MacGyver Reboot Update #52

While cast and crew wrapped up filming last month, we still have 5 more episodes to enjoy – including the Season 2 Finale on May 4.

BtS of Season 2 (via Christian Weld)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about Season 2 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


What’s happening at the moment?
Cast and Crew wrapped up main production on March 24. The next day, the Atlanta crew and some cast members celebrated the Wrap Party at Club Rí Rá in Atlanta. Interestingly, of the main cast only Lucas Till and Justin Hires were present this year. Contrary to last year, there’s only a handful of pictures to find. Must have been a small and “secret” affair – or people were too tired to celebrate after filming for about 189 days within roughly 8 months.

Wrap Party Atlanta (via Alaina L. Lewis)

Alaina Lewis – soon-to-be-wife of Kevin Marshall Pinkney, Justin Hires’ Stand-In – posted a nice picture with Lucas; joking that he took it pretty well when she told him she will be off the market soon.

Only hours after the first pictures of the Wrap Party popped up on Social Media, Tristin Mays posted pictures and videos revealing her being back in LA. She visited the Paramount Studio lot as well – it’s not clear yet what for (ADR sessions or contract discussions?)

For the Moment, I’m assuming they will have another Wrap Party in LA – one that Executive Producer Peter Lenkov (who’s just wrapped filming for the Magnum PI Pilot in Hawaii) and some of the guest-stars will attend as well. Maybe a combined one, together with people working on Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum?

BtS picture of Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via Tristin Mays)

It’s a Wrap. Or not?
Although main production had wrapped on March 24, some of the Casting Calls for Stand-Ins had been dated for March 27 and 28. Additionally, some Crew members revealed on Instagram that they were still shooting inserts at the end of the week.

During the last few weeks, the cast posted several group pictures. Some have started working on other projects together, so it’s not clear if they will be back in Summer if the show gets renewed.

BtS picture of Season 2 (via Justin Hires)

While it’s a wrap on the filming process, there’s still post-production stuff to do – ADR, editing, composing music and more. It’s possible that since Peter Lenkov has to finish the Magnum Pilot in time before the Upfronts in May, there might be other people involved with editing the final episodes for the Reboot.

Official Stills, Press Releases and other Promo
On March 26, we got 9 additional Stills for Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle). They all feature the same scene where it looks like Mac and Team get arrested once again. The preview features presumably the Opening Gambit with Mac, Jack and Riley doing their own version of the animated movie UP! In the Sneak Peek released on April 5, we got educated about “dirty money” – and a new section of “shippers” was born on social media (shipping MacGyver with Jill, one of the Phoenix Techs).

Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via SpoilerTV)

The title for Episode 2×20 is “Skyscraper – Power”. So far, this is the only title with a minus instead of a plus.

Additionally, we got some more scoop on Episode 2×21: It’s set in post-hurricane Puerto Rico where Mac and Team help Mac’s old friend Carlos re-building his home. Because that’s not adventure enough, there will be kidnappings. CBS released the synopsis yesterday, revealing that the kidnapping of Mac will happen in the bank Carlos works at. Fun Fact: This episode was written by MacGyver-creator Lee David Zlotoff (who also wrote Episode 1×19: Compass).

Episode 2×22 is titled “UFO + Area 51”. The still untitled Episode 2×23 as the Season Finale will air on May 4.

BtS picture of Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via Steven Serna)

There was some “other” promo as well: CBS Watch! Magazine published a mini-interview of Tristin Mays talking about the 7 things that make her smile. On March 5, Meredith Eaton was on the talk show “The Talk” and revealed in this little clip that tonight’s episode is a big one for her character. Apparently, Matty will go back to her old stomping ground (the CIA) and put herself in danger; meaning Meredith got to do some stunt work of her own.

There’s still no official news about MacGyver being renewed for a 3rd season. Last year, there was a “mass-announcement” for renewed CBS-shows at the end of March, so fans are getting impatient to know the fate of their favorite shows.

