MacGyver Reboot Update #97

MacGyver fans, rejoice again! We have a premiere date for Season 4 AND a DVD release date for Season 3!

BtS photo of Season 4 (via Alison)

(Minor Spoiler Alert: You might get spoilered about characters and storylines in Season 4 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided! For daily news and to join the discussion and/or speculate away, you can find me on Twitter and head over to the MacGyverOnline Forums.)


Season 4 Premiere and Promo News
ICYMI: Season 4 will premiere on February 7 next year – in the “old” timeslot of Fridays, 8pm. Lucas Till made the announcement together with Executive Producer Henry Winkler who had visited the set that day.

All the MacGyverCBS social media accounts got a new header for the occasion. Otherwise, there’s not much promo yet. CBS had released a short midseason/winter preview of their new and returning shows with a few new scenes of the Reboot as well; featuring Mac, Desi and Russ.

Screenshot of the CBS Midseason Preview (via CBS)

I expect a Press Release and a First Still in January the latest. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait as long for a trailer as for Season 3 (which didn’t drop until a week before the Fall premiere). Sadly, neither showrunner Peter Lenkov nor the producers are very forthcoming with new material.

Season 4 Episode Overview
Only 60 plus a few days left until the Premiere of Season 4. There’s still not too much info listed on IMDb, but there are already some preliminary airdates up on The Futon Critic. Let’s revisit the upcoming episodes with the most important infos so far:

  • 4×01: (title tba) (February 7)
    Directed by Alexandra La Roche
  • 4×02: Fire + Ashes + Legacy = Phoenix (February 14)
    Written by Terry Matalas, directed by David Straiton
  • 4×03: (title tba) (February 21)
    Directed by Lily Mariye
  • 4×04: (title tba) (February 28)
    Directed by Eagle Egilsson
  • 4×05: Soccer + Desi + Merchant + Titan (March 6)
    Directed by Duane Clark
  • 4×06: (title tba) (March 13)
    Directed by Roderick Davis
  • 4×07: Mac + Desi + Riley + Aubrey (tbd)
    Guest appearances by Tate Donovan (as James MacGyver) and Peter Weller (as Mason)
  • 4×08: (title tba)
    Presumably directed by David Straiton
  • 4×09: (title tba)
    Written by Brandon Botta and Casey Tollett Botta, directed by Mike Martinez
  • 4×10: (title tba)
    Directed by Yangzom Brauen
  • 4×11: (title tba)
    Presumed guest appearances by Amber Skye Noyes and by Dawson Towery
  • 4×12: (title tba)
    Presumed guest appearance by Rob Giumarra
  • 4×13: Save + The + Dam + World (tbd)
    Directed by Carlos Bernard

To recap my last blog post: For Episode 4×12, they filmed scenes in the War Room, at Foxhall Resort, in a set dressed as a court room in Stockbridge City Hall and driving scenes both on stage and on location; involving a fake baby. For Episode 4×13 (Save + The + Dam + World), they set up at a dam near Eatonton, next to Lake Oconee.

BtS photo of Season 4 (via City of Stockbridge Government)

If you have some TV experience, you know there is a possibililty that the court room scenes actually belong to the midseason finale episode with Mac being held accounted for the things he had to do to actually save the world. It’s possible they did some rewrites to the episode once they got the back-up order for 9 more episodes, so the episode might actually end in a cliffhanger.

It’s a wrap – sort of
Surprisingly, the production “wrapped” on the same day as they would have if they had been done after 13 episodes. There was even a hiatus cake in the office of the costume departement. Beforehand, they had an early Christmas hiatus lunch with the cast and crew getting their wrap gift (of a set chair) as an early Christmas gift.

BtS photo of Episode 4×13: Save + The + Dam + World (via Carlos Bernard)

Some of the crew and stunt team continued filming stunts and inserts for a few more days; e.g. a car chase scene. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew members flew back home to visit their family. Right now, the cast and most of the crew is on a 6-week-hiatus; not coming back to set before January. According to SpoilerTV, filming will continue until April.

Besides Justin, none of the main cast seems to be very active on social media; enjoying their days off or working on new projects. Lucas spent Thanksgiving at his mom’s place with his brother Nick. Since then, he’s only been sighted twice; the last time yesterday in LA. Henry Ian Cusick is working on another movie project at the moment. Apparently, Levy Tran’s dog Carl is staying with a few dog buddies for a couple months. It’s possible that Levy is travelling out of country; for either work or for holidays. So far, she hasn’t resurfaced on social media at all.

