MacGyver Reboot Update #53

Filming of Season 2 has officially wrapped. Including the Season 2 Finale on May 4, there’s 3 episodes left to enjoy – but there will be more this year, because the show got renewed for a 3rd Season!

Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via SpoilerTV)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about characters and storylines in Seasons 2 and 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


What’s happening at the moment?
Despite wrapping up main production on March 24 and celebrating a small Wrap Party in Atlanta, some crew members and Stand-Ins continued filming additional scenes and inserts until the end of March.

Things got pretty quiet after that – at least until the “big news” hit on Wednesday. Some of the crew members have started working on other projects, others are enjoying a holiday. Besides Justin Hires, the main cast has more or less disappeared as well and only “pops” up every now and then.

George Eads posted two new photos on Instagram yesterday while Lucas has appeared on one or two Instagram Live Stories posted by friends. He came back from his “Social Media Hiatus” specifically for the premiere of last week’s episode 2×20 (Skyscraper – Power), posting a new BtS photo of the elevator stunt with Elisha Henig.

BtS of Episode 2×20: Skyscraper – Power (via Lucas Till)

In the photo, you can recognize Prop Master Kate Guanci adjusting the “MacGyvered” lights. As Stunt Woman Juliana Potter revealed, it was her doubling Elisha in this scene, providing a nice picture of them looking like twins.

While it’s a wrap on the filming process, there’s of course still post-production stuff to do – ADR, editing, composing music and more. Also, it’s still not a wrap on the BtS pictures: Every time an episode airs, some of the guest-stars provide new photos of the filming process; often of some earlier episodes as well. Brooklyn Davis had let the crew film inside her house for Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Duffle Bag). In her Instagram post, you can see how they hid the fake money behind the (fake) walls.

BtS photo of Episode 2×21: Wind + Water (via Mark Manos)

Since I’ve been on holiday for several weeks, I often stumble over pictures posted a while ago; e.g. of Mark Manos who directed today’s episode 2×21 (Wind + Water). Sometimes, it’s also pictures of the Unaired Pilot that shall not be talked about.

Season 3 News
Last year, there was a “mass-announcement” for the CBS renewals at the end of March, so of course fans were getting impatient to know the fate of their favorite shows. On Wednesday, the wait was finally over: The Reboot has been officially renewed for a 3rd Season!

So far, we have to wait for the definite CBS timetable until the Upfronts on May 16. But since both Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods have been renewed as well, there is a good chance that the “Trifecta” will stay untouched. Several websites are speculating about the possibility to move MacGyver to Mondays, especially since the fate of the struggling Monday comedy lineup is still unclear and Scorpion (that also airs on Monday) hasn’t been renewed yet.

First Season 3 Logo teaser via Peter Lenkov

There’s no information about the number of episodes, but I’m assuming it will be a direct Full Season Order of 22 episodes, with a Premiere date in September like last year.

Second Season 3 Logo teaser via Peter Lenkov

Cast, crew and writers were very happy to announce and share the news. David Dastmalchian posted a new BtS photo of him with Lucas Till in Episode 2×15 (Murdoc + Handcuffs); promising to be back next season to finally take out the “blond boyscout” once and for all. Executive Producer Peter Lenkov already gave us a teaser of the new logo after the news hit – only to post another, refined version the next day. Looks like they changed their mind over night – similarly to Sesaon 2 when also two different versions of the logo floated around in the beginning (one provided by Craig O’Neill, the other by Lenkov).

Official Stills, Press Releases and other Promo
Tonight’s Episode 2×21 (Wind + Water) was written by MacGyver-creator Lee David Zlotoff (who also wrote Episode 1×19: Compass). While we got the Press Release a while ago, Offical Stills were only added yesterday. Almost all of them feature the main hero on his own. Today, they added 3 Sneak Peeks as well.

Episode 2×21: Wind + Water (via SpoilerTV)

On April 10, we got the Press Release for Episode 2×22 (UFO + Area 51). There’s not much info and only one Official Still so far, but hopefully, we get more photos soon.

The Season 2 Finale will air in two weeks, on May 4. As the Press Release confirmed on April 16, Episode 2×23 is titled “MacGyver + MacGyver”. In an interview back in January, Peter Lenkov had promised we’re going to meet MacGyver’s father by the end of the Season, so of course the cast list enforced the questions and the speculations about MacGyver Senior (more about that further down).

Season 2 Ratings
To freshen up your memory: Episode 2×18 had reached 6.43 million live viewers with a demo rating of 0.8. With the DVR ratings, it added another 1.83 million viewers within 7 days, making it a total audience of 8.26 million people in the +7 ratings.

Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle) managed 6.68 million live viewers with a 0.8 demo-rating while Episode 2×20 (Skyscraper – Power) had an audience of 6.38 million live viewers (also with a demo of 0.8). As expected, there is a steady loss of audience numbers nearing Summer. But with the enforced promo for tonight’s episode and quite a few guest-stars with vocal fans on social media, it might be possible to get some higher numbers today.

