Looking Back at Season 1 – I have an opinion and I want to share it

As most of you know, I started writing my Reboot Updates as a guest-blogger on Nicholas Sweedo’s blog called The MacGyver Project.

Being a guest on someone else’s blog while blogging in a foreign language, I refrained from voicing my opinions too often within my blog-posts (although I did voice my opinions and feelings every now and then in the comments).

I have to admit that I find it more and more difficult to keep my mouth shut about what I think; especially with a second season looming just around the corner. And this IS my own blog, after all. So: I have an opinion and I want to share it.

Original Source: Official Still of Episode 1×16 (via SpoilerTV)

Don’t be afraid: I won’t comment and criticize on every line I write in my Reboot Updates. In fact, I’ll try to keep the Reboot Updates more or less neutral (I AM from Switzerland, after all *lol*) so you can all enjoy the updates as before without being bothered by my personal blabla.

For my two cents (or the Swiss equivalents: Rappen), I will post these thoughts within a new category: Looking Back at Season 1. I don’t know yet how often and how regular I will update; especially because filming resumes in about three weeks and I will be busy collecting all information for my updates.

For now, I haven’t planned postings about entire episodes, but about specific topics. Some might be for silly fun, others might be more serious. We’ll see.

It’s possible I might write about characters and episodes later on. If you’re interested, you can already find many of my comments and opinions on everything related to the reboot in the MacGyver Online Forums.

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