wearing a Hazmat Mask, a male Drug Store ClerkNurses, Asian Business People, Police and Peru Pedestrians.

How to deal with Ice: MacGyver Style (via Thomas Doolittle)

MacGyver in Austria
Austrian channel ORF1 finally managed to air the German-speaking premiere of Episode 1×16 (Hook). It managed to pull in a live audience of 123’000 people; setting the audience-record so far. Episode 1×17 (Ruler) garnered 81’000 viewers, which is actually not that bad, either.

MacGyver Reboot Update #48

Unless production is halted due to heavy snowfall every now and then, filming continues as planned on Season 2. Also, we finally got the confirmation about Michael Des Barres guest-starring in Episode 2×15!

BtS of Michael Des Barres in Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via David Dastmalchian)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about Season 2 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


Russia, Bikes and Wedding Dresses
After Christmas Hiatus, filming was officially resumed on January 5, presumably for Episode 2×17. Lucas Till’s Stand-In Matthew Albright had revealed how many layers he’s wearing at the moment because of the cold. They’ve been filming in “Russia” until last week. The Location was an old warehouse with actors milling around in white hazmat suits à la “Back to the Future”. Tristin Mays donned one of these suits as well; stealing a truck with “plutonium”.

BtS of Season 2 (via Tristin Mays)

Tristin recently revealed on social media that she’s been taking motorcycle lessons. On January 7, she posted a short video of her riding a motorcycle. She didn’t think it looked as cool as she wanted it to be, but Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe and other crew members complimented her; stating that she “kicked ass” (despite not wearing a helmet).

A day later, Tristin posted a BtS video of her and Reign Edwards dancing around in Wedding Dresses; presumably for Episode 2×16. Executive Producer Peter Lenkov topped that post on Tuesday, January 16: In the Instagram Story he uploaded while editing, Mac and Leanna are posing for wedding pictures; gazing lovingly into each others eyes. Yesterday, Justin Hires posted a photo of Bozer and Riley posing for their own set of wedding pictures.

BtS video screenshots of Episode 2×16 (via Peter Lenkov)

A few days ago, production continued at the Delta Flight Museum – with a “Mini-Hiatus” on Wednesday due to heavy snowfall.

In general, cast and crew battled the cold all week. Maybe that’s what led to the “atomic sneeze“? Although it’s cold, the cast was excited that the show is back on production and on air. It’s not quite clear if they’re just so busy or if they’re trying to keep the lid on recent sets, but there aren’t that many BtS pictures since they started filming again. They do provide older BtS pictures, though – especially on Fridays. Meredith Eaton posted some BtS pictures from Episode 2×13: One is her, Tristin and Lucas posing with the little monkey from the Opening Gambit; another one is her with Ashley Tisdale.

It seems like 2×16 is one of Justin’s favorites, since all recent pictures he has been posting were made while filming this episode. One BtS picture features Mac, Leanna, Bozer and Riley in their “honeymoon/spy-op-suite“. Another shows Bozer and Riley taking up Yoga Lessons. Yesterday, he uploaded a picture of Mac and Bozer flashing their wedding rings.

Episode 2×14: Mardi Gras Beads + Chair (via SpoilerTV)

Official Stills, Press Releases and Sneak Peeks
After 4 Sneak Peeks for Episode 2×12 (Mac + Jack), we only got a single one for Episode 2×13 – but cast and crew provided lots of new BtS pictures (e.g. of Meredith Eaton with Ashley Tisdale) while Lenkov teased that Mac “loses it tonight”.

A Rerun of Episode 1×17 (Ruler) had been scheduled for December 29 last year. CBS then re-scheduled the rerun for Friday, January 26. A look at the TV programme reveals that the rerun has been dropped off the schedule again; airing a Bruno Mars concert instead. At the moment, the episode is scheduled to air on Saturday, February 10.

On January 17, we got additional Stills for Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair). Peter Lenkov also provided some sneak peeks via Instagram Live Stories – one of the Opening Gambit (in what looks like a “flying toilet box”) and some more with scenes between Jack and his “wife” (played by Amy Smart). Sadly, there were no Official Sneak Peeks.

