MacGyver Reboot Update #139

Sadly, no new episode for another two weeks. As announced in a press release on Tuesday, the episode was dropped in favour of a rebroadcast of last week’s Sunday Special.

Episode 5×11: C8H7ClO + Nano-Trackers + Resistance + Maldives + Mind Games (CBS via Seat42F)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about Season 5 storylines and characters by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided. For daily news and to join the discussion, you can find me on Twitter and on the MacGyverOnline Forums.)


About Episode 5×10 (MAC503)
Last week was the premiere of Episode 5×10 (Diamond + Quake + Carbon + Comms + Tower). CBS released 16 Official Stills and 4 Sneak Peeks. Otherwise, we didn’t get any new material before the episode aired.

Episode 5×10: Diamond + Quake + Carbon + Comms + Tower (Mark Hill/CBS via Seat42F)

Afterwards, Alessia Costantini and Production Designer Danny Davila posted some more BtS material; e.g. of the “earthquake ball” or of the printing machine they used for the Mexico street signs. On March 7, Tech Consultant Rhett Allain released his blog post about the MacGyverisms.

To recap: Episode 5×09 had an audience of 4.958 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.57. Episode 5×10 was significantly lower in demo; getting 4.496 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.45 in the important group of 18 to 49-year-olds. Compared to the other scripted CBS shows (23 in total), it places Rank 14 in average live-viewers per episode and Rank 12 in average demo.

Episode 5×10: Diamond + Quake + Carbon + Comms + Tower (via Alessia Costantini)

They were filming while the episode aired, so none of the cast members had joined the live-tweeting. With about 721 estimated tweets per hour, it wasn’t enough for the hashtag #MacGyver to trend US-wide. But like on most Fridays, we had more tweets than for #MagnumPI (about 365 estimated tweets per hour) or for #BlueBloods (about 448). Sadly, the amount of tweets never reflects in the ratings. Overall, the episode was well-received on social media, but generated a lot of F-bombs on Twitter.

What you need to know about Episode 5×11 (MAC505)
The premiere of Episode 5×11 (C8H7ClO + Nano-Trackers + Resistance + Maldives + Mind Games) was pushed to March 26. This episode was written by Josh Brown and Teresa Huang and directed by David Straiton; featuring the introduction of Alexandra Grey as a recurring Phoenix engineer named Parker.

Episode 5×11: C8H7ClO + Nano-Trackers + Resistance + Maldives + Mind Games (via Malcolm Hornes)

We got the Press Release with the first Official Still on February 18. In case you need a refresher, here’s the synopsis:

Mac and Riley head overseas together to prevent a governmental collapse and inadvertently inhale new deadly microscopic technology.

CBS realeased 5 Official Stills on March 4; all of them featuring Mac and Riley in the woods. You can find them on Seat42F. We got a new BtS photo of this episode by Malcom Hornes.

Season 5 Overview
I sorted the rest of the upcoming episodes by production number. The infos were either provided by CBS, by the website for the Writers Guild of America West (episode titles), by social media accounts or IMDb (cast and crew info), by SpoilerTV (press releases) and The Futon Critic (airdates).

BtS Photo of Season 5 (via Justin Hires)

Remember that episode titles and the episode order are not definite until an official Press Release by CBS. Next Friday, there’s no new episode either due to March Madness.

  • 5×12 (MAC506): Royalty + Marriage + Vivaah Sanskar + Zinc + Henna (April 2)
    Directed by Anne Renton, presumed guest appearance by Camilla Arfwedson
  • 5×13 (MAC507): Barn Find + Oil Slick + La Punzonatura + Lab Rats + Tachometer (tbd)
    Written by Alessia Costantini and Andrew Karlsruher, directed by Katie Eastridge
  • 5×14 (MAC508): H2O + Orthophosphates + Mission City + Corrosion + Origins (tbd)
    Directed by Christine Swanson, guest appearances by Ernie Hudson and Wendy Raquel Robinson
  • 5×15 (MAC509): Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal (tbd)
    Presumably directed by David Straiton

As far as we know, they started filming the Season Finale Episode last week, so they will probably wrap up the season in about two weeks.

Working on Episode MAC509 and beyond
To Recap: Production for Episode 5×08 continued until February 4. We got a BtS photo of Bozer with his parents. Bozer’s “father” Ernie Hudson tweeted an additional group photo. Filming continued on March 1; including scenes with Levy Tran and Lucas Till in construction workers gear.

BtS Photo of Season 5 (via Monica Macer)

On March 8, we got a new BtS photo of Monica Macer on set of the LA Unit. She added a BtS photo with Meredith Eaton and older photos of her with Tristin Mays and with Levy Tran for International Women’s Day.

The next day, Macer added another BtS photo with Meredith; spending her birthday on set. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Unit continued filming on the “Italian Episode” (presumably MAC507) all week. Fabio Massimo Bonini posted a video village photo of him sitting in the red sports car that we’ve seen in several Instagram Stories in the last few weeks. Some people living nearby or coming across the area posted photos of the sports cars and the Italian Police Car used for the episode or got to visit video village.

Monica Macer on set of Season 5 (via CBS TV Studios)

As seen on Instagram stories by cast and crew, they got to enjoy a bit of sunshine and warmer temperatures yesterday.

Today, CBS TV Studios posted a photo of Monica Macer on set; celebrating “Female Filmmaker Friday” for Women’s History Month.

Cast and Crew News
There have been no public casting calls this week, but Namita Joshi revealed that her daughter Aneesha will have a guest spot in an upcoming episode. I assume she takes part in the Indian Wedding in Episode 5×12.

BtS Photo of Season 5 (via Aneesha Joshi)

Here’s a short overview of recent cast news you might have missed:

  • Fabio Massimo Bonini will play an Italian thug named Franco Scuro.
  • According to the Brevard Talent Group, their client Tom Nowicki (The Blind Side) booked a recurring guest role while Bill Kelly booked a single guest spot.
  • Victoria Ric (Divided We Fall) booked a guest spot (presumably for the Season Finale).

Some of the crew have already wrapped up for the season (e.g. Danielle Korman, Christopher Jon Duddy).

BtS Photo of Season 5 (via Billy Matt Thompson)

Other MacGyver-related News
On March 27, Tech Consultant Rhett Allain will take part at a WonderConAtHome panel called “Science Behind Smart TV”.

ICYMI, here’s a short overview of recent news:

  • In February, the MacGyver Reboot made Rank 14 on the list of most popular shows on SpoilerTV; one rank lower than in January.
  • Lucas Till will take part in a virtual relay to New Orleans for Shirts Across America on March 27. If you want to join, you can find all important info here.
  • Lucas’ movie Son of the South is still available on demand and in selected theaters. Check the official website for more info. The DVD and BluRay release is listed for April 6.
  • The CBS Virtual Upfronts will take place on May 19. Until then, we will know if the show gets another season.

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