MacGyver Reboot Update #76

Only a bit more than three episodes left to film before production for Season 3 will wrap up. We’ve glimpsed another familiar face and we get to meet the new recurring character Desi tonight!

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Justin Hires)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about characters and storylines in Season 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


About Episode 3×14
Before and after the episode aired, director Avi Youabian and several guest stars (e.g. the bride Madalyn Horcher or father of the bride Roberto Sanchez) posted BtS photos they had taken when filming back in November and December.

Sadly, Blue Bloods was the only CBS Friday show that got a Sneak Peek, therefore not providing any additional promo to share. While the hashtag #MacGyver wasn’t trending US-wide, it still set a new record of more than 1100 estimated tweets per hour.

BtS photo of Episode 3×14: Father + Bride + Betrayal (via Madalyn Horcher)

As expected, the episode got discussed about a lot on social media. While most fans stated being sad and disappointed about Jack leaving, some were also unhappy about how the goodbye between Mac and Jack had been dealt with.

Just a day later after the episode had aired, Technical Consultant Rhett Allain uploaded a blog post with science notes about the MacHacks in this episode. He later added posts about the MacGyverisms used in Episode 1×14 (Fish Scaler), Episode 1×15 (Magnifying Glass), Episode 1×16 (Hook) and Episode 1×17 (Ruler) as well.

Let’s take a look at the recent ratings. To recap: Episode 3×13 (Wilderness + Training + Survival) had reached 6.895 million live-viewers with a demo of 0.8. In the +7 Days Ratings, it added another 1.583 million viewers (+23%), reaching a total of 8.482 million viewers with a demo of 1.16 (+43%).

BtS photo of Episode 3×13: Wilderness + Training + Survival (via Maya Lisa)

Episode 3×14 had 6.964 million live-viewers and a demo of 0.8, thus making it the highest audience number this season so far and beating Last Man Standing by a million viewers. It’t interesting to note that all three CBS Friday shows got a demo of 0.8. In the +3 Days Ratings, it added another 1.352 million viewers (+19%), reaching a total of 8.319 million viewers with a demo of 1.12 (+41%).

About the Season 3 Ratings
At the moment, the MacGyver Reboot has an average of 6.265 millions live-viewers per episode with a demo-rating of 0.72. Compared to the 22 scripted shows on CBS at the moment, the Reboot is at rank 21 in demo and at rank 13 in audience.

Episode 3×15: K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit (Official Still via What 2 Vue)

Let’s take a look at some other CBS crime-action shows in the same range. Thanks to a special airing after the AFC Championship, Magnum PI raised their average up to 6.047 million live-viewers per episode with a 0.95 demo-rating. Just two weeks ago, they announed that the show will get another season. SEAL Team is at 5.545 millions live-viewers (but is facing a 4-weeks-long break) and a demo of 0.84 on average while SWAT is at 5.351 / 0.78.

According to Variety, the big networks have ordered up to 20 percent less pilots this year. Variety concludes that most networks seem to be eyeing to renew shows instead of risking to order the usual slate of new shows, which will potentially lead to more renewals of shows (even if they aren’t all that good-looking in ratings).

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Meredith Eaton)

All you need to know about tonight’s Episode 3×15
Episode 3×15 is titled “K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit”, written by Executive Producer Rob Pearlstein and directed by Gabriel Beristain. The Press Release witht he first Official Still came out on February 8. Here’s the synopsis:

After a surprising introduction to Phoenix’s newest recruit, Desi (Levy Tran), MacGyver and team are assigned to escort and protect an ATF (alcohol, tobacco, firearms) gun-sniffing dog who has a bounty on his head, only to discover they’re not the only ones crashing the weapon drop.

There’s guest appearances by Presilah Nunez and Ryan Czerwonko. We’ll also see Reign Edwards as Leanna again, so it looks like this episode will have a lot of girl power.

Episode 3×15: K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit (Official Still via CBS)

The preview was released on Saturday; giving us a glimpse into Mac and Desi meeting for the first time. On February 12, they released additional Stills. They were all taken on the same day while filming a scene of the cast running and hiding in between a shipping container area; accompanied by the canine guest star. The 2 Sneak Peeks released on Valentine’s Day were filmed at the same location the Stills were taken. A few hours later, TV Line released an exclusive, additional Sneak Peek of presumably the Opening Gambit with the full scene of MacGyver meeting Desi.

Season 3 Overview: Episodes 3×16 to 3×20
It’s easy to loose track of the upcoming episodes, so let’s do a short recap of all the information we have gathered so far for the next handful of episodes:

  • 3×16: Lidar + Rogues + Duty (February 22)
    Written by Don Perez and directed by Stephen Herek. Guest appearances by Billy Baldwin and Chad Michael Collins. Check here for the Press Release and the Official Stills.
  • 3×17: Seeds + Permafrost + Feather (March 8)
    Guest appearances by Matthew Bellows and Matthew Jayson Cwern.
  • 3×18: Murdoc + Helman + Hi (March 15)
    Guest appearances by Michael Des Barres, Andre Reed and David Dastmalchian.
  • 3×19: Friends + Enemies + Border (April 5)
    Guest appearances by Odelya Halevi and Nick Massouh.
  • 3×20: tba (April 12)

There will be a rerun of Episode 3×06 (Murdoc + MacGyver + Murdoc) on March 1st, probably to prepare us for the upcoming guest appearance of David Dastmalchian.

Episode 3×15: K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit (Official Still via What 2 Vue)

After the premiere of Episode 3×18, there will be a break for 3 weeks due to March Madness (Basketball). They already released the full schedule for the rest of the episodes, but there might be some more changes.