Michael Des Barres in Episode 2×15
We had already put together enough pieces to know about it, but it wasn’t until January 12 that CBS officially announced via TV Insider that Michael Des Barres will guest-star in Episode 2×15 (Murdoc + Handcuffs). Besides giving us a first Still, they also revealed that MDB will play a mentor of rebooted Murdoc (David Dastmalchian) and that apparently, Murdoc doesn’t like that his mentor decides to retire and plans on killing him.

Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via TV Insider)

Both Michael (MDB) and David posted some great BtS pictures on social media, stating that it had been immensely fun and educating to film this episode.

On January 16, we got the official Press Release, revealing that MDB will actually play a character named Nicholas Helman. In case the name sounds familiar: it’s another nod the the Original Show. Nicholas Helman was the Chairman of the Board for the Homicide International Trust (HIT), a criminal group who contracted assassins all over the world. Helman himself was a first rate assassin who had trained OG Murdoc in the “art” of killing.

Interestingly, the scoop by TV Insider must have been wrong, because the Press Release states that Helman is the one trying to get rid of Murdoc, not the other way around.

BtS of Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via Jermaine Rivers)

Season 2 Ratings
Episode 2×12 (Mac + Jack) had managed 7.83 million live viewers with a rating of 0.9 in the important demo group (14-49 years old). That’s almost a million live viewers more than for Episode 2×11.

Episode 2×13 (CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch) reached a new record for Season 2: 8.14 million live viewers with a rating of 1.0 in demo. The Reboot hasn’t reached more than 8 million live viewers since Episode 1×15, so I’m already curious what will happen ratings-wise for the next few episodes.

Interestingly, #Blindspot had trended on Twitter above #MacGyver. It had also generated more traffic on voting sites asking what people will be watching tonight. Apparently, higher social media traffic doesn’t automatically generate higher audience numbers.

BtS of Episode 2×13: CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch (via Meredith Eaton)

It might be a while until we hear about a potential Season 3 renewal. Fact is, CBS wins every week with their Friday Evening Line-Up. Unless someone of the main cast drops out, it seems like a no-brainer that all Friday shows (MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods) will be renewed for another Season. Interesting fact: The Season-2-Order had initially been for 22 episodes. But I recently noticed that the CBS Studios International website lists Season 2 with 23 episodes now. Other shows like Hawaii Five-O, NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans already got an extended order for 24 episodes last November. Looking at recent ratings, it makes sense that CBS wants to bank on the Reboot’s ratings success as well. It’s just a bit strange that there was no official news about it so far.

Cast and Character News
Tonight’s guest-stars for Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair) are Garrett Morris as the proprietor of “Willy’s House of Voodoo” and Amy Smart as Jack’s “wife”.

BtS of Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane  (via Jermaine Rivers)

Riley’s mother Diane (played by Michael Michele), Murdoc’s son Cassian (Brady Bond) and Anthony Starke (the teacher “hired” by Murdoc in Episode 2×04) will be back in Episode 2×15 (Murdoc + Handcuffs). Reign Edwards returns as Bozer’s love interest Leanna (presumably in Episode 2×16), helping with an undercover mission by posing as MacGyver’s wife.

Peter Lenkov had revealed in an “inside scoop” via TV Line on January 2nd that Riley will take up a relationship with one of the Colton brothers. Jermaine Rivers (Frank Colton) had hinted that he might be the lucky one, but deleted his comment afterwards. Both of the Colton Brothers are attached to other shows filming in Atlanta, but since Jermaine’s The Gifted (FOX) has already wrapped its first Season while Lance Gross (Billy Colton) is still filming for Star, there were speculations that Billy might be absent this time.

Javicia Leslie (Jesse Colton), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Mama Colton) and Jermaine started filming this week; already uploading some BtS pictures and videos. As Jermaine Rivers revealed, Episode 2×18 will be called “Riley + Airplane”. A few days later, Lance Gross joined the crew; therefore completing the Colton Family. Sadly, there were no sightings of a rebooted version of Frog Dog.

