Looking Back at Season 4 (III) – The Official Stills (Part 3)

As with the previous seasons, I’m looking back at the Official Stills for each episode of Season 4; picking my favorites and writing down some of my thoughts. Generally, Season 4 has been good regarding promo, but it was a bit of a nuisance to compile all the Stills unmarked and in HD quality.

Episode 4×12: Loyalty + Family + Rogue + Hellfire (via KsiteTV)

If you missed Part 1 (Episodes 4×01 to 4×04), you can find it here. For Part 2 (Episodes 4×05 to 4×08), you can go there.


Episode 4×09: Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis (Still Photographer: Mark Hill)
For this episode, we got 10 “real” Official Stills on the CBS press site; all of them featuring the main mission team in the control room of a power plant. Interestingly, Getty Images has actually 11 (but watermarked) Stills taken by Still Photographer Mark Hill while SpoilerTV released 5 and KsiteTV released 10.

Episode 4×09: Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis (via Mark Hill/Getty Images)

MY FAVORITE: The one with MacGyver. It’s an important scene for character development.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: While this episode has a big impact on MacGyver and his mental health; it’s actually a Riley background story episode. Yet, Riley didn’t get her own Still. She’s just part of the group staring at a computer screen.


Episode 4×10: Tesla + Bell + Edison + Mac (Mark Hill)
For Episode 4×10, we got 9 Stills on the press site; all of them featuring the main mission. Only 4 watermarked Stills are available via Getty Images while 5 are on SpoilerTV. You can find them all on KsiteTV.

Episode 4×10: Tesla + Bell + Edison + Mac (via SpoilerTV)

MY FAVORITE: The one with MacGyver and Tesla. Sadly, also the only one that has Mac in it.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: This is my favorite episode of the season and there’s only one Still of MacGyver (that’s not even up on Getty Images). And no other Still of the guest stars? It’s the craziest episode so far in the Reboot and they didn’t do anything with it promo-wise. I guess they didn’t want to spoiler too much with the Stills, but it was already stated in the press release that it will be a “dreamland” episode and that Mac will meet his mother.


Episode 4×11: Psy-Op + Cell + Merchant + Birds (Erika Doss)
Episode 4×11 delivered 12 Official Stills; all of them featuring our lead hero and the Merchant in a fake Chinese prison. 6 watermarked Stills are up on Getty Images; with What2Vue having 7 and KsiteTV having all of them in unmarked glory.

Episode 4×11: Psy-Op + Cell + Merchant + Birds (via CBS)

MY FAVORITE: Who doesn’t like a dirtied up Mac sitting in a prison cell? Who cares if it’s fake, right?

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Everything is so dark and dirty and depressing in here… also, all the Stills are in the same setting, so some fans might find this a bit boring.


Episode 4×12: Loyalty + Family + Rogue + Hellfire (Mark Hill)
We got 11 Official Stills for this episode. About half of them feature Mac on a run and meeting Auntie Gwen and her friends in the woods. The others have Mac and Riley with Shiva at another Codex hideout with Gwen and the Codex head of security. Getty Images has 8 Stills up, while SpoilerTV has 6 of them and KsiteTV has 10.

Episode 4×13: Save + The + Dam + World (via Jeri Ryan News)

MY FAVORITE: MacRiley and Auntie.

BONUS STILL: MacGyver in the woods. It’s seems like such a simple photo, but it isn’t. Also, I like the colors.

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Nothing to be disappointed about. There’s MacRiley and the guest stars and some Stills taken while filming an important scene.


Episode 4×13: Save + The + Dam + World (Nathan Bolster)
We got a set of whopping 34 Stills in total for this episode. Fittingly, 13 of them are “real” Stills while the rest consists of screenshots. The “real” Stills have the mission team out in the woods. Getty Images has 9 Stills up, while SpoilerTV has only 5 of them. Thankfully, KsiteTV saves the day again by having them all up on their site.

Episode 4×13: Save + The + Dam + World (by Nathan Bolster/CBS)

MY FAVORITE: Desi’s expression is exactly how I feel about the writers deconstructing the character of Desi in Season 4 (from kick-ass Phoenix agent to moody ex-girlfriend-now-again-girlfriend who complains about everything and doesn’t trust MacGyver).

NOW THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: Stills taken out there in the woods are always nice, so nothing to complain about the “real” Stills. It’s also nice to provide Stills with the guest stars. I’m not too fond of adding too many screenshots of the same scene, though. The lighting isn’t getting any better just because you add five screenshots instead of one or two.

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