Season 2 Ratings
To freshen up your memory: Between the recent premiere breaks, Episode 2×16 (Hammock + Balcony) got a 0.8 demo-rating with an audience of 6.93 million live viewers. Episode 2×17 (Bear Trap + Mob Boss) had less viewers (6.61 million), but managed a higher demo-rating of 0.9.

Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via SpoilerTV)

Episode 2×18 managed 6.43 million live viewers with a demo rating of 0.8 – which is a bit disappointing, but not too bad for a Holiday Weekend. Ratings tend to fall in Spring and Summer and the show ends its Season roughly three weeks later than last year (the Season 1 Finale aired on Good Friday, April 14), but fans have been speculating if the long breaks between episodes might have had an additional negative effect on the ratings.

So far, Season 2 had an average demo-rating of 0.86 with 7.01 million live-viewers per episode. The averages per episode are lower than for Season 1, but it still has better viewer numbers than the two current 2017-rookie-shows on CBS (e.g. SEAL Team or SWAT). Interestingly, both of these shows already got renewed, so it should be a no-brainer that MacGyver (and the whole Friday night line-up) will be renewed as well.

BtS picture of Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via Jordan Heir)

Cast and Character News and Speculations
In tonight’s Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle), Amy Smart will return as Dawn. Edward Asner will guest-star in next week’s Episode 2×20, alongside Elisha Henig (Mr. Robot). Diogo Morgado will play Mac’s friend Carlos in Episode 2×21 (Wind + Water). According to TV Insider, Kamar de los Reyes will have a part in this episode as well; namely as a police officer trying to negotiate after Mac was taken hostage by robbers in a bank.

As always, Extras were needed as well during the last few weeks of filming. Some of the Casting Calls were looking for Stand-Ins for Billy Baldwin (Elwood, Riley’s father) and for Lance Gross (Billy Colton). Reign Edwards (Leanna, Bozer’s girlfriend) has been seen on set as well. So double date for Riley/Billy and Bozer/Leanna? A “heart-to-heart” between Elwood and Billy? Lots of possibilities for drama here.

BtS picture of Episode 2×23 (via Tristin Mays)

In an interview back in January, Peter Lenkov had promised we’re going to meet MacGyver’s father by the end of the Season. Because there are no news about the Season Finale yet, I combed through the Casting Calls again last week. A Casting Call for a Stand-In hinted at Joshua Childs having a part. Funny thing: Joshua had a smaller part in Hannah Montana (the movie that made Lucas Till famous). Age- and look-wise, he would be a pretty good fit for MacGyver senior, but of course he could just play a “regular” bad guy.

One of the last Casting Calls was for a Stand-In for Arye Gross. He has Jewish roots – his character could have a connection to the concentration camp prisoner in the picture on the file Mac received in the package from his father.

(Author’s Note: As it turns out by April 10, both Joshua Childs and Arye Gross are in the Press Release for Episode 2×22 (UFO + Area 51). Since Arye Gross’ Stand-In Casting Call was set for the last few days of filming, it’s possible they had done some additional inserts.)

BtS picture of Season 2 (via Steven Serna)

MacGyver in German
The Reboot still seems to do well enough in all the German-speaking countries: Austrian channel ORF1, German channel Sat.1 and Swiss channel 3+ are all re-airing the first Season at the moment. Some of the episodes that are being re-aired in Austria actually get better audience numbers than when they premiered in Autumn 2017.

On April 15, German channel Sat.1 will air Episode 1×11 (Scissors). This will be the actual premiere of this episode on German FreeTV since they had skipped 3 episodes when airing Season 1 on primetime last year.

There’s still no news about the German-speaking premiere of Season 2. At least we know that Scalamedia is already in the process of dubbing the new episodes.

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    • Yes, I liked “Compass” as well. Very old-school-MacGyver-like. Not that many action or high-tech-MacGyverisms, but still very entertaining.


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