MacGyver Reboot Update #173

While Tristin Mays is busy filming a new movie in Thailand, most of the MacGyver cast have disappeared from social media.

Complete Series DVD Box Cover (US version, via Nothing But Geek)

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MacGyver on DVD
In the US, the Complete Series DVD Box (including Season 5) with 21 discs was released on June 14. You can order it here.

As a photo of the back cover reveals, the box set doesn’t include any bonus material. Sadly, the entire box looks rather cheap. There’s also no release date yet for a single Season 5 DVD edition in the US.

Complete Series US DVD Box Back Cover (via Minnie Mama)

Overview of the upcoming DVD releases in Germany:

  • The Season 5 DVD will be released on June 30. The listed bonus material says there will be deleted and extended scenes. You can pre-order it here.
  • The Complete Series Box Set with 24 discs will be released on June 30. So far, the bonus material listed is the same as for Seasons 1 and 2.

Overview of the upcoming DVD releases in France:

  • The Season 4 DVD will be released on August 17.
  • The Season 5 DVD will be released on September 21.
  • The Complete Series Box Set with 23 discs will be released on September 21.

Overview of the upcoming DVD releases in other countries:

  • In Japan, the Special Selection Season 4 DVD Box and the Season 5 DVD will both be released on July 6.

What are Cast and Crew up to?
Tristin Mays has boarded the movie Bang, co-written by Ex-Showrunner Peter Lenkov. It’s currently filming in Thailand; also starring Peter Weller (who played Elliott Mason on the MacGyver Reboot). While Weller had his last filming day yesterday, Lenkov just arrived today in Bangkok; visiting the set already.

BtS photo of Tristin Mays in Bang (via Wych Kaosayananda)

Based on BtS photos by the director, it looks like Tristin plays the girlfriend of one of the lead actors. BtS photos can be deceiving, though. And there’s still no IMDb entry for the project with further information.

Henry Ian Cusick has been cast as the voice actor for “Peet the Sock Man” on the Wingfeather Saga. The animated series is based on the books by Andrew Peterson and should be released this Winter.

There have been no sightings of Lucas Till, Levy Tran or Meredith Eaton lately.

MacGyver Promo (via ionTV)

Back in January, Tristin pondered on Twitter if she should delete the app; stating that she keeps forgetting on having an account and needing to set reminders to even post there. This week, she DID delete Twitter and also cleaned up once again her Instagram account; deleting the majority of posts.

The fact that she’s working with Lenkov again (who’s been fired for abusive behavior and creating a toxic work environment) plus some of her recent posts on social media caused quite a bit of an outcry. It’s not clear if this was a reaction to it. Both her and Levy Tran have cleaned up their Instagram accounts before: Tristin went from about 900 posts in June last year down to about 150 at the moment; Levy went from about 460 posts last June down to 200.

Cast announcements (via The Wingfeather Saga)

MacGyver on ionTV
ICYMI: ion Television is currently airing the second cycle of reruns. The Monday schedule has one episode of NCIS: New Orleans, followed by 5 episodes of NCIS: LA and 16 episodes of MacGyver.

The website announced that Leverage: Redemption will air on Mondays as well; starting July 11. It’s not clear yet if MacGyver will stay (e.g. by reducing the number of episodes) or not. I’ve seen a lot of posts on Twitter and FB by people who just started watching the Reboot on ionTV, not knowing about the show before. It would be nice if the networks keeps the reruns going.

CBS Pilot Season (encore)
ICYMI: CBS and their affiliate network The CW cancelled almost a dozen shows. One of these shows is Magnum PI, the last of the Lenkoverse shows.

MacGyver Promo (via ionTV)

As Deadline reported, talks are underway for NBC and/or USA Network to keep the show going. Cast contracts are presumably running out by the end of the month, but there haven’t been any news regarding a potential renewal since my last blog post. Even if the show is saved, there probably won’t be any characters of fully-owned CBS shows (e.g. Angus MacGyver) showing up for a crossover.

Other MacGyver-related News
ICYMI: Lenkov recently posted some stories about the Unaired MacGyver Pilot script (presumably the edited version he “MacGyvered” out of the script used for filming the unaired pilot).

(Note: I’ve written several blog posts about the Unaired Pilot Script. You can find an overview of these posts here.)

Excerpt of the revised Unaired MacGyver Pilot Script (via Peter Lenkov)

Check out the official SaveMacGyver website and their social media accounts to keep up with news about the #SaveMacGyver movement.

Other MacGyver-related news you might have missed:

  • Reign Edwards is a speaker at the 6th annual Women in Entertainment Summit on June 22.
  • Henry Ian Cusick is scheduled for photo ops at Mississippi Comic Con on June 25 and June 26.
  • Levy Tran’s upcoming movie Secret Headquarters will premiere on Paramount+ in August.
  • The concept album for the MacGyver musical should be out in September.

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