BtS video screenshot of Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via Sheryl Lee Ralph)

Extras are important, too.  Central Casting Georgia has been looking for Guys in Hazmat Masks, Skater Boys, more Bad Guys, a Photo Double for Michael Des Barres and High End Vehicles. For this week, they’ve been looking for airplane passengers and a Flight Attendant, for Weightlifters, Stand-Ins, for people appearing as homeless and for Extras filming a mansion scene: Caterers, Waiters, Valets, a Big Guard, Security and Mansion Guests.

MacGyver in France
Two weeks ago, Episodes 1 to 3 premiered on French channel M6. The Pilot Episode had reached 4.11 Million live viewers and won second place on French TV that Friday.

Episodes 4, 5 and 6 premiered last week. As with the premiere of the Pilot Episode, new French articles with short interviews have been posted online, but they’ve all been done back in Monte Carlo last summer. While we’ve heard the soundbites before, Téléstar posted a new picture of George Eads that had been done in the official CBS portraits series.

George Eads as Jack Dalton (via TéléStar)

On the day of the premiere, the Hashtag #MacGyver had started trending even before the Pilot Episode had begun and kept trending for almost 10 hours in France. It also trended for episodes 4 to 6; although not for as many hours.

MacGyver in Austria
Episode 1×15 (Magnifying Glass) had managed to pull in 73’000 viewers. Because the episodes weren’t aired regularly anymore due to the interfering Winter Sports Events, it’s gotten a bit more difficult for viewers to catch the show. After several reschedulings, ORF1 finally managed to air the German-speaking premiere of Episode 1×16 (Hook).

Apparently, the preceding Sports Event helped with the ratings, because 2×16 brought in a whopping 123’000; setting the audience-record so far.

MacGyver Reboot Update #23

Disclaimer: My original guest-post was first published on The MacGyver Project on February 17, 2017. I made some minor changes (e.g. grammar or source corrections, link corrections, additional pictures) before re-posting it on my own blog for safe-keeping.

It’s official: MacGyver will have a crossover episode with Hawaii Five-0 next month!

Episode 18: Flashlight (via Daniel Dae Kim)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


MacGyver goes Hawaii
In my last guest-post (Update No. 22) two weeks ago, I speculated about an impending crossover between MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0. Executive Producer Peter Lenkov has said several times (e.g. at San Diego Comic Con) that he would love to do a crossover episode. He also talked about the connection between the two shows and the potential crossover he had written into the script for the pilot episode, namely a backstory of Jack Dalton sharing history with Steve McGarrett. (The scene had indeed been filmed, but the direct reference didn’t make it into the final cut.)

Pilot Episode: The Rising (via Peter Lenkov)

My speculations manifested due to Central Casting Georgia announcing a casting call on February 2 for Asian-looking Extras; in particular Hawaiians (certified in First Aid and CPR or having real life experience as EMTs, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses or Rescue Workers).

Not even 20 hours later, Lucas Till spilled the beans by sharing a picture of Taylor Wily on the MacGyver set in Atlanta. It didn’t take long for press releases and articles to pop up with more information. According to TVLine, the Episode called “Flashlight” will air on March 10. The story will involve Mac and the team travelling to the big Island of Hawaii to aid in earthquake-relief efforts. There, MacGyver and Jack will team with Chin Ho and Kono to rescue a group of government scientists trapped in a building on the verge of collapse.

The Earthquake Episode
So far, not that many pictures have resurfaced from either sets in Atlanta or Hawaii. But we might get to see some special promo since they did cast interviews and B-Rolls on location.

Episode 18: Flashlight (via CBS Express)

On February 4, Taylor Wily posted a short video of the MacGyver home dressed up for Mac’s birthday. On February 9, Fred Andres granted us a first look at one of the sets – although back then, it was still unclear if the main cast would actually film scenes in Hawaii or if they would stay in Atlanta while 2nd Unit got the necessary outside film material on location.

