The Season 1 Finale Plot Twist Predictions – could they still happen? (Part 1)

When filming for Season 1 was coming to an end in March 2017, I joined the “Guess the Season Finale Plot Twist” Game on Twitter. The point is to make crazy and whacky predictions about a Season Finale – predictions that probably won’t happen, but actually COULD happen.

Now that the MacGyver Reboot has run its course (for now), I’m looking back at my Season 1 Finale Plot Twists guesses. Here are the first half of predictions I wrote about in this blog post. Could they still happen if the show is renewed at some point?


Why? MacGyver’s hair has always been a hot topic; and the mullet something holy that can’t be touched. There were heated discussions after Lucas Till was cast for the Reboot and after the first Official Stills for the Unaired Pilot had been released. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that my blog post about MacGyver’s hair is the one with the most hits on this blog. We already knew that Dr. Zito would make an appearance in the Season Finale, but we didn’t know yet who would play him.

Could this have happened? Richard Dean Anderson would have made a very believable Dr. Zito; and cast and crew had said on several occasions that they would love to have RDA on the show.

Episode 1×21: Cigar Cutter (CBS via Entertainment Weekly)

Would I have wanted this to happen? RDA as an evil guy? The last shot of the episode a close-up of Lucas Till while Original MacGyver is shaving off rebooted MacGyver’s hair? Yes, please! Imagine the drama on social media! Imagine the FanFiction!

Could this still happen? Dr. Zito was played by a different actor – but there’s still the possibility of RDA (or another bad guy) shaving off Lucas’ hair *hint hint*. In hindsight, if someone ever DID shave off MacGyver’s hair in the Reboot, it would have probably been either the hairdresser in the Army (for a flashback scene) or Murdoc.

Why? On March 10 in 2017, Lucas Till had posted a BtS photo of MacGyver-Creator Lee David Zlotoff visiting the set. The cast was still in character, and Justin Hires was wearing a bloody shirt while Tristin Mays had bloody streaks on her chest. There were speculations that Bozer would die (maybe while saving Riley).

It was already established that Bozer is responsible for making masks for the Phoenix. Murdoc wearing a mask while killing someone would have been a throwback to the Original Show (Episode 6×12: Jerico Games), where the bad guy posed as MacGyver to frame him for murder.

OG Creator Lee David Zlotoff visiting the Season 1 Finale set (via Lucas Till)

Could this have happened? Yes. TV shows love to kill off recurrings and regulars in a season finale or premiere episode. There were speculations early on that MacGyver’s best friend might die.

Would I have wanted this to happen? No. Mac feeling responsible for his best friend’s death would have overshadowed the next season while not really leading anywhere. Also, I would have preferred for MacGyver getting stabbed because hello, MacWhump!

Could this still happen? Yes.

Why? MacGyver’s father had been mentioned since the beginning, but we didn’t know much about him. Also, a missing relative showing up unexpectedly is a typical trope for a season finale. Fans expected Richard Dean Anderson to play MacGvyer senior (despite then-showrunner Peter Lenkov stating in an early interview that he never intended to because it would have been the obvious choice).

Could this have happened? Well, Bruce McGill was quite busy back in 2017, but yes. After all, he was willing to be a guest star in an episode.

Episode 2×11: Bullet + Pen (via Lucas Till)

Would I have wanted this to happen? Sure, why not? I certainly would have preferred it over MacGyver looking for his father the entire Season 2; hunting for clues that were never resolved anyway. (Remember that photo of the WW2 prisoner with the number tattoo on his arm or the watch that had the same number engraved?)

Could this still happen? Well, we already met MacGyver Senior aka MacDaddy aka Oversight. But it’s really fun to look back at my blog post from June 2017:

My assumption is this might happen in the Season 2 Finale. Well, MacGyver’s dad showing up in the final scene, not Bruce McGill playing him. If they know beforehand the show is getting a third season, I think it’s actually possible to have a close-up on MacGyver’s face saying “Dad???” while opening the door, but NOT showing who his father is.

In the end, the scene wasn’t as spectacular as I hoped for, although Tate Donovan was a good choice for James MacGyver. And I liked that they kept the OG character’s name.

Why? We still don’t know how Bozer’s movie turned out – or if he ever handed it in. Technically, he was still working on it until Episode 1×08 (Corkscrew). Maybe he reworked it into the movie shown at a film festival in Episode 4×01 (Fire + Ashes + Legacy = Phoenix).

Episode 4×02: Fire + Ashes + Legacy = Phoenix (via Justin Hires)

Could this have happened? Yes, although it’s rather unlikely.

Would I have wanted this to happen? Hm. Don’t know. Also, can you ever really quit being a spy? The bad guys will still find you…

Could this still happen? Yes, but if Bozer was going to be written out, it would probably happen more dramatically.

Why? The storyline with Nikki Carpenter was never resolved. She simply disappeared although she should have been involved in everything concerning the Organization; e.g. Episodes 1×17 (Ruler) and 1×21 (Cigar Cutter).

Could this have happened? Yes. It’s implied in Episode 1×12 (Screwdriver) that MacGyver and Nikki had sex in the wedding room suite. It’s also a throwback to the Original Show where MacGyver had a “baby-scare” in Episode 2×20: Friends (although it wasn’t mathematically possible for the kid to be his).

Episode 1×01: The Rising (via SpoilerTV)

Would I have wanted this to happen? No, absolutely not. MacGyver being a father so early in the show would have complicated everything. It made sense that in the Original Show, the appearance of a child didn’t happen until the Season Finale.

Could this still happen? Yes, but probably not with Nikki Carpenter. In her interview with TV Line, Showrunner Monica Macer already revealed who would have become a father if the show had been renewed for Season 6.

Why? We didn’t know much about MacGyver’s father, despite him being mentioned several times.

Could this have happened? Yes. And it sorta DID happen.

Would I have wanted this to happen? No. But let’s take a look back at my blog post from June 2017:

I have this feeling that the revelation about MacGyver’s dad will be quite the plot twist anyway, no matter why he left. But I’d rather prefer him to be a “normal” guy that couldn’t deal with his wife’s death and grieving son and (falsely) believed it would be better if he left his son in the care of someone else.

Could this still happen? No, unless it’s a dream and/or alternate universe storyline.

Why? We didn’t know much about MacGyver’s mom or how she died.

Could this have happened? Yes, but the story behind it would probably have been a stretch.

Would I have wanted this to happen? No, absolutely not.

Could this still happen? Yes. That would be even more of a stretch, but hey, it’s TV. I actually expected her to pop up in Season 4. Ironically, Co-Showrunner Terry Matalas had initially planned on Jeri Ryan to play MacGyver’s mom, not auntie Gwen.

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