MacGyver Reboot Update #117

Everything seems quiet. Cast and Crew are waiting for the green light to start filming for Season 5.

BtS photos of Episode 2×05: Skull + Electromagnet (via Sarah Downer)

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You might get spoilered about Season 5 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided. For daily news and to join the discussion and/or speculate away, you can find me on Twitter and head over to the MacGyverOnline Forums.)


All you need to know about Season 5
The MacGyverWriters have been back in the (virtual) office since June 12. They are quite active on Twitter; liking and sharing posts. They also tease us a lot – but so far, they haven’t revealed anything significant about the upcoming season. In fact, there’s barely any news about Season 5 for now – but behind the scenes, they must be preparing as much as they can so they’re ready to start filming when they get the green light.

According to this Facebook post, they are in the process of scouting potential filming locations; e.g. at the New Covenant Church. It’s probably weird to scout locations when you’re not sure in what season and weather condition you’ll start filming, tough. It’s possible that they’ll have a very different climate that they had initially planned for when writing the scripts.

Tristin Mays for Paradise Earth Survival

ICYMI: On July 20, an article by Vanity Fair revealed the extent of the toxicity and abuse surounding cast and crew when working on a show run by Peter Lenkov. Since the article came out, they added an audio version (with a runtime of 37 minutes). The author of the article also got promoted as contributing editor on Vanity Fair, which hints at the success (and also the truthfulness) of this well-investigated article.

What’s going to happen now?
Several CBS shows were listed with production dates for August and September. On August 5, Deadline reported that SWAT successfully finished their first day of filming for the new season. Although Magnum PI was supposed to start filming in August as well, Hawaii just went into another 3-week-lockdown. Interestingly, most shows with an official filming start date listed are not produced in-house, but are co-studio productions – which hints at other studios wanting to go ahead faster than CBS.

BtS photo of Episode 4×09: Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis (via Joanne Sanders)

According to an article by Deadline just released yesterday, the shows of the NCIS franchise are planning to start in September while the FBI franchise is going for October.

While MacGyver has the advantage of having some finished “leftover” episodes from Season 4, we haven’t seen any official promo yet. CBS is probably still figuring out what to air in Fall. While some networks relied on buying Canadian TV productions and delaying their Fall Season to January next year, others like CBS relied on being able to air new episodes of their own shows in the next few months. At the moment, it’s not looking good.

BtS photo of Episode 4×09: Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis (via Digital Ignition)

We did get some new/old material in recent weeks; e.g. a few BtS photos from filming Episode 4×09 (Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis) with a nice group photo intitially posted by Joanne Sanders back in February. Sarah Downer took pity on the fans suffering from a lack of new content and posted a BtS photo collage of Lucas Till in his Halloween costume for Episode 2×05 (Skull + Electromagnet).

While browsing the IMDb crew list, I also managed to find some new/old concept renderings and props illustrations and set photos of Season 4. On this Phoenix Offices plan, you can see that both Russ and Matty are supposed to have offices. Maybe we’ll finally get to see them in Season 5.

Tristin Mays and Sergeant for Melted Fit (posted in May)

Here’s the upcoming reruns schedule:

  • Friday, August 21: Soccer + Desi + Merchant + Titan (4×05)
  • Friday, August 28: Right + Wrong + Both + Neither (4×06)
  • Friday, September 4: Father + Son + Father + Matriarch (4×08)
  • Friday, September 11: tba
  • Friday, September 18: tba

What are Cast and Crew up to?
A few weeks ago, Levy Tran was looking at new apartments in Atlanta. According to her realtor, Levy is a proud homeowner now. Justin Hires is back in the studio; producing his third mixtape. Tristin Mays has been helping advertizing both her brother’s and her sister in law’s webstores. Lucas Till took a short hiatus from his road trip across the country to do some ADR for his upcoming movie Son of the South. Since the days leading up to his 30th birthday, there hasn’t been any new photos or videos about his whereabouts or how he spent his big day.

Levy Tran as a homeowner (via Jeannie Morgan)

Story Editor Teresa Huang attended a screenwriter panel for WeScreenplay. She revelead that she attended MIT and got a degree in chemistry, so it will be interesting to see if the show turns a bit more scientific over time.

Sad news for Leanna fans: According to this article, Reign Edwards will head back to her former job at CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful, so more appearances on MacGyver seem rather unlikely. Interestingly, the post has been deleted.

MacGyver in Germany
To Recap: Episode 4×03 (Kid + Plane + Cable + Truck) did very well in Germany with 1.53 million live-viewers and a market-share of 5.8%. Episode 4×04 (Windmill + Acetone + Celluloid + Firing Pin) is set in Germany. As expected, there were quite a few comments about it on social media (especially due to the episode being set in Karlsruhe, but using footage of Heidelberg). The episode had 1.42 million live-viewers and a market-share of 5.4%.

Lucas Till in the studio for “Son of the South” (via Abbey West Recording)

On contrary, Episode 4×05 (Soccer + Desi + Merchant + Titan) got the smallest audience for this season; reaching 1.25 million live-viewers and a market-share of 4.9%. In my opinion, this is not very surprising since the TV channel has been gearing up for their new season of Promi Big Brother; completely neglecting to promote MacGyver on their social media accounts since Episode 4×02.

The lack of promo combined with hot weather and the possibility to watch the new episodes a week beforehand on their own media library seems a weird strategy to me; especially when considering that the first few episodes of Season 4 had very good ratings.

BtS photo of “Son of the South” (via Onye Eme-Akwari)

The upcoming German Episode Titles:

  • 4×06: Deal mit dem Teufel (literal translation: Deal with the Devil; Right + Wrong + Both + Neither)
  • 4×07: Mörderisches Date (Murderous Date; Mac + Desi + Riley + Aubrey)
  • 4×08: Akte 47 (File 47; Father + Son + Father + Matriarch)
  • 4×09: Kernschmelze (Meltdown; Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis)
  • 4×10: Shiva (Shiva; Tesla + Bell + Edison + Mac)
  • 4×11: tba

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