On February 13, we finally got pictures of Lucas Till and George Eads on the earthquake set at Leahi Hospital. The crew was seen lifting heavy rocks around while the Stunt Team was already filming with Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe. Casey Alicino revealed the director’s name (Jonathan Brown).

On Valentine’s Day, Daniel Dae Kim posted the first official picture of the crossover team. The Press Release on February 16 brought us the first official still. Seems there was a dress code to wear shades of blue!

BtS of Episode 16: Hook (via Tristin Mays)

Working on Episodes 18 and 19
While Lucas and George were in Hawaii, the rest of Team Phoenix filmed their scenes in Atlanta (e.g. on a jet or in the lab) with the crew working behind the scenes and the guest-stars finishing ADR (e.g. Jermaine Rivers for tonight’s Episode 16). It’s nice to see that despite the hard work, the cast still takes time to pose for pictures with the Extras or with fans.

Peter Lenkov posted some videos while editing; e.g. a video of editing Hawaii Five-0 that mentions Jack and the Phoenix Foundation. Interestingly, another (now deleted) video appeared to be a huge spoiler for the ending of next week’s episode 17 (Ruler).

As Anthony Kountz revealed today, they just started working on Episode 19. It’s nice to see it will be once again an episode directed by a woman (Christine Moore).

Premieres of Episodes 14 and 15
A few days before the premiere of Episode 15, Lucas and Justin and the crew had been teasing us with BtS pictures. Cast and crew seemed especially fascinated by the robot (that will make another appearance soon).

The Reboot continues to earn good ratings. Episode 14 (Fish Scaler) managed 7.5 million viewers while Episode 15 (Magnifying Glass) got a whopping 8.05 million viewers (along with a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demo group).

BtS of Episode 15: Magnifying Glass (via Gabriel Beristain)

Since the news about the crossover episode was officially announced only hours before the premiere of Episode 15, the Hashtag #MacGyver was already trending not even 10 minutes into the episode.

The writer’s crew continued their tradition of live tweeting. Craig O’Neill posted a picture of the “new” MacGyver writer’s office which brought up another round of speculations about a possible season renewal.

Stills, Sneak Peeks and Press Releases
On February 3, we got an additional Sneak Peek for Episode 14 (Fish Scaler) via ET Online. For the Sneak Peeks for Episode 15 (Magnifying Glass), we had to wait until Premiere Day again.

Episode 16: Hook (via SpoilerTV)

We got many official stills for tonight’s Episode 16 (Hook). Sadly, CBS still witholds the previews. As for last Friday’s episode, there was no “real” preview trailer but a video put together with scenes from old episodes (e.g. Chisel or Metal Saw). We got 3 Sneak Peeks, though and therefore got to meet Mama Colton and Billy Colton – and most important: Frog Dog! For now, he’s just an Easter Egg on a painting in the background, but who knows what will happen.

So far, we haven’t seen much for Episode 17 (Ruler) besides the press release and a few stills via Getty Images. The press release for the crossover Episode 18 (Flashlight) was made available on February 17.

Interestingly, in an article about the crossover by Star Advertiser, it’s stated that the show “already has been green-lighted for a second year“. So far it’s unclear if that really means a Second Season or if some information got mixed up (because initially only 13 episodes had been ordered before the Full Season Order back in October). Since all of CBS’s Friday Night Shows are doing very well ratings-wise, it would be a no-brainer to renew them. It’s possible we won’t know before the upfronts in May, though.

Episode 17: Ruler (via SpoilerTV)

According to Broadway World, there will be a rerun of Episode 8 (Corkscrew) on March 3.

aTVfest Appearance
On February 4, Lucas, Tristin and Justin made an appearance for SCAD aTVfest. After doing some interviews, they attended the Q&A for the screening of Episode 14 (Fish Scaler), along with Peter Lenkov and Jeff Downer. Since the event took place on a Saturday, the cast worked through another weekend but still took time to post pictures and videos.

