MacGyver Reboot Update #65

There’s still a serious and concerning lack of promo… but on the other hand, only 7 days left until the Season 3 Premiere!

BtS Photo of Season 3 (via Peter Lenkov)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about main characters and storylines in Season 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


What you need to know about the Season 3 Premiere
It’s gotten pretty quiet during the last few weeks. There was almost no BtS stuff to find for a while as if the production had gone undercover, and fans started complaining about the lack of promo so shortly before the Season Premiere. Sadly, CBS left it upon the cast, the crew and the fans to promote the upcoming Season 3 and the DVD release of Season 2 on social media.

We do have Press Releases for the first three episodes, though. On August 23, we got the Synopsis plus 6 Official Stills for Episode 3×01 (Improvise) via SpoilerTV.

Season 3 preview by TV Guide (via Peter Lenkov)

On September 11, Executive Producer Peter Lenkov posted a snippet from TV Guide that left us a few hints about the upcoming season. Other sites had Fall TV previews as well; e.g. E!Online or Entertainment Weekly.

News about Episodes 3×02 to 3×05
Episode 3×02 (Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship) was directed by Duane Clark. CBS released a first Official Still along with the Press Release on September 13. As expected, it centers around Jack and his old Delta Buddies. On September 17, SpoilerTV added 7 more Stills. The photos were all taken when Lucas Till and George Eads filmed at an airport, so the other Team Phoenix members are absent.

Episode 3×02: Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship (Official Still via CBS)

Justin Hires’ favorite Episode 3×03 (Bozer + Booze + Back to School) was directed by Tessa Blake and follows the storyline of Team Phoenix going undercover on a college campus. Justin upladed more photos from the episode; showing us the “weekend whip“. Yesterday, CBS revealed the Synopsis along with a first Official Still.

Episode 3×04 was directed by Peter Weller, but there’s still no title or an entry on IMDb. I was concerned that the episode gets dropped due to the accident that happened during production, but it looks like they were back at filming a few extra scenes or inserts on September 16.

Episode 3×03: Bozer + Booze + Back to School (via CBS Press Express)

The Halloween Episode 3×05 (Dia de Muertos + Sicarios + Family) is set in Mexico and was directed by Eagle Egilsson. Cast and Crew filmed scenes for a “Day of the Dead” Festival for several days.

Working on Episode 3×06
After Labor Day weekend, Cast and Crew continued working on Episode 3×06. They filmed at an airport and in the streets of Atlanta. The Casting Calls imply that one of the locations is a bank in Bogota, Colombia.

On September 11, Meredith Eaton uploaded a new photo of Matty with MacGyver and Murdoc – in the interrogation room at Phoenix. Looks like Murdoc got caught again – or he let himself get caught, who knows. Meredith also revealed that Matty wears bracelets handcrafted by Lucas’ mother Dana Till.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Justin Hires)

Justin uploaded a photo of Bozer with a gun on his right and arm candy (George Eads aka Jack Dalton) on his left.

According to SpoilerTV, the episode is titled “Murdoc + MacGyver + Murdoc” and as Allen Theosky Rowe revealed, it is directed by Stephen Herek. Rowe posted a photo with his villainy friends in a car and labelled an earlier photo with “The Cleaner”. Sounds like an interesting enemy for Murdoc and/or the Phoenix Team.

Working on Episode 3×07
On September 12, production turned the streets of Atlanta into Ghana; filming in front of a bank again and recreating a street market. On the next day, they set up shop at a restaurant.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Steven Serna)

Steven Serna posted photos of a truck in front of green screens. The Stand-Ins suffered in “Hotlanta”; encountering bugs and butterflies while waiting under the canopy.

Justin Hires posted several photos of himself with cars – Bozer sitting on a car, Bozer sitting on the same car in a different position or Bozer leaning on a car. He also uploaded many Instagram Live Stories featuring the Stand-Ins; joking about his own Stand-In (Kevin Marshall Pinkney) looking nothing like him; contrary to Lucas’ Stand-In (Matthew Albright).

Meredith Eaton posted a photo of her with Lucas and George in the War Room. Peter Lenkov finally had found some time to post another team photo during a short break from filming in a junk yard.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Lucas Till)

They also filmed what looked like a car accident and nearby a lake. Cast and Crew were enamored with the location; posting lots and lots of photos of the lake or the blue sky with the fluffy white clouds. Meanwhile, Lucas Till made new friends of the animal kind. While this is reminiscent of the Original Show, I doubt the snake is part of the storyline – they regularly have a snake wrangler on set when filming in “grassy” and “foresty” locations. Interestingly, Justin Hires didn’t seem so fond of the snakes in the bucket.

