MacGyver Reboot Update #175

The first trailer of Levy Tran’s new movie is out. Meanwhile, MacGyver fans are waiting for news regarding the other cast members.

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
ICYMI: End of June, we got two photos of Lucas Till with Bob Zellner (presumably for an event by Shirts Across America). On July 13, we got a new sighting of Lucas attending a bachelor party in Austin, Texas. His mother Dana Till provided new photos of herself with her sons on July 23.

Lucas Till and Bob Zellner (via Shirts Across America)

Levy Tran’s movie Secret Headquarters will premiere on August 5 on Paramount+. They released an official poster plus the trailer on July 14. There’s just a tiny glimpse of Levy in the trailer, so I’m hoping for more material. About 50 Official Stills have been added on IMDb, but Levy isn’t on any of them and her character doesn’t have a name yet.

Justin Hires was out and about in Atlanta this week. It looks like he filmed a project with some fellow comedians, but we don’t have further information yet. It might be a commercial or a comedy bit. According to an Insta Story a week ago, he also took a Pole Dance Lesson.

BtS photo of Justin Hires (via Teague Hagans)

ICYMI: Henry Ian Cusick attended Mississippi Comic Con; happily posing with fans on photo ops (sometimes even as Russ Taylor). On July 4th, he spent time with some of his LOST-costars in Hawaii. As Deadline reported on July 18, he’s been cast as a recurring character on the 3rd season of ABC show Big Sky.

Tristin Mays hasn’t posted much since wrapping her scenes for Bang, a movie co-written and produced by Ex-Showrunner Peter Lenkov. We got an Instagram Story sighting of her with Alain Uy (who guest-starred in MacGyver Reboot Episode 5×14). He didn’t give any information about location and reasons, but it looked like they’re standing in front of a stage set wall. There was also a sighting at a friend’s birthday party this week.

Tristin Mays sighting (via Alain Uy)

MacGyver on DVD
ICYMI: In Germany, the Season 5 DVD was released on June 30. All the extras (deleted and extended scenes for Episodes 5×06, 5×13, 5×14 and 5×15) have a runtime of about 9 minutes. You can order the DVD here. On the same day, they also released the German version of the Complete Series Box Set with 24 discs. The bonus material is the same as for the single season editions.

In Japan, the Special Selection Season 4 DVD Box and the Season 5 DVD were both released on July 6.

Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim and Henry Ian Cusick (via Josh Holloway)

Overview of the upcoming DVD releases in France:

  • The Season 4 DVD will be released on August 17.
  • The Season 5 DVD will be released on September 21.
  • The Complete Series Box Set with 23 discs will be released on September 21.

MacGyver The Musical
ICYMI: There was a contest of who will sing as MacGyver on the MacGyver musical concept album. Check here for more information on who made it into the public voting phase. Voting ended on July 25. The finalists will be announced on August 1, the winner on August 4.

Tristin Mays recording for the MacGyver Musical Concept Album (via MacGyver Global)

There’s an official poster for the album, but no release date (though it’s been mentioned that it will come out in September).

MacGyver on ionTV
Since July 11, ion Television airs several episodes of Leverage: Redemption on Mondays. To make room on the schedule, ionTV reduced the number of MacGyver reruns; airing 10 episodes instead of 16. The second cycle of reruns will end on August 8; followed by the start of the third cycle on the same day.

Lucas Till with friends (via Shawn Toao Hughes)

CBS Pilot Season (encore)
ICYMI: NBC has ordered 20 more episodes of Magnum PI; split into two seasons. There’s no release date and they haven’t started filming yet, so it will probably be a midseason show. According to the writers, they will have the same writing crew as for Season 4, so there might be a chance of Levy’s character coming back for another guest appearance.

So far, none of the MacGyver cast or of the writers is attached to any of the rookie shows, though some of the MacGyver writers are still working on other CBS shows (e.g. Star Trek).

Other MacGyver-related News
Check out the official SaveMacGyver website and their social media accounts to keep up with news about the #SaveMacGyver movement.

Nick, Lucas and Mama Till (via Dana Till)

Other MacGyver-related news you might have missed:

  • David Dastmalchian has been filming for Late Night With the Devil in Australia. He’s booked for several upcoming movies.
  • MacGyver Reboot writer Andrew Klein co-wrote the script for RIPD 2, one of Lenkov’s upcoming TV movies.
  • Since last year, Showrunner Monica Macer had been attached to a movie with Henry Ian Cusick and director David Straiton. Her name has been recently removed from the IMDb movie page.
  • OG MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson’s daughter Wylie is an actress as well. Her movie Don’t Worry, Darling will premiere at the Venice Film Festival. It’s not clear yet how big her part is and if she and/or her dad will attend the screening.

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