The Season 1 Finale Plot Twist Predictions – could they still happen? (Part 2)

When filming for Season 1 was coming to an end in March 2017, I joined the “Guess the Season Finale Plot Twist” Game on Twitter. The point is to make crazy plot twist predictions about a Season Finale – predictions that probably won’t happen, but actually COULD happen.

Now that the MacGyver Reboot has run its course (for now), I’m looking back at my Season 1 Finale Plot Twists guesses. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

This blog post analyzes the second half of predictions I wrote about in this blog post. Could they still happen if the show is renewed at some point?


Why? After Bozer finally got Riley’s number, nothing ever happened. Had he ever asked her out at all? Had she turned him down off-screen? They simply “forgot” about this storyline just to pick it up again out of the blue in the Crossover Episode 1×18: Flashlight. (Note that this is rather typical for Showrunner Peter Lenkov’s shows. The constant change of writers sure didn’t help.)

When making this prediction, Episode 1×19: Compass hadn’t aired yet and Bozer declaring his love to Riley was expected to happen sometime soon; especially after he suddenly had a rival in Kalei.

Episode 1×18: Flashlight (via Rome Flynn)

Could this have happened? Yes, although it was rather unlikely. If Thornton hadn’t already been established as a villain, I think it’s actually possible they could have made her acknowledge a girlfriend or fiancée. Sadly, her character stayed bland until the end and they never bothered to bring her back.

Even in Season 1, the Reboot already had a diverse cast; why not make one of the main characters gay?

Would I have wanted this to happen? Since Thornton had already been out of the picture: No. But I wouldn’t have minded if Riley had turned down Bozer because she wasn’t into guys.

Could this still happen? Theoretically yes, but it’s not very likely. We all know who Riley is in love with. And is Thornton even alive at this point?

Why? Original MacGyver has been in a coma as well (in Episode 5×21: Passages) and this would have been quite a dramatic plot twist for the Season 1 Finale.

Could this have happened? Yes.

Would I have wanted this to happen? Not really. Sounds like a FanFiction trope or a way to alter the end of the season if a show is announced to be cancelled while still filming.

Could this still happen? Yes. But that would be a cheap way to reset the series after writing themselves into a corner. Also, that would mean that Riley, Matty, Murdoc, Desi, Russ, Parker and almost every other character introduced after Mac getting shot at Lake Como weren’t part of the MacGyver Universe. Heck, even the Phoenix Foundation wouldn’t exist.

Why? Original MacGyver had several episodes that dealed with either MacGyver dreaming (e.g. the Western-Episode: 5×12: Serenity) or being unconscious (e.g. the two-parter in Season 7: Good Knight MacGyver) – and these episodes always turned out to be a lot of silly fun. Even the Opening Gambit of the Reboot Episode 1×17 (Ruler) turned out to be Bozer day-dreaming at work.

Could this have happened? Yes.

Episode 21: Cigar Cutter (via Randall Goltzman)

Would I have wanted this to happen? Oh, heck yes! MacGyver playing General Wang in a movie with Godzilla that doesn’t even fit into the B-Movies-Category – it would be a movie within a TV show, and that would have been a lot of silly fun for both the cast and the viewers.

Could this still happen? Technically yes, but since the deadline for the CELLebration Film Festival has long been overdue, it would probably be another movie that Bozer made between missions. Maybe the movie shown at a film festival in Episode 4×01 (Fire + Ashes + Legacy = Phoenix)?

Why? Richard Dean Anderson played both Original MacGyver and Colonel resp. Major General Jack O’Neill (in the Stargate SG1 Series). So, why not?

Could this have happened? Well, yes and no. It was indeed possible for MacGyver being adopted and his biological father being a Major General by the name of Jack O’Neill. But I’m pretty sure that would be a funny Easter Egg and not the REAL Jack O’Neill. That’s rather a storyline reserved for a FanFiction Crossover.

Would I have wanted this to happen? In FanFiction, sure. In the Reboot, no. MacGyver finding out he’s adopted would have complicated the progressing season. On the other hand, wasn’t his story-arc with James MacGyver complicated anyway?

Could this still happen? Yes, although it’s rather unlikely.

Why? George Eads Stand-In Kevin Marshall had posted this picture on Facebook with following comment: That’s OFFICIALLY a wrap! Got to shoot the absolute final insert for #Macgyver S1. Not a bad location either. I’m gonna miss wearing Jack’s killer threads too.

Because filming had already wrapped two weeks ago, this was a very interesting post; especially since many other crew members being involved in the Reboot also had posted pictures of this location on their social media accounts.

Could this have happened? Yes. Also, I’m sure James MacGyver being the boss of DXS and the Phoenix Foundation didn’t need to win the lottery to being able to afford a nice house with a pool.

Would I have wanted this to happen? Hm. Not really. And look what I wrote in my blog post from July 2017:

It feels like MacGyver’s dad could turn out to be a total jerk.

Could this still happen? Maybe if James faked his death? Fun note: This location was used for filming the pilot episode of Dynasty that premiered in October 2017. (The pool was featured in the trailer.)

Why? We still didn’t know how or why MacGyver’s mother died, and Murdoc seemed to be very interested in MacGyver’s parents.

Could this have happened? Yes.

Would I have wanted this to happen? No. The rest of the show would have turned into a quest for MacGyver to revenge his mother. The character of MacGyver was never into revenge, and this storyline would have overshadowed everything else.

Could this still happen? Yes. But didn’t it sort of already happen in Season 3 when Murdoc killed off Jill?

Why? In an interview a few days before the Season 1 Finale aired, Peter Lenkov had revealed that Season 2 would see both Riley and Bozer in relationships with other people. So of course there were speculations about the new love interest for Bozer – and the assumption that they still had planned to get Riley and Bozer together at one point.

Could this have happened? Yes, of course.

Episode 21: Cigar Cutter (via Meredith Eaton)

Would I have wanted this to happen? Why not? I don’t mind hot doctors.

Could this still happen? Yes. Although my speculation after watching the episode was that Bozer might fall for Jill, the blonde Phoenix Tech taken hostage by Dr. Zito. The actress was the only non-regular actor being featured during the Opening Gambit of the Baseball Game, so that was a sure indication that she would return as a recurring or even regular character.

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