MacGyver Reboot Update #49

Filming for Season 2 continues, often even on the weekends. Tonight, Michael Des Barres will guest-star in Episode 2×15!

BtS of Michael Des Barres in Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via David Dastmalchian)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered about Season 2 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!)


Cowboys, Mexico and more Wedding Dresses
Since they continued filming in January after Christmas Hiatus, there aren’t that many new BtS pictures provided by the main cast anymore. Both Lucas Till and George Eads go for weeks without posting anything at all, while Justin continues uploading BtS pictures of (the still untitled) Episode 2×16.

Of course, this led to speculations by fans what’s going on. On the one hand, they often work on the weekends as well – they’re just too busy to post. On the other hand, they’re working on Episodes 2×19 and 2×20 at the moment which means they’ll soon start gearing up for the Season Finale. If they have actually planned on revealing Mac’s father (like Lenkov promised in an early Season 2 interview), they might keep up the secrecy for a while longer.

BtS picture of Jack Dalton in Season 2 (via George Eads)

One “secret” has already been hinted at by Executive Producer Peter Lenkov: We will see George Eads in chaps. According to his Instagram Live Story, this will be part of a scene with Matty and Jack – and as crew member Kate Roberson revealed, that’s probably the story how Matty got to see Jack’s butt for the first time (as mentioned in Episode 2×03).

Besides Jack in chaps, we will definitely see other interesting clothes for undercover missions this Season. Justin Hires posted another picture of Riley in a wedding dress; posing with her “husband” Bozer. Even if the wedding won’t be real, it looks like they had at least giant lobster for their “work-slash-honeymoon” meal. We’ve seen many BtS pictures of Episode 2×16 so far, but also of the Coltons-Episode (2×18: Riley + Airplane). Interestingly, there aren’t many infos on Episode 2×17 – it doesn’t even haven an entry on IMDb yet.

BtS picture of Season 2 (via Steven Serna)

For a few days, they filmed scenes in “Mexico”. It’s not clear yet if this is tied to the Cowboy Jack scene, but there had been horses and mules on set as well. As Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe promised, there will be some interesting stunts soon.

Two days ago, they filmed what looked like a sequence of the animated movie “Up”. Several crew members shared pictures and videos of the colorful balloons that seem to be tied to a trampoline. For once, the sun was shining. Today, they’re filming at Pullman Rail Yard again – and as Tristin Mays reveals in her Instagram Live Story, it’s very cold. Last week, we’ve seen how the crew deals with ice and sleet on the streets for outside filming.

Yesterday, Lucas posted some Instagram Live Stories, showing lots of money hiding behind the set walls. This week, Justin Hires also posted Live Stories that featured duffle bags filled with money – very fitting for the title of Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle).

BtS video screenshots of Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via Lucas Till)

Cast and Crew posted some older pictures as well; e.g. Boom Operator Robert Maxfield of Riley in her Halloween costume or of Isabel Lucas in the water tank while filming the Halloween Episode (2×05: Skull + Electromagnet).

Official Stills, Press Releases and Sneak Peeks
On January 12, CBS officially announced via TV Insider that Michael Des Barres will guest-star in tonight’s Episode 2×15 (Murdoc + Handcuffs). Four days later, we got the official Press Release, revealing that MDB will actually play Nicholas Helman, Murdoc’s mentor. On January 25, they released a handful of Official Stills.

There were no Official Sneak Peeks for Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair) and the Previews kept being very short for the last few episodes. The Preview for 2×15 is also only 10 seconds long, but there is an additional “long” version of a Preview Trailer. Today, we got 3 Sneak Peeks in total, but interestingly none with Michael Des Barres.

Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via Seat42F)

MDB has been hyping up his fans for tonight’s episode for days, now. Yesterday, he did some promo on Yahoo! Entertainment: During a very interesting, 40-minutes-long interview, he talked about the Reboot cast and the filming experience, about his craziest scene for the Original Show and about many other things.

A Rerun of Episode 1×17 (Ruler) is scheduled to air on Saturday, February 10. It has been re-scheduled twice so far, so we’ll see if it works out this time. A Rerun of the Season 2 Premiere Episode (2×01: DIY or DIE) is scheduled for the following week, so Saturday, February 17.

Reruns might actually be the only thing fans get to watch after tonight: For the rest of the February Fridays at 8pm, there’s Celebrity Big Brother scheduled; meaning Episode 2×16 won’t air until March 2nd. This is apparently standard procedure during the Olympics: There won’t be any new episodes for most current TV shows so it doesn’t hurt the ratings. Sure, one could argue that non-regular viewers might lose interest on the show or forget to tune in when it comes back. On the other hand, this also means that the cast might get to enjoy one or two free weekends again while editors and post-production have more time to do their final touches.

BtS picture of Episode 2×16 (via Justin Hires)

There is a small consolation prize for fans, though: Season 2 will definitely get an additional episode, so a total of 23 episodes. The information has been up on the CBSSI show page for several weeks, but it wasn’t until Wednesday we got confirmation via SpoilerTV.

Apparently, SpoilerTV also got some scoop on Episode 2×21: It’s set in post-hurricane Puerto Rico, there’s one of Mac’s old friends named Carlos, and there will be at least two kidnappings.

Season 2 Ratings
Episode 2×13 (CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch) had reached a new record for Season 2: 8.14 million live viewers with a rating of 1.0 in demo. The Reboot hadn’t reached more than 8 million live viewers since Episode 1×15, so I was curious about the numbers for the next episode.

Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair) didn’t quite match 2×13 – but it kept the 1.0 demo-rating while reaching an audience of 7.68 million live viewers.

BtS picture of Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs (via Michael Des Barres)

Cast and Character News
Besides Michael Des Barres, tonight’s guest-stars for Episode 2×15 (Murdoc + Handcuffs) are Michael Michele as Riley’s mother Diane, Murdoc’s son Cassian (played by Brady Bond) and Anthony Starke (the teacher “hired” by Murdoc in Episode 2×04).

Reign Edwards will return as Bozer’s love interest Leanna (in Episode 2×16), helping with an undercover mission by posing as MacGyver’s wife.

In Episode 2×18 – called “Riley + Airplane” – we will meet up with the Coltons again. It’s a nice surprise that they managed to get all actors from the last Colton-Episode (1×16: Hook) back on set. All of the actors – Jermaine Rivers (Frank Colton), Lance Gross (Billy Colton), Javicia Leslie (Jesse Colton) and Sheryl Lee Ralph (Mama Colton) –  uploaded several pictures and videos on social media for the fans to enjoy.

BtS picture of Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via Jermaine Rivers)

Soap Opera star Joel Rush has been filming on January 19 and will be probably part of the Coltons-Episode. American football running back Latavius Murray has been on set as well – but it’s not clear yet if he was just visiting or actually working.

Extras are important, too – and the Casting Calls often give insights on the upcoming locations the episodes will be set in. Central Casting Georgia has been looking for Mexico Kids and Mexico Patrons, for a family of a mother and two children who portray Caucasian in family photos, Stand-Ins, Female Techs, good-looking agents or CIA Office Workers. They’ve also been looking for more Techs, Bad Guys who are comfortable wearing a Hazmat Mask, a male Drug Store ClerkNurses, Asian Business People, Police and Peru Pedestrians.

How to deal with Ice: MacGyver Style (via Thomas Doolittle)

MacGyver in Austria
Austrian channel ORF1 finally managed to air the German-speaking premiere of Episode 1×16 (Hook). It managed to pull in a live audience of 123’000 people; setting the audience-record so far. Episode 1×17 (Ruler) garnered 81’000 viewers, which is actually not that bad, either.

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