MacGyver Reboot Update #154

It’s MacGyver Convention Weekend! Also, Lucas Till is promoting the release of Son of the South in Europe.

Lucas Till at the Son of the South Premiere in Berlin (via Son of the South Instagram)

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What are Cast and Crew up to?
Yesterday, Lucas Till’s movie Son of the South arrived in German theaters. On Wednesday, Lucas and Nicole Ansari-Cox plus director Barry Alexander Brown had attended the premiere event in Berlin. It was nice seeing Lucas smiling, posing for a photocall and signing all those MacGyver photographs. There are a lot of fan photos on social media.

Barry will do a Q&A-Tour across Germany for cinematic screenings in several cities (Hamburg, Köln, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, München). Lucas might also attend some more of these screenings (presumably, he will attend at least the one in München), so fans might get to see more photos popping up on social media in the next few days. We don’t know if he’ll enjoy some days off in Germany or if he has other “duties” (e.g. talk show appearances or interviews) in between the screenings.

Lucas Till at the Son of the South Premiere in Berlin (via KulturBlog-Berlin)

The movie will also air at the Deauville Film Festival (Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville) in France, which is running from September 3rd to September 12. There’s no official schedule yet on the website, but the French distributor tweeted that the premiere will be on Wednesday, September 8. According to AlloCiné, the cinematic premiere in France has been pushed to December 1st.

There will be restricted access and a limitation of visitors due to the pandemic, but Deauville will still attract a bigger crowd of journalists and maybe even a few paparazzi. There haven’t been many film festivals due to the pandemic in Europe and in several countries, theatres had been closed over Summer. Although the movie is not in competition, I’m sure we can expect at least an official photocall with photos in HD quality plus some more interviews.

Lucas Till at the Son of the South Premiere in Berlin (via Busch Media Group)

There’s still no official news yet if The Spook who sat by the Door has been picked up to series. Tristin Mays seems to have disappeared a bit; leaving her dog Sergeant in the care of a friend – but we don’t know if it was for a holiday or for work. Henry Ian Cusick is set to appear at the Dream It Convention on September 19.

MacGyver in Germany
To Recap: Episode 5×12 (Royalty + Marriage + Vivaah Sanskar + Zinc + Henna) had an audience of 0.73 million live-viewers and a market-share of 3.3%, followed by Episode 5×13 (Barn Find + Engine Oil + La Punzonatura + Lab Rats + Tachometer) with 0.83 million live-viewers and a market-share of 3.7%. The second episode was followed by the German version of Celebrity Big Brother.

Episode 5×15: Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal (via Monica Macer)

Episode 5×14 (H2O + Orthophosphates + Mission City + Corrosion + Origins) got 0.9 million live-viewers and a market-share of 3.5%, followed by Episode 5×15 (Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal) with 0.84 million live-viewers and a market-share of 3.5% as well.

Looking at Season 5, Episode 5×04 had the highest audience numbers in Germany and Episode 5×11 the lowest. The lack of promotion by the network certainly didn’t help in getting as good ratings as in former seasons. It still did better in ratings than FBI: Most Wanted or Magnum PI that have also been on German TV in recent months.

MacGyver Reboot Ratings in Germany (via Quotenmeter)

The #SaveMacGyver Movement
The MacGyver Con, a virtual event by the fans, for the fans will be held this weekend (August 28 and 29). The panels are pre-recorded and there will be raffles with MacGyver-related prizes.

We got several little panel teasers; e.g. of the panel with Lee Zlotoff or the one with Sarah Downer. Also, it was fun to see the teaser of the “writers panel”, since most of them are wearing the striped pajamas that we’ve seen in the Season 5 Finale Episode.

Tristin Mays for the MacGyver Con (via SaveMacGyverHQ)

Here’s the full guest list:

For all infos about the MacGyver Convention and to buy tickets for the panels and the raffles, check here.

Henry Ian Cusick for the MacGyver Con (via SaveMacGyverHQ)

The official SaveMacGyver website also gets updated regularly; so check here to keep up with news.

What’s going to happen now?
CBS continues airing reality shows Secret Celebrity Renovation (8pm) and Greatest AtHome Videos (9pm) on Fridays; also dropping the Magnum PI reruns on Saturdays. Comparing all Summer Shows on CBS, the current Friday reality shows have the lowest demo-rating (0.28 and 0.27). Overall, all networks are struggling with ratings this Summer, so CBS isn’t doing too bad yet.

It’s worth noting that ViacomCBS is selling a lot of their assets lately. Maybe, them cancelling MacGyver for financial reasons wasn’t as far-fetched as I thought.

International Season 5 Finale Promo (via AXN Asia)

Other MacGyver-related News
ICYMI: Swiss TV channel 3+ started airing Season 5 on August 20. Every Friday, a single Season 5 episode is followed by an episode of Season 4. Currently, the OG show plus the Reboot are airing on 6 different German-speaking TV channels in three countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Sadly, Nitro still airs the OG show in low DVD quality and not in the new BluRay quality.

The MacGyver Season 4 DVD was released in German-speaking regions; showing a slightly different backcover than the US version. It was expected, but is still disappointing that this is the first Season on German DVDs without any extras.

Season 4 DVD backcover for Germany (via Orell Füssli)

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