This morning, the crew started filming in the War Room location; for once safe from the hot weather they filmed in all week. The posts by crew and extras reveal that the heavy schedule is starting to take its toll – after almost 60 days into production, many complain about being tired and post photos of their colleagues taking a nap whenever and wherever possible during breaks.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Meredith Eaton)

Cast, Crew and Character News
In case you missed it: The Press Release for Episode 3×01 (Improvise) lists 4 official recurring characters for Season 3: Kate Bond (as Jill), Reign Edwards (Leanna), Tate Donovan (Oversight) and David Dastmalchian (Murdoc). Looking at the Press Releases for single episodes, both Episodes 3×02 and 3×03 only list Reign Edwards as recurring, though.

Reign started filming the pilot for “The Wilds” in New Zealand, so it’s not clear if and when she will be back on the show. For now, Episode 3×03 will be most likely her last appearance. Sibongile Mlambo had been in Atlanta again recently, and since she’s listed on Episode 3×06 on IMDb together with David Dastmalchian and Brady Bond (as Cassian), I’m assuming she might not be back again, either.

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Allen Theosky Rowe)

Justin Hires joked about Joy Sunday playing Bozer’s sister, but since he also jokes about MacGyver (or everyone) dying in the episode they’re filming at the moment, I’m not sure if this is true or not.

Central Casting Georgia had Casting Calls for a Stand-In for Sarah Sokolovic, a Stand-In for Ric Reitz and a Photo Double for David Dastmalchian. As for every episode, they’ve also been looking for Extras; e.g. for Ghana Patrons (with or without Japanese brand cars), for Ghana Men with tactical experience, for Upscale Business people, Fancy Background Actors, European Background Actors and for Techs and Agents.

Episode 3×02: Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

Other MacGyver-related News
In case you missed it:

  • The Season 2 DVD of the Reboot was released in the US on September 18, and there’s even bonus material on it this time! Sadly, CBS didn’t do any promo for it.
  • There will be a rerun of the Season 2 Finale today (Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver)
  • Season 1 of Original MacGyver will be released on BluRay on October 30. (There still no info if there’s any Extras or Special Features.)
  • Original MacGyver fans post a lot on social media about both the MacGyver Funko Pop and the Escape Room Board Game
  • Executive Producer and Writer David Slack revealed that one of the CBS Executives had wanted MacGyver to carry a gun. Apparently, they had to fight to prevent that because they knew it would betray the core of the character.

As mentioned before, there was a severe accident on set on August 20; ending with Stunt Coordinator Justin Sundquist being injured and hospitalized. Latest news was that he’s doing better, but we haven’t heard anything further about Sundquist’s condition or the pending investigation.

Season 3 International Promo (via FOX España)

Other countries are gearing up for the Season 3 premiere as well. Since they don’t have any material of Season 3 yet, they resorted to old material. Fox España used “new” international poster photoshoot material of Season 1; with MacGyver and Jack both tied up plus MacGyver hanging upside down. AXN Asia used Season 2 footage for their teaser trailer; adding the same poster in a pink color scheme instead.

MacGyver in Germany
The ratings in Germany are still pretty stable. They had been dropping slightly, but then started to rise again. I’m already curious how well the Season Finale will do.

To recap: Episode 2×17 (Bear Trap + Mob Boss) garnered 1.62 million live-viewers in total (3 years and older) and a rating of 7.6 in the targeted age-group (14-49 years old).

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Justin Hires)

Episode 2×18 (Riley + Airplane) had 1.86 million live viewers with a demo of 8.4, followed by Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle) with 1.92 million live viewers (marking the second-highest audience for Season 2 so far) and a demo of 9.3.

A week later, Episode 2×20 (Skyscraper – Power) reached 1.8 milllion live-viewers, while Episode 2×21 (Wind + Water) had 1.71 million live-viewers. Both episodes garnered a demo-rating of 8.6.

The upcoming German Episode Titles:
2×22: Area 51 (UFO + Area 51)
2×23: Das Wiedersehen (literally translated: The Reunion, MacGyver + MacGyver)

BtS photo of Season 3 (via Andrew Moore)

After airing the Season 2 Finale, Sat.1 will start airing reruns of S1 (Monday night, around 1am). Weirdly, they’ll skip the first two episodes, but I guess at least some reruns are better than nothing, right?

On August 11, German Channel RTL Nitro started airing Original MacGyver again; two episodes each on Saturday and Sunday mornings with reruns of the same episodes in the afternoons. Sadly, I don’t have any access to the ratings. Since the Original Show is rated FSK12 (meaning 12 years and older) here, they cut some scenes that were deemed too violent. (FSK12 movies/shows in Germany are only allowed to air uncut after 8pm while FSK16 is only allowed uncut after 10pm.)

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