In the interview with FanBolt, Lucas revealed that he was indeed heading to Hawaii for filming. He also acknowledged Richard Dean Anderson’s involvement in the Original Show; stating that he doesn’t know how RDA handled the workload being in every scene while not having an ensemble cast like they do for the Reboot.

SCAD aTVfest Photocall (via Twitter)

Cast and Character News
Central Casting Georgia did several rush calls to get their extras for the crossover episode; e.g. for Tactical Guys and for a “real EMT with experience operating a gurney”. Other casting calls included Asian and Caucasian Men to portray National Guardsmen as well as calls for Agents and “Techies”, Airport Passengers and MIT Students.

As TV Guide Magazine revealed, we will get to know the backstory between Jack and Matty and see more scenes of the Phoenix director in the field.

Peter Lenkov promised weeks ago that Sandrine Holt will be back – and look, she’s listed for Episode 19 on IMDb. Interesting. Although I still think she will show up in the Season Finale along with Nikki and/or Murdoc; especially since Lenkov also revealed that Murdoc will come back this season (and there aren’t that many episodes left to film).

MacGyver Reboot Update #21

Disclaimer: My original guest-post was first published on The MacGyver Project on January 20, 2017. I made some minor changes (e.g. grammar or source corrections, link corrections, additional pictures) before re-posting it on my own blog for safe-keeping.

Although the next Episode won’t air until February 3, Cast and Crew are busy filming the residual episodes for Season 1. Also, there’s a certain Family of Bounty Hunters on set!

Episode 1×13: Large Blade (via Gabriel Beristain)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


Working on Episodes 14, 15 and 16
After a premiere break of 3 weeks, cast and crew took their time to join in the promo of Episodes 12 (Screwdriver) and 13 (Large Blade). On January 6, Justin Hires posted some interesting pictures of Bozer and Riley in undercover costumes while Tristin Mays shared a rather disturbing video of herself walking around the set. Seems like she got herself a new face for the day!

Despite the high ratings of Episode 12 on January 6, Executive Producer Peter Lenkov didn’t have much time to celebrate. He spent the weekend editing and sharing teasers on Instagram Stories. One of these teasers was a short video of MacGyver being handcuffed in an out-of-control car going backwards. Looks like an exciting Opening Gambit! The other videos consisted of a fight in a parking garage and of MacGyver mentally gearing up to work with his new boss.

Episode 1×15: Magnifying Glass (via Lucas Till)

During the premiere of Episode 13, Lucas Till posted a video from set to show that they were still filming. Tristin Mays shared videos on Instagram Stories. The crew likes to play the “Paperclip Game” between takes. There was also enough time to take some pictures with new cast member Meredith Eaton.

On the weekend, second unit was still filming at the Fox Theatre and in Piedmont Park for Episode 15. For bypassers, the nightshoot in Piedmont Park looked a bit like a horror movie set, though. As Second Assistant Director Cornell Willis stated, snow and the cold didn’t stop them from doing their favorite job.

Bounty Hunters on Set
On Monday, production moved to “Louisiana” (aka Dolly’s Farmhouse Restaurant in Austell, Georgia) to start shooting for another episode. Several bypassers got a look at the filming process in front of the restaurant. Dolly’s also shared some pictures on Facebook; stating that well over hundred people were swarming the location.

Episode 16 might be a special one for fans of the original show, because a well-known family of Bounty Hunters is back in town! Jermaine Rivers revealed on January 16 that he has been cast as Frank Colton. After asking if he might be one of the Colton’s, Lance Gross confirmed to me on Twitter that he has been cast as Billy Colton. It didn’t take long for Mama Colton (Sheryl Lee Ralph) and Jesse Colton (Javicia Leslie) to reveal themselves.

Episode 1×16: Hook (via Sheryl Lee Ralph)

Interestingly, the restrictions of posting on social media seems to have been lifted. All members of the Colton family are posting on social media; sharing tons of pictures or videos from set and from inside the make-up trailer. It’s nice to see that the new cast members did some homework and know the Coltons and the names of the actors who played them in the original show.