Working on Episodes 3×18 and 3×19
Filming for Episode 3×18 started around January 25. Michael Des Barres had arrrived early in Atlanta to learn his lines. He spent some time with David Dastmalchian during his free time as well; keeping us updated with photos on social media.

Episode 3×16: Lidar + Rogues + Duty (Official Still via CBS)

On January 26 (Saturday), the crew had filmed a stunt scene on the Atlanta Motor Speedway involving a helicopter. The BtS photo by Jason Tubbs revealed early on that both Murdoc and MacGyver Senior will be part of the episode.

On January 28, TV channel CBS 46 was on location for promo. Astrid Martinez provided photos and short videos via Instagram and Facebook; revealing that she did interviews with Lucas Till, Meredith Eaton, Tristin Mays and Justin Hires on the parking lot in front of the studio lot. Meg Oliver posted a photo with Lucas Till a few days later while the video segment of her visiting the War Room was uploaded by CBS Sunday Morning.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Christopher Jon Duddy)

On February 4, Michael Des Barres posted a BtS video of him in Helman/Murdoc get-up; throwing and catching a knife. As Peter Lenkov revealed, that knife will probably end up stuck in Andre Reed’s chest. Trish Dowling posted a nice group photo of MDB with the cast and crew on set for those scenes. Apparently, this was already his last day of filming. David Dastmalchian filmed some more scenes and left Atlanta two days later.

On February 5, Lucas Till revealed how he prepares as an actor. He welcomed Levy Tran in a post; comparing her to a female Jackie Chan. It was Justin Hires who provided the first team photo with Levy on the fireplace set.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Marty Lindsey)

Filming for Epsiode 3×19 started on February 7. Casting Calls and Instagram Live Stories by Tristin Mays revealed that they filmed a Bomb Squad scene in a parking garage. For once, Riley herself will get to wear one of the disposal suits. On Tuesday, they filmed at a chapel near the woods.

On Wednesday, they filmed on location on and inside a pit or cave they built just for the episode. Lucas Till uplodaded Instagram Live Stories of him hanging on a rope, waiting to be lowered down. It was pretty windy on set and cast and crew still in need of heaters in the tents.

BtS photo of Episode 3×19 (via Jesse Parker)

As Justin Hires shared, Levy’s character Desi likes to read the World Surfers Magazine at work. Some of cast and crew posted photos and videos of older episodes; e.g. stunt double Maya Lisa (with Vanessa Garcia for Episode 3×13). Justin Hires uploaded an older video of him visiting Lucas Till and Levy Tran on set of Episode 3×16 back in January and a BtS video of Episode 3×12 with Bozer trying to get out of a trash can after successfully subduing a bad guy.

Other Cast, Crew and Character News
On February 5, Deadline broke the news that Levy Tran officially joined the cast as recurring character Desiree Nguyen (Desi), a Vietnamese agent who had worked with George Ead’s character Jack Dalton (off-screen) before. As far as I know, Levy has already been on set for every episode so CBS will probably bump her to a regular if the show is renewed for another season (and the fans are interested in seeing more of her).

BtS photo of Episode 3×19 (via Mike Torino)

Central Casting Georgia had posted Casting Calls for Photo Doubles and for Stand-Ins (e.g. for Brandon Rush, Gabriel Rodriguez, for David Bianchi, for Mo Gallini or for Levy Tran).

Central Casting also been looking for Extras; e.g. for a Tac Team with cars, for Techs with cars, a Bomb Squad with cars, for a female Fit Model and for Lab Techs.

Other MacGyver-related News
In case you missed it: On March 23, there will be a panel for all 3 CBS shows helmed by Peter Lenkov at the Paley-Fest LA. As reported on February 5, the confirmed guests for the MacGyver panel are Lucas Till, Tristin Mays and Meredith Eaton with the option of adding more guests. Tickets are already on sale, so take the chance if you want to enjoy this event up close and personal.

Episode 3×16: Lidar + Rogues + Duty (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

Reminder: The Reboot is eligible for the “Best of TV Awards” held by Canada Graphs. It won several categories in Round 1 (e.g. Best Stunts, Best Writing, Kate Bond as Best Recurring Actress).

The show made it into following categories for Round 2:

  • Best Action or Drama Program
  • Best Action or Drama Actress (Meredith Eaton, Tristin Mays)
  • Best Action or Drama Actor (Lucas Till, George Eads, Justin Hires)
  • Best Guest Actress (Amy Smart)
  • Best Guest Actor (Michael Des Barres)
  • Best Recurring Actor (Tate Donovan, David Dastmalchian)
  • Best Recurring Actress (Kate Bond)
  • Best Stunts
  • Best Writing
  • Favorite TV Program
  • Favorite TV Character (Angus MacGyver, Jack Dalton, Riley Davis)

The results for Round 2 aren’t fully uploaded yet.

Sneak Peek Screenshot for Episode 3×15 (via TV Line)

The 3rd and final round started on February 7. The show made it into following categories for the Finals so far:

  • Best Writing
  • Favorite TV Program
  • Favorite TV Character (Angus MacGyver, Jack Dalton)
  • Best Stunts

3 thoughts on “MacGyver Reboot Update #76

  1. So the Desi is a bit getting used to Mac’s side but very interesting. However, it seems to be a good substitute for Eads, as there is no lack of the many Gelabere of Eads not at all. When can you expect CBS to tell if there is a fourth season? I hope so because I’m a huge MacGyver fan and it would be a real loss if there were not another season. Maybe someone already knows something. I’m not curious. The update 76 was written as always great and I devour every update. I just wanted to write a praise !!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Official confirmation for another season usually happens in April or May, just before the Upfront event mid-May. It’s usually announced in bulk for all “older” shows at the same time. But they confirmed the rookie shows (e.g. Magnum) being renewed a lot earlier than last year, so who knows 😉

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