MacGyver Reboot Update #161

While some of the cast members are back on set, some are attending red carpet events. And others have “disappeared”.

Houston Billboard (via Kemberlie)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
The Reboot cast has more or less disappeared from social media in the last few weeks – only for most of them to show up again within days of each other.

Henry Ian Cusick had initially planned to attend German Comic Con in Dortmund this weekend. His appearance was cancelled (probably due to rising numbers of covid cases in Germany and its surrounding countries).

Levy Tran on set of Expendables 4 (via Cheung Lap Fung)

Levy Tran filmed more scenes for Expendables 4 in Bulgaria and in Greece. We recently got some new BtS photos of her wearing the blonde wig (e.g. by Cheung Lap Fung or by Alan Ng). On November 30, she posted from Bulgaria again; stating that she has two more days of filming before wrapping her character.

ICYMI: When fans lamented on missing her face on screen, Meredith Eaton teased on November 6 that we would see it again “soon”. On December 1st, she posted an Instagram video taken on the set of the CBS show NCIS. Apparently, she will reprise the character of Carol Wilson (who was on both NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans) in presumably Episode 19×13; written by NCIS-actor Brian Dietzen (who also provided a BtS photo).

Meredith Eaton on set of NCIS (via Brian Dietzen)

Meanwhile, Tristin Mays attended an LA screening this week for “Silent Night”, a film with Keira Knightley.

Lucas Till seems to have disappeared; at least from social media. There have been no sightings for Thanksgiving festivities with the family, either.

ICYMI: Ex-Showrunner Peter Lenkov started answering fan questions on Instagram Stories. While he shares some interesting character and storyline tidbits every now and then, he also throws shade at both Lucas Till and Meredith Eaton.

Tristin Mays at the LA screening for Silent Night (via Getty Images)

Here’s a few of his answers regarding the MacGyver Reboot:

  • His intended endgame was Mac and Riley.
  • If George Eads hadn’t left, Jack’s storyline would have included more military flashbacks and finally meeting Bruce Willis.
  • He had been looking for a co-showrunner to hand the show over to since Season 4.

When asked about the character of Samantha Cage, he evaded an answer; stating that “it’s a secret” why she was written out of the show.

Peter Lenkov Q&A (via Instagram Stories)

The #SaveMacGyver Movement
Another round of digital billboards has been launched last month. The locations are Orlando (FL), Westampton (NJ), San Antonio (TX), Houston (TX), Hawthorne (CA) and West Haven (CT). We got a first glance at the Houston billboard on November 30.

If you manage to be in the area, go snap a picture and share. The official SaveMacGyver website and social media accounts get updated regularly; so check there to keep up with news and to find out about the exact locations of the billboards.

Tech Consultant Rhett Allain for MacGyver Con (Screenshot via SaveMacGyverHQ)

CBS Fall TV Season Ratings
There were several reruns lately. For now, there are two more episodes of SWAT on Fridays 8pm. Starting in January, SWAT will air on Sundays 10pm to make room for reality shows (Undercover Boss and Celebrity Big Brother) on the midseason schedule.

Fun Fact: SWAT is still the only scripted CBS show gaining in demo ratings this season (+8%) compared to last year and also one of only two shows gaining in audience ratings (the other one is comedy United States of Al which gained 1% in viewer numbers).

Storyboard excerpt of Episode 5×06: Quarantine + N95 + Landline + Telescope + Social Distance (via Jasmine Alexia)

Of the 19 scripted shows on the current CBS Fall schedule, Magnum PI reaches the lowest demo of the Friday line-up (Rank 16), followed by Blue Bloods (Rank 14) and SWAT (Rank 13). They still seem to favor the latter shows for promo while neglecting Magnum.

Other MacGyver-related News
On IMDbTV, the MacGyver Reboot has been in the Top 10 section for 70 days; hovering between Rank 5 and 6 in the last few weeks.

MacGyver The Musical Design Contest (via the official MacGyver Instagram)

Other MacGyver-related news in recent weeks you might have missed:

  • In Italy, Son of the South was released yesterday. Due to rising numbers of covid cases in Europe, access to cinemas will be limited soon if you’re not vaccinated.
  • The Season 5 Finale will premiere on Swiss FreeTV tonight. There are still reruns of earlier seasons on German, Austrian and Swiss TV.
  • ICYMI: The design contest for the MacGyver Musical is still running. You can win over 2500 US Dollars in cash prizes. If interested, check the entry information here.

5 thoughts on “MacGyver Reboot Update #161

  1. Ooh touchy. I just couldn’t believe that there was a debate on it based on him wearing glasses on one photo a photo by the way that should have been kept private. If you are going to make assumptions at least have something to back it up like a photo of him as a child wearing glasses or him saying in an interview that he wears contacts. I couldn’t care less if Lucas had to wear glasses i just hate speculation and pointless comments.


  2. i am not on twitter myself and have no intention to but i have just seen the pictures of Lucas with his family that you posted from his stepmothers account and i have to say that either she is stupid having her account public or is she just deliberately doing it because she has a famous stepson; If Lucas wanted private family photos of himself on social media surely he would do it himself but he doesn’t so it says it all. Also just because he is wearing glasses in a couple of pics people just seem to be speculating that he wears contacts but don’t actually know this to be true. If his eyesight was that bad by his early twenties that he chose at some point to wear contacts then it would mean his eyesight could not have been great as a child and he would have wore glasses until he was old enough to decide and have you seen any photos of him as a child wearing glasses? Also that comment about it ” being old age “, when was 31 old? , and the fact that before you said this someone mentioned that they had seen his brother Nick wearing glasses and correct me if i am wrong but he is 7 years younger than Lucas at 24 so is it old age with him as well? Lots of children wear glasses and lots of people a lot older than Lucas still have a1 eyesight so making out you can only have bad eyesight when you are old was a dumb comment and all this because he is wearing glasses on a photo.


    • Ever heard of this little thing called irony? That’s why I put the *lol* on my old age comment. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was ten or eleven.


    • You do realize that comment was a joke right? And a pretty common one too.
      Maybe you need to get away from your phone/computer for a while, get some fresh air and let some of that anal tension dissipate.


      • I was actually referring more to the fact people seemed to be focused on debating something they could not prove. I actually don;t care whether it was a joke about it being old age or not what i am taking exception to though is you sticking your nose in where it is not wanted and not being able to keep it civil but instead acting like an obnoxious jackass. Maybe you should get away from your phone/computer and not only learn some manners but grow up as well. No wonder a lot of people hate social media if they can’t make a comment without the likes of you turning nasty about any little thing but. unfortunately your attitude to me is not an exception.


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