Premieres of Episodes 12 and 13
During the premiere of Episode 12 (Screwdriver) on January 6, Extras and cast members shared some more BtS pictures of the filming process back in November. Briana Lamb had been able to stand in (or sit in) for Amy Acker (she was usually Sandrine Holt’s Stand-In) – which meant she got to wear a wedding dress and the crew to “play-fight” about who would be walking her down the aisle for practice. Preston Hillier posted a picture of the happy couple.

The premiere of Episode 12 not only brought recurring characters and surprising plot-twists, but also the third-highest ratings (8.42 millions) so far. The ratings for Episode 13 (Large Blade) weren’t as high (7.64 millions), but these two episodes are also the best user rated episodes on IMDb. Also, the Hashtag #MacGyver keeps trending on Twitter, even long after the show has aired.

Episode 1×13: Large Blade (via Zulay Henao)

Andrew Karlsruher, writer of Episode 13, tweeted along with the other MacGyver Writers; sharing some of the science behind this episode, but also a warning not to try THIS at home.

Overall, the ratings and the 18-49 demographic numbers are relatively solid (for now, the mean is 8.1 millions viewers / 1.14 per episode). If the numbers stay that way, chances are good for the show being renewed for another season.

Stills, Sneak Peeks and Press Releases
Only 3 days before its premiere, we got the first stills for Episode 13 (Large Blade). Just hours before the premiere, we got two additional sneak peeks.

Production Assistant Kait C. shared the information that Episode 15 will be directed by Stephen Herek again (who had directed Episode 11 and the unaired “Young MacGyver” pilot back in 2003) while SpoilerTV revealed the title for Episode 17 (Ruler).

On January 19, CBS Express delivered the press release for Episode 14 (Fish Scaler). It will air on February 3 and was directed by Eagle Egilsson (CSI: Miami). I still don’t know why they felt the need to rush production so they can premiere the show in September – only to take so many breaks in between anyway. I think it’s quite annoying to wait so long; especially after a new regular cast member has joined the team.

Episode 1×14: Fish Scaler (via CBS Express)

SAK Huntsman ad and other Promo
Blue Barn Creative recently had the opportunity to create a promo for CBS and Victorinox for the Huntsman Boy Scout Swiss Army Knife. They used the tagline “Always Be Prepared” and footage from the Pilot Episode.

On January 13 – right before the premiere of Episode 13 – ET Online aired a promo video including a greeting from new regular cast member Meredith Eaton.

The video granted another glimpse at the Photoshoot for CBS Watch! Magazine. The Magazine will feature Lucas Till (Dresscode: Suit and Parachute) on the cover and will be available on January 23. Understandably, Lucas is very grateful to be on a major magazine cover for the first time. Justin Hires also gets a full photo-page in this issue.

CBS Watch! Magazine (via ET Online)

Cast, Crew and Character News
As noted above, the Coltons are coming back! Jermaine Rivers had revealed that his role as Frank Colton is a recurring one; so we should be prepared to see them again. You might have noticed that Jesse Colton is played by Javicia Leslie, which means Jesse is a girl in the Reboot. So far, we haven’t seen a dog on set, though. I really hope they bring back Frog, too!

Central Casting Georgia is still looking for a professional pool shark. Other casting calls were made for Armenian men to portray bad guys, for upscale Dutch citizens and for adults with Beachcomber Bicycles (whatever that is).

On January 11, Meredith Eaton (NCIS, Boston Legal) had announced that she’s joining the show. Two days later, it was confirmed that she will be the new head of the Phoenix Foundation.

Many fans were unhappy or even outraged about Sandrine Holt leaving the show and how her storyline was handled. How can the reinvented character of Pete Thornton be declared as a baddie without further explanation? It is worth to note that new boss “Matty Webber” is a clear notion to the original episode “Early Retirement” (Episode 3×12) and that Peter Lenkov has planned to bring Sandrine back soon. Do I smell a Season Finale Plot Twist coming? I sure hope so.