MacGyver Reboot Update #172

While CBS Show Magnum PI might get saved after all, the MacGyver cast isn’t attached to any upcoming TV shows yet.

MacGyver Musical Concept Album Promo (via Yasir Muhammad)

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MacGyver The Musical
ICYMI: Back in March, MacGyver-creator Lee David Zlotoff revealed that they’re going to put together a concept album of the songs used for the musical. On May 9, Tristin Mays announced that Lee had asked her to sing a song for the album.

On May 16, recording started in NY; finishing already two days later. We got to see some Instagram Stories of the musical cast rehearsing beforehand, and the official MacGyver account shared a sneak peek of Tristin in the recording booth.

MacGyver Promo (via ionTV)

There’s no release dates yet for the album or the next iteration of the musical. According to an Instagram Story by Mike Dorsey, the album will be out in September. As Yasir Muhammad posted, they’re trying to get a Broadway production set up and running.

MacGyver on ionTV
ICYMI: Reruns of the MacGyver Reboot air every Monday on ion Television. With ionTV scheduling 16 episodes per week, the first run will be done by next week; starting another run immediately after the Season 5 finale has aired.

Interestingly, ionTV has already announced on their website that Leverage: Redemption will air on Mondays; starting July 11. At the moment, the Monday schedule has one episode of NCIS: New Orleans, followed by 5 episodes of NCIS: LA and 16 episodes of MacGyver.

MacGyver Teaser (via ionTV)

It’s not clear if MacGyver will stay or if they will simply reduce the episodes. While NCIS: LA fans have been very vocal and speaking out against the Reboot, they might get their wish to get MacGyver gone, but also lose the reruns of their own favourite show in the process.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on Twitter and FB recently by people who just started watching the MacGyver Reboot on ionTV, not knowing about the show before. But with the Complete Series DVD Box Set coming out soon in the US, it’s also possible that CBS wants to “kill” it in syndication for now so that people watch it on Paramount+ and buy the DVDs. I’ve seen posts about the show leaving Amazon Prime in some countries this month; right on time either the Season 5 DVD or the Complete Series DVD Box Set comes out.

Justin Hires during a stand up comedy set (via Michael Schwartz)

What are Cast and Crew up to?
Most of the MacGyver cast seem to have disappeared from social media. Justin Hires is the only one posting daily; promoting his comedy shows or podcasts. He mentioned turning down several TV show offers, so we probably won’t seem him on our TV screens anytime soon (unless it’s in reruns).

ICYMI: Ex-Showrunner Peter Lenkov recently posted some stories about the Unaired MacGyver Pilot; adding some excerpts of the script (presumably the edited version he “MacGyvered” out of the script used for the unaired pilot).

(Note: I had envisioned to update my previous blog posts about the Unaired Pilot Script to incorporate the new information about some of the characters; but it’s almost impossible to know which parts and voice-overs were used in the script used for filming and which bits had been added by Lenkov. You can find an overview of the posts regarding the Unaired Pilot here.)

Excerpt of the revised Unaired MacGyver Pilot Script (via Peter Lenkov)

MacGyver on DVD
Sadly, I still haven’t found a preview of the DVD back covers or more info about bonus material. But here’s an overview of all the upcoming DVD releases:

  • In German-spaking regions, the Season 5 DVD will be released on June 30. The listed bonus material says there will be deleted and extended scenes. You can pre-order it here. For the US, there’s no release date yet for a single Season 5 DVD edition.
  • In the US, the Complete Series DVD Box (including Season 5) with 21 discs will be released on June 14. There’s no bonus material listed. You can pre-order it here.
  • The German version of the complete series box set with 24 discs will be released on June 30. So far, the bonus material listed is the same as for Seasons 1 and 2.
  • In Japan, the Special Selection Season 4 DVD Box and the Season 5 DVD will both be released on July 6.
  • In France, the Season 4 DVD will be released on August 17. There is no bonus material listed.

CBS Pilot Season (encore)
Upfronts Week was pretty brutal this year. In total, CBS and their affiliate network The CW cancelled almost a dozen shows.

MacGyver Promo (via ionTV)

CBS cancelled Magnum PI, the last of the Lenkoverse shows. The CW axed Batwoman who had Javicia Leslie as the lead character in Season 2.

Generally, a show isn’t really cancelled on a network until they release the “Post Mortem Interview” with a showrunner; talking about what would have happened the next season. (Because if the show was renewed against all odds on the same network, showrunners or writers might change and they wouldn’t be able or willing to recycle the same ideas or visions the previous showrunners or writers had.)

Magnum PI never got one of those, so I was sure that something was going on behind the scenes. As Deadline reported yesterday, talks are underway for NBC and/or USA Network to keep the show going.

Private Photoshoot, September 2021 (via Tristin Mays)

I’m not sure what that would mean for some of the guest stars and their characters (e.g. Levy Tran), but characters of fully-owned CBS shows showing up (e.g. Angus MacGyver or Steve McGarrett) probably couldn’t happen.

Despite Upfronts Week, there was no news about The Spook who sat by the Door (which Lucas Till filmed a pilot for). They still haven’t attached a new writer to, so it looks like it might take a while for the re-development to get back on track. There’s also no update on the Flashdance series (which Tristin Mays was preparing for).

Other MacGyver-related News
Check out the official SaveMacGyver website and their social media accounts to keep up with news about the #SaveMacGyver movement.

Official Still for Tom Swift (via CW/IMDb)

Other MacGyver-related news you might have missed:

  • The Phoenix Foundation plane set ended up being repurposed for the new CW Show Tom Swift that premiered this week. MacGyver-writer Teresa Huang and several former crew members work on the show which is filmed in Atlanta.
  • Secret Headquarters will premiere on Paramount+ instead of in theatres. Levy Tran worked on the movie in Atlanta. She’s still not listed on the IMDb entry, so her part might be smaller than I hoped.

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