Episode 2×20: Skyscraper – Power (via Seat42F)

So far, Season 2 had an average demo-rating of 0.86 with 6.96 million live-viewers per episode. Compared to Season 1, that’s down by about 21% and 7%, but as TV Series Finale states:

Although it ranks 21st out of the 25 scripted CBS TV shows in the demo, it rises to 11th place, in terms of average total viewership.

Not so bad if you look at it like that, no? As Deadline states it in their renewal article:

While MacGyver has not necessarily been a critical darling, it has done respectable business on Friday and has done well internationally for CBS based on its recognizable title and popcorn, procedural nature. It draws a respectable 8.5 million viewers and has been able to reenergize CBS’ Friday drama lineup when it joined it last season.

Cast, Crew and Character News: Is that a Plot Twist I see?
In tonight’s episode (2×21: Wind + Water), Diogo Morgado will guest-star as Mac’s friend Carlos. According to TV Insider, Kamar de los Reyes will act as a police officer trying to negotiate after Mac was taken hostage by robbers in a bank.

BtS photo of Episode 2×21: Wind + Water (via Ava Davila)

Because there were no news about the Season Finale when writing my last Update, I had combed through the Casting Calls again to see if I had maybe missed the casting for Stand-Ins or Photo Doubles for MacGyver senior. A Call for a Stand-In hinted at Joshua Childs having a part. He would have certainly fit age-wise, but as it turned out by April 10, he’s part of Episode 2×22 (UFO + Area 51) as a member of the NASCAR pit crew.

The Press Release for the Season Finale (2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver) confirmed Billy Baldwin (Elwood, Riley’s father), Lance Gross (Billy Colton, Riley’s boyfriend) and Reign Edwards (Leanna, Bozer’s girlfriend) being back. Curiosly, there’s no one listed as MacGyver Senior in the cast list although the title indicates he will be in the episode.

The Press Release for the Season 1 Finale had been a bit spoilery, so there’s the possibility that Mac Senior is “hidden” behind a character’s name. So far, the best guess is that Mac’s father is Oversight, played by Tate Donovan. He fits age- and looks-wise and judging by BtS pictures, he’s also in the scene with Mac and Jack riding horses.

BtS photo of Episode 2×23: MacGyver + MacGyver (via Tate Donovan)

Oversight has been mentioned several times since Season 1. It would be nice to finally have a face to the faceless person(s) representing this ominous board that so far never dealt with their agents on a personal level.

The Season Finale Press Release lists Kate Bond’s character Jill as a recurring role (the first one for this show), which means we will probably see a lot more of Jill in Season 3. On the other hand, we also know that there will be a change in the crew personnel and maybe also in the action scenes: As Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe revealed on Twitter, he has not been invited back, despite winning the show its only Emmy Nomination (so far).

BtS photo of Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via David Dastmalchian)

Also, one cast member might be missing: As TV Line stated on April 10, a source told them that there are no plans for Isabel Lucas as Samantha Cage to return. While I wasn’t sold on her character’s introduction, I felt she could have been useful as another field agent in a recurring capacity. Cage’s fate seemed a bit hurried and unplanned and not like an exciting plot twist. Her absence therefore feels unresolved to me; especially since there are still some unanswered questions: What did Murdoc have against her personally and why did he know she had changed her name? I really hope she will have at least another guest-gig on an episode next season to get some answers.

MacGyver in Germany
On April 15, German channel Sat.1 aired Episode 1×11 (Scissors) for the first time on German FreeTV since they had skipped 3 episodes when airing Season 1 on primetime last year. The German FreeTV premiere of Episode 1×16 (Hook) will air on April 29.

BtS photo of Episode 2×21: Wind + Water (via Lucas Till)

There’s still no news about the German-speaking premiere of Season 2 or the DVD release for Season 1. Guess we’ll have to wait for a bit longer.

7 thoughts on “MacGyver Reboot Update #53

  1. I have read on the page “Filmstarts” that the 3rd season has only 13 episodes is that correct? Would be a pity if there were only 13 episodes in Season 3. I was hoping that it would be 21 or 22 episodes again. The series is absolutely great. I am happy about any news. Thank you! Greeting Ute from Constance on Lake Constance


    • Hm. I think 13 episodes is the smallest series orders for “normal” drama shows. Since CBS hasn’t released the episode order yet officially, they probably just put 13 in to fill the space. If I remember correctly, they did the same back then for Season 2. I’m pretty sure it will be a 22-episode-order since CBS will need 88 episodes in total (so 4 seasons à 22 episodes each) to get the show ready to sell for syndication.

      Ich spreche übrigens auch Deutsch ;-). Grüsse aus der Schweiz!


  2. I think it would be neat to have Richard Dean Anderson (the orignal Mac Guyver that would be I think the sensible to me


    • Looking at the cast list, this makes the most sense. I wasn’t so happy with the Midseason Plot Twists of Season 1 and 2, so I hope this will be a good one 😉


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