MacGyver Reboot Update #155

The panels for the virtual MacGyver Convention are still available to watch! Also, Lucas Till is promoting the release of Son of the South in Europe.

Lucas Till at the Son of the South Screening in Munich (via Busch Media Group)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
ICYMI: Lucas Till is on promo tour in Europe for his movie Son of the South. On August 25, he attended the German premiere in Berlin alongside fellow actress Nicole Ansari-Cox and director Barry Alexander Brown. Four days later, he joined Barry and Nicole for the screening and a Q&A in München.

The movie had its French Premiere on September 8 at the Deauville Film Festival (Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville). Lucas attended the event in France alongside fellow actors Sharonne Lanier, Matt William Knowles and director Barry Brown. Matt and Barry attended screenings of other films as well.

Lucas Till with Skyler Samuels at the French premiere for Son of the South (via Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville)

They did the usual “festival press cycle” (meaning a photoshoot plus interviews) on the next day. There was another screening yesterday afternoon, but I don’t think the cast attended.

While the “big” festival activities with the A-List stars are mostly happening in Venice right now, Deauville still attracts a crowd of photographers and journalists for the European market. As far as I know, there are no other events planned in France (or Europe). According to AlloCiné, the cinematic premiere in France has been pushed to December 1st. Therefore, it might be a while until we get to hear, see and/or read these interviews.

Lucas Till and Sharonne Lanier doing press for Son of the South (via Verane Pick Brown)

Justin Hires has packed up his “Atlanta crib” last week, so he’s apparently not planning on working on another Atlanta project in the near future. The film Levy Tran was working on has wrapped filming on September 2. Otherwise, there haven’t been any official news about new projects for the cast. I’m still hoping on one of them popping up as a guest star on one of the upcoming Fall shows.

On September 8, Monica Macer joined WeScreenplay for “Cocktails & Conversation”, a podcast talking about the industry and the writing process.

The #SaveMacGyver Movement
The panels for the MacGyver Con, a virtual event by the fans, went live on August 28. The panels were pre-recorded, and you can watch them until September 23.

Kate Bond for the MacGyver Con (via SaveMacGyverHQ)

Here’s the full guest/panel list:

The panels cover a lot of interesting topics. Tristin Mays talked about what it was like to film scenes with Billy Baldwin as Riley Davis’ biological father.

Season 5 Writers for the MacGyver Con (Screenshot via SaveMacGyverHQ)

Henry Ian Cusick revealed that due to covid circumstances and shutdowns, some of his lines in scripts were given to Tristin while he was in quarantine. Another time, he had to speak some of the lines that had been initially intended for Meredith Eaton. Kate Bond talked about where she could have seen her character going in the show if she hadn’t been written out.

For the Writer’s Panel, some of the writers are wearing the striped pajamas that were handed out by Bozer on the Season 5 Finale Episode. For additional info about the MacGyver Convention, check here.

Emerson Brooks for the MacGyver Con (via SaveMacGyverHQ)

The official SaveMacGyver website also gets updated regularly; so check here to keep up with news. Yesterday, the team announced that there’s a new set of digital billboards out there (nearby headquarters of streaming sites like Netflix); running until September 17.

MacGyver in Germany
To Recap: Episode 5×14 (H2O + Orthophosphates + Mission City + Corrosion + Origins) got 0.9 million live-viewers, followed by Episode 5×15 (Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal) with 0.84 million live-viewers. Both episodes had a market-share of 3.5%.

Episode 5×15: Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal (via Tristin Mays)

On average, a Season 5 episode had a German audience of about 0.83 million live-viewers, which is quite a bit lower than the 1.30 million viewers for Season 4. As mentioned before, the lack of promotion by the network this year certainly didn’t help.

What’s going to happen now?
CBS continues airing a mix of reality shows on Fridays; dropping the Magnum PI reruns on Saturdays in favor of SWAT reruns.

The first Fall shows will start airing in about two weeks. The trailers had been released yesterday. MacGyver‘s Friday slot will be occupied by SWAT which will make room for The Activist on October 22, a Global Citizen competition series that will run for 5 weeks.

Lucas Till with Mama Till before leaving for Europe (via Diana Brady Till)

There has been quite the backlash after the announcement; with statements that activism shouldn’t be a competition that falls on being popular on social media and the like. Of course, the SWAT and Magnum PI fans aren’t happy either (either dreading the potential hiatus or the dropping ratings).

As always, the schedule could still change midseason. CBS sits on two returning shows that haven’t found a timeslot yet: Amazing Race and Blood + Treasure. Whatever happens, it will be interesting to see how the other Friday shows will fare in ratings this year.

International Season 5 Finale Promo (via AXN Asia)

Other MacGyver-related News
Here’s a short overview of MacGyver-related news in recent weeks you might have missed:

  • Ed Asner has died at the age of 91. The legendary actor had a part in Episode 2×20 (Skyscraper – Power).
  • Henry Ian Cusick is set to appear at the Dream It Convention on September 19.
  • There have been hints of the OG show being released as a full BluRay set in November, but there’s no official news yet.
  • The OG show plus the Reboot are currently airing on 6 different German-speaking TV channels in three countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

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