MacGyver Reboot Update #55

It’s Season Finale Friday! Fans don’t have to be sad, though: The show will come back for a third season!

Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (Official Still via SpoilerTV)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about Mac’s father and about storylines in Seasons 2 and 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


What’s been happening lately?
Main production wrapped on March 24, cast and crew celebrating a small Wrap Party in Atlanta the next day. There was another wrap party in LA on April 21.

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov took the opportunity to get the cast to sign some hats for his son’s project “Wyatt’s Garage“.  The main cast signed a hat that was auctioned off for a good cause last week (the auction closed at 750 US Dollars). Another hat signed by Lucas Till was auctioned off this week, closing at 335 US Dollars.

Lucas Till signing the hat to be auctioned off for a good cause (via Wyatt’s Garage)

Some of the LA-based  guest-stars had attended the Wrap Party in LA as well. Besides David Dastmalchian (Murdoc), Lance Gross (Billy Colton), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Mama Colton) or Michael Des Barres (Helman), Diogo Morgado (Mac’s friend Carlos from Episode 2×21) was part of the festivities.

The cast continued to post some BtS photos every now and then, but it got awfully quiet before Season Finale day. Both Justin Hires and Meredith Eaton posted some nice pictures of themselves with the main cast.

Stand-Ins for Season 2 (via Kevin Marshall Pinkney)

While we got some BtS photos of the Extras and guest-stars for Episode 2×22 (UFO + Area 51) last week (e.g. via Christopher Frontiero), there weren’t many yet for today. Kevin Marshall Pinkney, Stand-In for Justin Hires, posted a BtS photo of the Stand-Ins of Season 2. Stuntman Eric Van Arsdale posted a BtS video while filming the hangar-scene in Episode 2×02 (Muscle Car + Paper Clips). Also, we got a look at the Script Title Page of the Unaired Pilot we shouldn’t talk about.

Season 2 Ratings
As expected, there has been a slow, but steady loss of audience numbers nearing Summer. To freshen up your memory: Episode 2×20 (Skyscraper – Power) had an audience of 6.38 million live viewers (with a 0.8 in the important demo-group) while Episode 2×21 (Wind + Water) managed 6.27 million live viewers (also with a 0.8 rating in demo).

Episode 2×22: UFO + Area 51 (via SpoilerTV)

Last week’s Episode 2×22 (UFO + Area 51) pulled in 6.26 million live viewers, but lost in the important demo-rating and only got all-time-low of 0.7. Hopefully, it gets better ratings in tonight’s Season 2 Finale.

Looking at the 22 episodes aired so far, Season 2 had an average demo-rating of 0.84 with 6.90 million live-viewers per episode. Compared to the Season 2 Premiere with 6.69 million live-viewers (and a demo of 0.8), the show didn’t lose many viewers over the season. It had pretty good ratings around mid-season, Episode 2×13 (CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch) with Ashley Tisdale reaching 8.14 million live-viewers (with a demo of 1).

Official Stills, Press Releases and other Promo
At the end of Episode 2×21 (Wind + Water), Lucas Till took part of a short PSA in the “CBS cares” series; informing about Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico. He did another piece on Lupus, which might air sometime this month since May is “Lupus Awareness Month”.

BtS photo of Episode 2×22: UFO + Area 51 (via Tristin Mays)

Only a few hours before the premiere of Episode 2×22 last week, SpoilerTV added more Stills and one Sneak Peek. There were a few exclusive storyline insights and an exclusive First Look of Tate Donovan as Oversight via TVLine as well, but I felt a bit annoyed that CBS has been so late with regular promo material for the last five or six episodes.

For today, they were a day early; releasing 3 Sneak Peeks. While one featured Riley’s father Elwood meeting her new not-Boyfriend, the other 2 were scenes with Mac and his dad; therefore revealing already who MacGyver Senior is. Entertainment Tonight shared another exclusive Sneak Peek, also with Mac and his father. While it’s not so surprising to find out who Mac’s dad is after reading the Press Release, I’m still a bit surprised that they actually chose to reveal the big plot twist they have been building up over the whole season so many hours in advance.