Other Cast and Character News
ICYMI: There was a huge spoiler about Scottie Thompson’s character name on the call sheet for Episode 4×13 – probably the reason why TV Line had refused to reveal it in their spoiler article last month. (And also the reason why I haven’t posted it on Twitter yet.)

Screenshot of a BtS video of Episode 4×13: Save + The + Dam + World (via Taylor Gardner)

So far, Central Casting Georgia hasn’t put out any casting calls for Extras since the production hiatus started. Additionally, the IMDb episode list still doesn’t go farther than Episode 4×06; with most of the cast lists barely filled.

MacGyver in Germany
In Austria, every Season 2 episode had about 37’000 live viewers (which is less than half the average for Season 1). There’s no information yet if they’ll also air Season 3.

On November 23, German Free-TV channel Kabel 1 started airing two reruns of Season 1 every Saturday; replacing reruns of Hawaii Five-0.

BtS photo of Episode 4×13: Save + The + Dam + World (via Steven Serna)

Season 4 predictions
MacGyver got a full season order and a premiere date for February 7 in their old timeslot of Fridays 8pm. So what can we expect this season? Let’s take another look at the predictions; getting more defined the more information we get.

  • Friday Schedule: The press release had announced that MacGyver will finish in Spring. That’s a bit difficult with a full season of 22 episodes, especially if they have a 3-week-hiatus again for March Madness and are in production until April 2020. After MacGyver concludes, Magnum PI should resume on Fridays.

Prediction: According to The Futon Critic, Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods will air their Season Finales on March 13 and March 20 (the day MacGyver will air Episodes 4×06 and 4×07). That doesn’t seem very likely, though. If they get another order of 25 episodes and the same amount of breaks in between like in recent years, H50 won’t be done until mid-May anyway.

BtS photo of Season 4 (via City of Stockbridge Government)

Instead of putting in all those little breaks and airing reruns of H50 at 9pm, they could air two episodes of MacGyver a week or bring back Magnum PI at 9pm instead of 8pm. The upcoming Friday schedule in Spring and Summer might depend on how good Magnum does ratings-wise before they take it off schedule and what the ratings of MacGyver will look like.

  • Ratings: Most Fall start up in ratings on the same level they ended in Spring; reaching their peak around midseason. The same holds true for the current shows of the Friday line-up.

Prediction: The Season 3 Finale Episode had a demo of 0.65 and a live-audience of 5.472 million viewers. Season 4 starts at midseason, so it will probably start lower than it would have in Fall (around a 0.6 demo and an audience of 5 million live-viewers if we’re lucky), not peaking as high and dropping faster; especially after both Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods are done with their seasons.

Screenshot of the CBS Midseason Preview (via CBS)

That doesn’t sound very positive, but a timeslot around midseason on a Friday also means that the expectations aren’t as high as they would have been for a Fall premiere. Nonetheless, the Friday ratings are so good lately that Friday is the second-best rated weekday on CBS after Tuesday. Not bad, considering Fridays used to be where shows were pushed to slowly fade out before they get cancelled.

Both H50 and BB are remarkable stable in ratings and their reruns have usually higher audiences than some other shows airing a new episode (about 4-5 million live-viewers), so they sure won’t hurt the ratings for MacGyver.

  • Crossover Potential: They already finished filming the crossover between Magnum and H50 that will air on January 3.

For now, it doesn’t seem very likely that the Reboot will get a crossover at all this season. The best chance would be with another midseason crime show, but none of the midseason rookies (FBI: Most Wanted or Tommy) are being filmed in Atlanta and Criminal Minds has already wrapped months ago.

  • Story-Arc: If you remember: The back-order for the additional 9 episodes was rather late. Some of the crew had already stated on social media a few months ago that they will move on to other jobs in December or January (e.g. Stunt Coordinator Daniel Hargrave).

Prediction: Since the story-arc was initially written for 13 episodes, I expect the season to be cut into two main storylines; similar to Season 1. It’s possible that some of the crew and the recurring guest stars aren’t available anymore for the production of the rest of the episodes.

Lucas Till at the Upscale Sports Lounge 3rd Base Grand Opening (via Getty Images)

On the other hand, they have now more time and opportunity to get some new/old guest stars; maybe also recurring ones we haven’t seen on set yet (e.g. Reign Edwards as Leanna, Michael Des Barres as Helman, Lance Gross as Billy Colton or Billy Baldwin as Elwood).

  • Season 3 DVD and other merchandize: According to several websites, the Season 3 DVD will be released on January 14. There’s no information yet if there will be any Extras available.

The official CBS store for the show still hasn’t been back up yet. Considering they’ve been offering reduced prices for several times since Fall TV season started and Christmas is nearing soon, it’s still a bit questionable to me why they haven’t “opened” it again yet.

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