MacGyver Reboot Update #162

While some of the cast members are back on set, some are tending to their own projects.

Lucas Till spending time with family and friends (via Lavonda Barineau Till)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
In November and December, Levy Tran filmed scenes for Expendables 4 in Bulgaria and Greece. On December 11, she popped up in Hawaii with her sister; stating that she’s working while also enjoying some time with family. She also provided us with a new Expendables BtS photo while wearing the blonde wig.

In her trailer while filming Expendables 4 (via Levy Tran)

While there were hints that she might be on the set of CBS show Magnum PI, she didn’t give us any confirmation until December 17. We don’t know yet if she will play her old MacGyver character or a new one.

Justin Hires did an interview with French-American Eclair Magazine for their December issue. He stated that he’s still friends with the cast of MacGyver because they felt like a real family on set and that he would love to resume the character of Wilt Bozer.

Justin Hires for Eclair Magazine (December Issue)

We got several new sightings of Lucas Till; spending time with family and friends for a birthday celebration.

On December 15, Season 5 writer Teresa Huang tweeted that she’s still depressed over the unexpected cancellation, but that she appreciates the love and the social media posts about the MacGyver Reboot.

Tristin Mays was mostly absent from social media in recent weeks – until she announced on December 15 that she had opened another Instagram account called The Disco Room.

Screenshot of Tristin Mays for Cameo (December 2021)

Two days later, she announced that she has joined Cameo; hinting at currently filming for a project. A few days later, she revealed that the project is called Baby It’s Cold Outside and will drop today (at least in my timezone).

Alexandra Grey posted several new BtS photos of Season 5. She stated that out of all characters she played on television, Parker has been the most rewarding.

ICYMI: Meredith Eaton will reprise the character of Carol Wilson for CBS show NCIS. Her episode (presumably 19×13) will air next year.

Tristin Mays and Marlon Webb in Baby It’s Cold Outside (Screenshot via Tristin Mays)

ICYMI: Back in November, Ex-Showrunner Peter Lenkov answered fan questions on Instagram Stories. He revealed that he’s working on a book about his career and that he will include conversations between him, Lucas Till and Lucas’ manager Tom Sullivan.

Ironically, Maureen Ryan tweeted on December 17 that she’s working on a book called Burn It Down; covering institutional power and abuse in the entertainment industry. Maureen was the writer who broke the story of Lenkov’s abuse against cast and crew in the Vanity Fair article (which was probably the nail in the coffin for Lenkov’s career at CBS; even before it was published).

Italian Promo for Son of the South (via Notorious Pictures)

The #SaveMacGyver Movement
ICYMI: Another round of digital billboards with a festive design had been launched in November. The locations were Orlando (FL), Westampton (NJ), San Antonio (TX), Houston (TX), Hawthorne (CA) and West Haven (CT).

The official SaveMacGyver website and social media accounts get updated regularly; so check there to keep up with news.

CBS Fall TV Season Ratings
Starting in January, SWAT will air on Sundays 10pm to make room for reality shows (Undercover Boss and Celebrity Big Brother) on the Friday midseason schedule. SWAT is the only scripted CBS show gaining in demo ratings this season (+14%) compared to last year and also one of only two shows gaining in audience numbers (+56%).

BtS photo of Season 5 (via Alexandra Grey)

Of the 19 scripted shows on the current CBS Fall schedule, Magnum PI reaches the lowest demo of the Friday line-up (Rank 15), followed by Blue Bloods (Rank 14) and SWAT (Rank 11).

Nielsen Ratings have been delayed for days and sometimes even weeks in recent months. They also admitted of still having problems delivering “real” numbers; undercounting audiences in the last two! years. In a recent interview with AdWeek, CBS Entertainment Kelly Kahl stated:

Perhaps somewhat ironically, we’re moving away from demos and going “back to the future” – counting and emphasizing total audience.

Kelly Kahl in AdWeek (December 2021)

Too bad they weren’t willing to do that for the MacGyver Reboot.

Holiday decorating… MacGyver-style (via CBS)

Other MacGyver-related News
On IMDbTV, the MacGyver Reboot has been in the Top 10 section for 79 days; hovering between Rank 5 and 6 in the last few weeks. Other MacGyver-related news you might have missed:

  • On December 24, there will be a rerun of The Christmas Sitter with Tristin Mays on ionTV.
  • Justin Hires will release his new album on Christmas Day. A first music video has been dropped on his Patreon officially (and inofficially on YouTube).
  • ICYMI: The design contest for the MacGyver Musical was extended to December 20. We don’t know yet when the winners will be announced.

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