BtS photo of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via Meredith Eaton)

Matt Carter published an interview with Meredith Eaton on May 3rd; asking her about the Season 2 Finale and her character Matty. She revealed that the actors aren’t privy to the process of writing, so she was playing a character with secrets without really knowing what the secret actually was. She also stated that last week’s confrontation scene with Jack (2×22: UFO + Area 51) was one of her favorite scenes to film so far.

Technical Advisor Rhett Allain published an article about the MacGyverism Mac had used for celestial navigation last week.

Last year, the show got its one and only Primetime Emmy Nomination for Stunts (Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Limited Series or Movie). Despite not being invited to be back on Season 3, Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe handed in another Stunt Reel for the Emmy Awards. Let’s hope it scores another nomination – or even better – the win!

BtS photo of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via Justin Hires)

Cast and Character News
The Reboot has been renewed for a 3rd Season. We should get more information shortly before the CBS Upfronts on May 16. For now, I’m assuming it will be a direct Full Season Order of 22 episodes again, with a Premiere date in September, airing on Fridays 8pm. It’s also safe to assume that the entire main cast will be back.

I speculated in my last blog post that some guests attending the LA Wrap Party could hint at them being back next Season. At least for Diogo Morgado, that seemed to ring true – for maybe half a day: A Portuguese news outlet that recently did an interview with Diogo “revealed” on May 2nd that he will come back as a recurring character next season. The article created quite a hubbubb among his fans and the fansites; sharing the news on Instagram and Twitter. Hours later, Diogo denied the statement, saying that there is a misquote in said interwiew and that nothing has been decided yet.

BtS photo of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via Justin Hires)

Well, nothing has been decided yet doesn’t mean explicitly no and it seems interesting that the interviewer added that filming will begin in July. Either someone spilled the beans too early, or there have been discussions. Another appearance by Carlos wouldn’t seem that far-fetched, anyway.

The Press Release for tonight’s Season Finale (2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver) confirmed that Billy Baldwin (Elwood), Lance Gross (Billy Colton) and Reign Edwards (Leanna) are back. Both Lance and Reign are attached to shows and projects already, but that shouldn’t stop them from making an appearance next season; along with the other Colton family members. David Dastmalchian’s Murdoc is a likely bet and Michael Des Barres and his fans have been very vocal about wanting to see him back on the show.

Rebooted Murdoc and Original Murdoc at the LA Wrap Party (via Michael Des Barres)

Kate Bond’s character Jill is listed as recurring cast for tonight’s episode, which means she will probably be the first recurring character for the show. Depending how today’s Season Finale ends and how much drama is still unresolved, it’s also very likely that Oversight (played by Tate Donovan) will return as a recurring character.

A year ago (April 14, 2017), Lucas Till made following statement in an interview with Yahoo! for the Season 1 Finale:

Till definitely has hopes for next season — although, since he isn’t a writer, he doesn’t have much say in it. “More women would be good. The guy had a new girl every episode and it was definitely a talking point when my reps were talking to me about why I should do this.”

Hm. That didn’t really happen, did it? There were girls, but they either died (Zoe in 2×10), were exes that had broken his heart (Allie in 2×13) or were fake-wives that already belonged to someone else (Leanna in 2×16). Wonder what will be in store for next season?

In fact, the writers do have a “just awesome” plan for him, but it’s too early to spill the beans on anything just yet. “I think the show is just going to continue to be really, really fun. So, I’m excited!”

I wonder if he meant tonight’s plot twist or just the fact that Mac is finally meeting his father today. I hope we get a new Interview with Lucas soon; e.g. a short overview of this season and what he’s expecting for the next one.

BtS photo of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via Justin Hires)


MacGyver in Austria
The rerun of Season 1 does still pretty well in Austria. The live-audience numbers are usually in the range of 50-60’000 viewers, but fell to a meager 26’000 last Saturday. This might have been due to the warm weekend weather or the airing of Formula 1 before.

There’s finally a date for the DVD-Release for Season 1 in Germany: July 6. There’s no further infos on the extras yet, but of course I hope there will be the same Extras on it as for the UK and the French version.

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