MacGyver Reboot Update #169

One year and one day ago, MacGyver fans got notice that their favourite show has been cancelled. The fans are still here.

London lift / escalator panels (via SaveMacGyver)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
After some of the MacGyver cast did guest-star on other CBS shows recently (Meredith Eaton on NCIS and Levy Tran on Magnum PI), it’s gotten pretty quiet again – at least career-wise.

BtS photo of Magnum PI Episode 4×15: Dead Man Walking (via Rich Ting)

Henry Ian Cusick recently filmed a project in Phuket. On April 4, there was a private screening of his upcoming movie The Wind and the Reckoning. The movie was filmed back in 2020 in Hawaii; with Ex-Showrunner Peter Lenkov as Executive Producer.

Justin Hires is back to weekly stand-up comedy shows. He decided to stop his Patreon for now; stating that he has too much on his plate at the moment.

Justin Hires doing stand-up (via The Comedy Chateau)

Tristin Mays is quite active on social media; posting new and old material. On April 3, she spent the day with Peter Lenkov and some of his supporters; watching a Rugby Game. She also posed for some fan photos.

Understandably, many fans were quite upset about this; some of them worrying that even if the show had the potential of being renewed or getting a wrap-up-movie, Lucas Till wouldn’t want to be part of it anymore or would only come back if the Lenkov supporters among the regular and recurring cast don’t.

Tristin Mays posing with a fan (via Iris)

CBS Pilot Season
CBS is still in the process of filming their Pilot Season dramas and comedies. By ordering at least 9 pilots so far, some shows on the current schedule might get pushed to midseason or streaming to make room. While the NCIS trifecta has been renewed, there are several CBS shows still waiting for their renewal. The definite schedule will be presented at the Upfronts on May 18.

So far, none of the former MacGyver cast members seem to be attached as regulars or recurrings. Some will hopefully get a guest star spot in later episodes. Since NCIS has already been renewed, Meredith Eaton might come back in her recurring role as Carol Wilson.

Preview of the German Season 5 DVD (via Amazon Germany)

MacGyver around the World
In German-spaking regions, Universal Pictures is distributor of the DVDs. The Season 5 DVD release date of the German DVD version has been set for June 30. There’s no information yet about any bonus material, but you can pre-order it here. There’s no release date yet for the US or other countries.

On the same day, Universal Pictures will release a DVD box set of the complete series. The bonus material listed so far is the same as for Seasons 1 and 2 in Europe; e.g. about filming the pilot, the Watch! Magazine photo shoot for Season 1, several Featurettes (MacHacks, Special Effects, Props and MacGyver in Cuba) plus Gag Reels and Deleted Scenes.

Complete Series DVD Box Cover (via JPC)

Universal TV has done quite a bit of promo this week for the Season 4 premiere in Latin America. Justin Hires tweeted yesterday that he’s doing press via zoom, so we might get to enjoy a new interview soon.

Additionally, ion Television teased on Twitter and Instagram that they have programmed the MacGyver Reboot into their upcoming line-up.

Other MacGyver-related News
There are electronic billboards (as lift / escalator panels) hanging in London to raise awareness for the #SaveMacGyver movement. The official SaveMacGyver website and social media accounts get updated regularly; so check there to keep up with news. They launched a bunch of tweets yesterday to “celebrate” what the Reboot fans consider to be their personal “Cairo Day” – the cancellation of their favourite show.

Levy Tran out and about in Atlanta (via Cleve Willis)

Even a year later, the cancellation seems unfair since a lot of new fans are discovering the show just now in reruns on streaming (e.g. IMDb) or on other networks (e.g. The CW). Other CBS shows do very well on ionTV, a network that schedules several episodes of the same show in a row every week which makes it perfect for binge-watching. I predict the MacGyver Reboot to charm new fans who didn’t give the show a chance before.

FunFact: On Star Trek: Picard (Paramount +), there was mention of a privatized military organization called “Spearhead Operations”. As MacGyver fans know, Russ Taylor (played by Henry Ian Cusick) founded Spearhead Operations. Therefore, MacGyver is canon in Star Trek. Where’s that crossover episode?

MacGyver Teaser (via ionTV)

Other MacGyver-related news you might have missed:

  • ICYMI: MacGyver-creator Lee David Zlotoff was a guest on the Making fun of MacGyver podcast; talking about the musical and what he’s planning next.
  • George Eads is set to attend a golfing event (Hootie & the Blowfish Monday After the Masters Celebrity Pro-Am) on April 11.
  • Henry Ian Cusick was scheduled for several fan events. Sadly, his appearance at German Comic Con in Dortmund (April 23 to 24) has been cancelled for unknown reasons.

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